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  1. Bob Sanders? Made of glass? He was 5' 8" tall. Guys who were 6' 4" and 6' 5" with 70 pounds on him said when Bob hit you, it hurt! He was a friggin beast. I doubt he has a single regret as far as football goes.
  2. I friggin' love the avatar! "Cheers babe."
  3. For 2017 to be a success..... I'd like to see Luck have as much time in the pocket as Brady seems to have most times. And sacks. Lots and LOTS of sacks from our guys.
  4. This right here........ he's out there without anyone else for the defense to REALLY worry about. T.Y. is earing his pay. I have myself a blossoming man crush.
  5. A Colts vs.Titans prediction: The game WONT be televised where I live, so I'll have to listen to it on Sirius. After waiting all week for a Colts football game, the guys will pull off a win by 6.
  6. HEY! SW!! Skootch over a little would ya? I want in on the bubble! I want to see Luck standing... so much time in the pocket that he has time to yawn before throwing.
  7. I like him. Hope he makes the team.
  8. Davis' ankle injury "could be" a nasty one. Medial ankle sprains if bad enough can require surgery.
  9. Quick, post something about no more of the team getting hurt. Then post about us winning the super bowl.
  10. Naw..... I'm 500 miles from Indy, over 2K from LA and they switched to the Rams/Chiefs. It was just a big sloppy kiss for the Rams
  11. They say a great leader talks directly TO his followers, NEVER ABOUT them. As said earlier in this thread, what Chuck says to his guys as a team and as individuals are more likely than not, polar opposites to what we or the media hear. At least... I hope so, cuz MAN we need a running game!
  12. Not sure why this showed as a quote.... apologies to JP.
  13. Yeah, Heath Evans. Football God in full-on beast mode. The guy played for 9 yrs. and racked up 579 yds and 4 touchdowns in that short amount of time....... Sit down and shut up Heath.
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