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  1. Right. The League is conspiring to topple the mighty Colts from their position at the top.
  2. Neither of these truths is a positive harbinger for Colts QB situation.
  3. Let's hope he is much better than Brissett. I don't agree with the wild exuberance for a player with his track record. Don't forget, Belichick had him and traded him for a depth receiver. He saw him every day and traded him. I think the hype is strong with this one, Obi.
  4. Hmm, good point. You're probably right.
  5. https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1171071416378318848?s=20 Supposedly the Pats have an option for 2020 at $20 million. So it's more money.
  6. Anyone else notice that these "Let's Not Panic" threads seem pretty regular?
  7. So the Pats end up replacing Gronk with AB.
  8. Seems pretty early, I agree. Maybe the same guy who was behind the "Conference Finalist" banner is the brains behind this.
  9. Those two examples are used by people to support the contention that NE players have an undeserved attraction. I doubt San Fran would give Garropolo that contract today.
  10. His crystal ball is pretty impressive for not putting the Colts higher. He would have egg on his face for sure had he made them his top pick!
  11. https://popculture.com/sports/2019/08/31/aaron-rodgers-andrew-luck-decision-retire-was-selfless/?fbclid=IwAR2wHt1n09OhSg0b_q9_zjZ745QaeE_f_PTpWTLX4Fdw4IYixfYk3WjVZPs
  12. What a stupid move. Belichick is losing it.
  13. Tua Tagovailoa looks pretty good in Alabama. Why not suck for him?
  14. They drafted a QB named Stidham. Probably was as good as Hoyer (who?) but costs less. Freeing up cap space, maybe?
  15. Can someone point to a player The Evil Hoodie traded that had success with another team?
  16. We gave up a player we didn't need/want and got a good player. But you could say the same for New England. Brisset was never going to play in New England. Dorsett was not doing anything here. It was an even trade.
  17. Best for Indy fans if he stays retired. Can you imagine if he ever met his potential greatness with another team?
  18. Maybe, maybe not. Woulda, coulda, shoulda don't mean a thing. There is a cost to elite talent - you can't afford a deep roster. That's likely a reason so many "good, but not great" QBs have been on SB winning teams.
  19. Exactly! We had a "generational" talent that did not win a Super Bowl. Maybe a solid QB with a team around him will do better. We will have a lot more cap space to build that team.
  20. Add Manning in Super Bowl 50 to that list. With all the great seasons he had, he wasn't the same player by SBL. It's a team game. That defense was stellar. Likewise Brady in last year's Super Bowl. The defense won that game. QBs are not the only way to win a Super Bowl.
  21. What does a helicopter pilot know about Luck or the Colts?
  22. It's just something for CBS Sports to jabber about. I doubt their talking heads have any insider info or special insight.
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