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  1. I think the Pats got exactly who they wanted with that pick.
  2. You are correct. I was mistaken, misled by something I read earlier this season.
  3. There is a maxim about statements like "we have no business being 6-8".
  4. Why do the Patriots end up mentioned in so many threads? Never mind, forget it.
  5. I think the Colts can cut Brissett without any dead cap penalty.
  6. After reading this https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/12/22/andrew-luck-retirement-colts-owner-jim-irsay-tells-nfl-network-quarterback-isnt-coming-back/2726394001/ do you still feel that way?
  7. Hahaha. Understudy? You want him to teach a rookie how to suck?
  8. Built a team around Plan A, did "OK" with Plan B, but Plan C just plain sucks.
  9. Hoyer improved his QB rating in the 2nd half. Up to 33.2 now.
  10. QB rating after that last posession is 31.1 for the game so far.
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