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  1. Roger

    So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Jimmy the Greek would approve.
  2. Roger

    So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    Raymond Berry.
  3. Roger

    So.....this is THE plan? (merge)

    This is what I've been thinking. Until Luck comes back and proves he's back to being himself, it's a huge factor. As many have said, who they draft will be very telling. If they take a QB with the 3rd pick, .....
  4. Roger

    We are moving back to a 4-3 zone defense

    I would hope that the eventual choice as HC has input. It shouldn't be decided by the GM and DC. Otherwise, why have a head coach?
  5. Roger

    Tony Dungy's response

    It's likely that his new deal with the Pats gives him financial security. And the NFL will/has sold it's soul many times. Just look at Ray Lewis.
  6. Roger

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    This is interesting. Some sympathy and hate from Pats fan site at SB Nation: "The bottom line is that if this had happened to the Patriots, we would be up in arms, and rightly so."
  7. Roger

    Irsay is furious by Fake Twitter Account

    You win the internet today!
  8. Roger

    McDaniels rejects Colts.

    Pagano is still under contract, isn't he?
  9. Foles has shown that he is no backup. One could argue that he is more accomplished than Luck, with a remarkable SB LII performance. Why would he play for backup money?
  10. Roger

    Favre is giving Eagles pregame speech

    He said it to the record holder for interceptions and peenie pics.
  11. Roger

    Favre is giving Eagles pregame speech

    This is pretty funny.^tfw&
  12. Beluchick fired him after their o-line stunk in 2015. They coaxed a retired guy to come back and the o-line got better in 2016 and 2017. So this shows that JM does not necessarily have the same evaluation of personnel as Belichick.
  13. Roger

    Luck Update

    Very true. Likewise, we have the example of Ryan Leaf. And the example of Tom Brady. Grading draft prospects is obviously an imperfect skill.
  14. Roger

    Colts to play in Thursday night opener?

    A few Pats fans are here just to * on our shoes. First year they have a worse team than the Colts, they'll disappear.