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  1. It wouldn't be normal to not have Pats drama to start the season. So I guess we're good to go.
  2. To some of the long time members here...i just had an email from MAC.  It was a nice surprise..its been a few years since I've heard from him.

    1. NFLfan


      Nice! Hope he is well. Is he still a Mets fan?


      Tell him that from one Mets fan to another "LGM". (Stands for "Let's Go Mets")

    2. Susie Q

      Susie Q

      Bet that was quite a surprise foe you.   Guess some of us long time members don't get heard from very often. lol

    3. southwest1


      I hope MAC is doing alright. Nice fella. Glad to hear he touched base with ya Gramz.


      Thanks for the heads up. I hope you had a nice time catching up. Sweet. 

  3. I doubt it. And to clarify, the mentality to boo doesn't have the same mentality to regret it. JMO
  4. No. Everyone has their own reactions and feelings. I cried like a baby when Peyton made his announcement. Having said that... for some reason Andrew's announcement, surprising as it is, didn't hit me the same way. Maybe because he didn't play in several of the games I've gone to over the past years. One injury after another. As I said in an earlier post, I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt here. I'm sure It was a hard decision, but he must know that he wasn't going to be able to give 100% and thought it best to step down. Timing sucks, but none of us know how long he's been struggling with it, or if he tried earlier and was convinced to give it more time, until he just couldn't. We don't know.
  5. This is Ian's take on this. You know it's really unfortunate that things got leaked before Andrew made his official statement. I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm trying to understand this timing. I'd like to hear in his words why.
  6. I know I've been out of the loop, but....wth? I'm still trying to wrap my head around this! Your timing stinks, Andrew.
  7. Aww thanks, @2006Coltsbestever. I still "check in" occasionally. We've been pretty busy with family stuff, vacations and our band. I hope to get back to posting regularly again in the Fall. It's nice to be reminded that someone misses me. Thanks for your kind words.
  8. lol when I first read this, I thought you were talking about Peyton. And I was gonna However, he is kind of a doofus on camera in commercials (on purpose). He's our loveable doofus. I do think he would do a great job on MNF, or any broadcasting, but I understand him not wanting to.
  9. I'm glad to hear he's happy with the results of the surgery, and 100% confident about the upcoming season!
  10. I'm glad I took the time to read the article and all the posts before responding.
  11. Me too. It is a possibility I suppose.
  12. I believe they are turning 8 this year.
  13. That was my thought too. This is something that doesn't warrant a jury trial. Was to be decided by judge based on the evidence. Can he insist on a jury trial?
  14. Just read he's now asking for a jury trial. Thoughts?
  15. I think he meant part owner.. possibly the Manning family.
  16. My son seems to think he's holding out until the Saints team is for sale. He seems to think that's where Peyton will end up. Thoughts?
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