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  1. In 5 or 6 years we will see. It's crazy to debate this. And it's crazy how people get so worked up over a possible or probable HOF induction, and crazy how people have such differing opinions, but we are all entitled to our opinions. I am more concerned and appreciative and respectful of Eli the person. If he gets in....great recognition. If he doesn't, well there are a lot of more important things in life.
  2. Eli didn't just play in those 2 Super Bowl wins. He was the MVP both times.
  3. Yes I had the Daniel part. No clue on last name
  4. Bottom line... He had a long career. He stayed pretty healthy and injury free for 16 years. He did great things on and off the field. Greatly respected among his teammates, competitors and peers. And a two time SB MVP. I believe Peyton stated there are only a handful in that category, so he is in the top 5 for SB MVPs. I think I read somewhere the "average career" for an NFL player is 4 years. Granted some last longer than others. Some only last a year or two. Some like Vinny over 20 years. But the overall average is 4 to 5 years, or somewhere there abouts. So 16 years, starting 220 consecutive games is also quite an accomplishment. Naysayers be naysayers. I'm in the group that has the utmost respect for him as a person first, player second. And I hope to see him in the HOF someday!
  5. Your stance has come through loud and clear. We get it. We'll revisit in 5 or 6 years.
  6. It shouldn't be. But then again, if popularity helps promote the sport, fills the stands, etc...
  7. Yes, that is part of it, of course. But he also made valid points as to why Eli should get in. Fun debating it in any event.
  8. Peyton disagrees with you: Peyton Manning 'drops the mic' on brother Eli Manning's Hall of Fame debate "To me, it's the time to look back and reflect. Everybody else wants to look ahead and have this debate. And I understand, that's just the world we live in. I know Eli doesn't think like that, and I don't think like that either. But I certainly have my strong feelings and opinions on it. When you're the Super Bowl MVP twice against the greatest dynasty of all-time, the New England Patriots, Tom Brady/Bill Belichick, and you join a list that includes Terry Bradshaw, Bart Starr, Tom Brady and Joe Montana, Eli Manning as the only (multiple) Super Bowl MVPs. "I don't really know what that term, 'drop the mic' is, but I guess if there was one. ... There really is no 'yeah, but' after that. That kind of ends it. But if you want a, 'yeah, but,' yeah, but he also started 220-plus consecutive games. He's sixth or seventh all-time in touchdowns. It wasn't like he just played those two seasons. "He answered the bell, played his butt off, won some huge games for his team. I have strong opinions on it, but I'm gonna pull and Eli and live in the present and kinda look back if you will and not look too far ahead, get too worried about it."
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/peyton-manning-drops-the-mic-on-brother-eli-mannings-hall-of-fame-debate/
  10. Wasn't he MVP for both?
  11. He is retiring as the highest paid QB. He led his team to 2 Super Bowl wins, against the winningest (is that a word?) team Both times! The first one seemed like a miracle of sorts, but then there's the second one.. Everyone has an opinion of who and who doesn't belong in the HOF. My opinion is you either do or you don't. I get irritated with the way they jerk some players around in the process of it.
  12. For now. There's a new generation coming up. I understand Cooper's son Arch is quite the athlete. Stay tuned!
  13. I kinda expected this. Happy retirement Eli.
  14. Well he did. But why Gloat about the opposing QB?
  15. Lol. He looked awesome yesterday, eh?
  16. Thanks Adam. You were perfect today!

  17. I didn't get to watch the game today.  I only saw the last few minutes, and  I got to see Adam kick the game winning FG, which made my heart happy.  

    1. 2006Coltsbestever


      Some just do not appreciate our team. It is too bad that some people are like that. Negativity is really bad IMO. As they throw Adam and JB under a bus and we are 5-2. The way some people post in here you would think we were 2-5. To me this has been a real fun year. I love our QB, Kicker, Coach, O.Line, and even think our Defense is good for a change.

  18. Pats or Steelers.  :dunno:

    Probably the 2 teams I most detest.

    Still going to watch...

    1. teganslaw


      Never Pats! Especially after the A.B. situation. Something sneaky going on there IMO. 

    2. southwest1


      So, you're not fond of the Steelers eh? Is it those God awful throwback bumble bee uniforms? They are not my cup of tea either. Hope all is well Gramz. :D

    3. 2006Coltsbestever


      I am late to the party but I can't stand either team. Reasons are obvious. The Steelers and Pats both seem to always have the REFS in their back pocket in big games. The Colts would probably have 3 or 4 more SB wins if it wasn't for those two teams. 1995, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2014 all stick out as seasons that we got eliminated by either the Steelers or Pats in the playoffs.

  19. To some of the long time members here...i just had an email from MAC.  It was a nice surprise..its been a few years since I've heard from him.

    1. NFLfan


      Nice! Hope he is well. Is he still a Mets fan?


      Tell him that from one Mets fan to another "LGM". (Stands for "Let's Go Mets")

    2. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Bet that was quite a surprise foe you.   Guess some of us long time members don't get heard from very often. lol

    3. southwest1


      I hope MAC is doing alright. Nice fella. Glad to hear he touched base with ya Gramz.


      Thanks for the heads up. I hope you had a nice time catching up. Sweet. 

  20. Such a disappointing Final Sunday for the season.    I say Final, because I will not watch the SB this year, or any of the crapola leading up to it.   



    1. Gramz


      Something needs to be done about the officiating.  It was a real joke this season.

    2. NFLfan


      The officiating is a joke. It is ruining football. Many are questioning the integrity of the game because of awful calls and non-calls. :facepalm:

    3. alawai


      You mean you watch SB game but I watch the commercials! 

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  21. The art of avoiding trolls :atroll:.  is challenging at times.   Trying. 

    1. teganslaw


      At least it keeps you busy.

    2. 2006Coltsbestever


      It's an art I have not mastered yet but I am learning how to avoid most of them. Sometimes I have to speak up and put them in their place though :funny:

  22. What a Game!    Whew :td:

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