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  1. A 4th round pick for Flacco should get those who imagine reaping draft riches from trading Brisset more grounded.
  2. I agree, you have to take that (making the big play when it counts) as an opportunity. Every game has more than one play that fans look back on and say "If only blah blah had blah blah blah, we would have won that game." If only Goff had not thrown that INT... If only the Rams coaches had been prepared for that Cover 4 or zone or whatever the Pats played. If only Gronkowski had not caught that pass.... You can go on and on about this. A lot of plays not made by the Rams. A lot of plays made, mostly on defense, by New England. There is something to their system. Why can't a copycat league copy it?
  3. Super Bowl LIII* Rams don't belong there, should be Saints. Patriots are cheaters.
  4. Manning showing his insight to Brady's AFC Championship Game performance for ESPN. http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/293292/peyton-manning-details-episode-tom-brady-afc-title-game-2019
  5. NFL should, to quote my Baltimore Catechism, "avoid scandal, or the appearance of scandal". No, I don't agree with your point. It's perfectly reasonable for those refs to have been Rams fans in their youth. Heck, even into adulthood. And also reasonable that they remained fans after the move to St. Louis.
  6. The NFL normally does a good job of not having even a single official from the fan base. In this case, there were multiple officials from California, four I think. As to your contention that the Rams haven't been in LA long, well I bet those officials grew up with the Rams in LA. They left after the 1994 season.
  7. He looks like he "...might seem most comfortable in shorts..." . Might. Has the biased writer ever seen Mr. Haslam in shorts? Is it "bad" to be comfortable in shorts? Is it bad to be a rich, well-tailored Southerner who wears a suit well? You are 100% correct.
  8. This is interesting. Seems like the officials responsible for making that pass interference call are from California. https://nypost.com/2019/01/27/nfl-concerned-four-rams-saints-refs-are-from-california-in-jaw-dropper/
  9. Brissett is not better than those three. He would be a backup on any of those teams. He is like Matt Cassell.
  10. If he wants to stick it to the Steelers he'll sign with one of their division rivals. I think he'll go where he can get the most money.
  11. I read somewhere that he always picks heads.
  12. He fooled many people, including you. The scenario unfolded to make Brady an even greater hero, as he served his "suspension" (AKA "rest") and came back fresh to win the Super Bowl.
  13. The Man Who Killed Hitler and The Bigfoot.
  14. Because the Saints could beat the Pats, and the fix is in.
  15. Well excuse me, Herr GoPats. I typed it from memory. Bet you looked it up.
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