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  1. I have said the same thing. Not a fan of either QB. However......I'm eating crow today. I can no longer deny the talent of TB. It is what it is. Go AFC.
  2. I always try to be upbeat and encourage positivity. Having said that, if I'm being honest, I did not expect us to win. I was hopeful, but didn't really expect it. It was a much better game than I'd expected. I thought Rivers played well. I thought Doyle was exceptional. Coach made a few questionable calls (surprise surprise) but overall I thought it was a good game, and we just came up short. A disappointing way to lose, not that there's ever a good loss, but we were competitive up til the end.
  3. True. Not the normal as we once knew it. I guess I should have said once the stadium is opened to capacity again, when we get there. I would prefer to not get into the handling of this virus. I have very strong opinions I'll keep to myself. I have lost a few friends and an uncle to covid. As far as staying home..... Honestly, it hasn't affected me financially or otherwise, but I realize it's had a horrible affect on many. Here's hoping things improve soon for everyone.
  4. Henry is a great player and big fun to watch (when its against someone other than us). But I think it will go to Rodgers this year.
  5. I also am enjoying retirement (retired April 1st) and the world literally shut down. . Would love to meet up at a game when everything gets back to normal.
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