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  1. Such a disappointing end to the season. This game was pitiful.
  2. Brady was on target tonight KC never got things going. I'm sure the incident a few days ago took the wind out of them. Unfortunate. It is what it is. And you can't deny Brady's greatness. And yes this is me conceding. Congratulations Tom.
  3. Yes I've been watching. I thought it would be a much closer game. Penalties are killing KC
  4. He Won the NFC Championship. Hoping AFC wins SB lol No disrespect taken. I led the team of haters... don't you know? But, he is who he is, it is what it is.
  5. So true. And to those Brady haters here, who said he couldn't win a championship without Belichick, WRONG.
  6. I really didn't care who won the NFC game. But once again, we'll witness history. Tampa first team to play at home in a Super Bowl. I am rooting for Buffalo in the 2nd game today.
  7. I have said the same thing. Not a fan of either QB. However......I'm eating crow today. I can no longer deny the talent of TB. It is what it is. Go AFC.
  8. I always try to be upbeat and encourage positivity. Having said that, if I'm being honest, I did not expect us to win. I was hopeful, but didn't really expect it. It was a much better game than I'd expected. I thought Rivers played well. I thought Doyle was exceptional. Coach made a few questionable calls (surprise surprise) but overall I thought it was a good game, and we just came up short. A disappointing way to lose, not that there's ever a good loss, but we were competitive up til the end.
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