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  1. I was wondering that too. I'm sure some are reading the comments.
  2. But it was nothing! Just ask Bill. Sigh.. His typical response of "we're on to Cincinnati" (or whoever is next) suddenly takes on a whole new meaning.
  3. No. That will not happen. But by public opinion, it already has. I believe they're starting to implode. Definitely declining day by day, game by game.
  4. Good for them! It's always something with the Pat's. Brazen and arrogant.
  5. Agree... they don't deserve the benefit of the doubt. But I gotta ask....have things gotten so bad, and desperate that they need to steal signals to beat the Bengals?
  6. I was just going to share this. Yeah, I don't feel sorry for them at all. While they were supposedly getting screwed by the officials, they'd already been busy trying to steal signals for their next game. As they said.. on to Cincinnati
  7. Couldn't agree more. I've been a lot more disheartened by some of our fans, and their comments, than I could ever have been of him.
  8. 599 is still impressive. Not to mention all the other records he holds. And he gave it his all, as long as he could. We were lucky to have him.
  9. No kidding. So odd that thi is like this seem to happen in N.E. Fortunately the equipment showed up in time...and well the rest is now history!
  10. I like watching Garopollo. Pat's should have kept him. He's thriving in SF.
  11. 21 home game winning streak ends.
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