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  1. I think he meant part owner.. possibly the Manning family.
  2. My son seems to think he's holding out until the Saints team is for sale. He seems to think that's where Peyton will end up. Thoughts?
  3. Exactly! Not to mention... the supposed young college kid locker room antics is hardly comparable to an old wealthy man paying for someone to "pleasure him" illegally in a parlor. And yes there is video evidence to the latter.
  4. This was directed at me... even tho you quoted someone else. So Wow backatcha.
  5. Wow...what? He did solicit. I gave him the benefit of the doubt about not knowing about trafficking.
  6. Gramz

    Gronk is retiring

    I am not surprised. He had a great career and as others have said, it's best to go out on top! Such a goofball, but a great player. Happy retirement!
  7. He's sorry he got caught. That's all. The police were wrong, but he wasnt?
  8. Yes, the Defenses attorneys will probably find some loop holes or technicality to get the videos blocked. He's 77 yr. Old soon to be 78 yr. old man. I don't think anyone wanted to see him behind bars. I still believe he's guilty of soliciting, but there's no way to know if he was aware of the trafficking. The one victory here is that it has brought more awareness to the widespread human trafficking going on and several parlors have been shut down. Who knows how long this case will be drawn out, or what the final outcome from the charges in Florida will be.
  9. Evidently not. I understand that this is normal procedure for first time offenders, it's not like he personally is being given special treatment. It's been offered to everyone accused in this case, as first time offenders. It would only make sense to take the plea deal, given the supposed evidence they have. It will be interesting... stay tuned. . I just read he's filing a motion to suppress the video evidence. . Why file that motion if you're innocent.
  10. I am not surprised that he is not taking the plea deal. He's kind of in a no-win situation (that he put himself in). Too arrogant to admit guilt (even tho there is supposed photos and videos). I'm sure he thinks his $$ will get him out of this. I am, however, not convinced that he'll walk scott free. I honestly believe he'll be found guilty. I guess he is above doing 100 hours of community service, subjecting himself to STD testing, and classes, yet... he is facing and sure to get time behind bars if convicted. smh
  11. I'm wondering if he'll take this plea, that would mean admitting guilt and knowing they have enough evidence that he'd be found guilty if going to trial. And then there's the dealing with the NFL if admitting guilt.
  12. lol How exactly do you fight videoed evidence? Well.....He's going all out, bringing in the big guns to fight a misdemeanor.
  13. Yes. That is what I was saying. There is no need for jury. Judge will be jury. Video will show guilt or innocence. If guilty, Judge will hand down appropriate sentence according to the law, if he's being honest.
  14. So his Attorney will appear at the arraignment and enter his plea of not guilty. The judge, as I understand it, will be the judge and jury.
  15. Once again, if they have him on video two days in a row, for the "same services" then at the very least they have at least one intentional solicitation visit. Right..?? I mean let's give him the benefit of the doubt here (cough cough) that he did not know on his first visit, but then returns the 2nd day for the same services. It doesn't take much intelligence to figure this out. Just sayin'
  16. Maybe our legal team on here can shed more light, but I believe the "ONLY" way he legally gets out of appearing, would be to plea bargain and settle. Plea bargain, meaning pleads guilty to a charge. It is my understanding if he continues a plea of "not guilty" then he will have to appear before the judge. Any of our lawyers on here care to chime in...??
  17. Really.......??? Nadine was sharing articles that have been published on this. How is this a Colts love-in with no reality? The reality is ...... Sex trafficking is a very serious thing. And it is repulsive. I think he knew exactly what was going on there, if not the first time, certainly on his return trip. The writing is kinda on the wall, and on the video. This doesn't look good for him. However, He'll probably get a slap on the wrist with the help from His highly paid Attorney.
  18. I like our high moral ground. Thanks for noticing.
  19. But he's innocent. /sarcasm. I'm thinking you could be correct.
  20. Apparently yes, he is the victim here. Still calling b.s.
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