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  1. I appreciate everything he's done for us. It is my understanding he will make statement tomorrow.
  2. I just hate this for him. Not the way you want your career to end.
  3. I have to believe he will step down.....but not until we got someone in place to do the job.
  4. This is wrong. I certainly don't have that attitude.
  5. Yes. This was my earlier comment as well. Some took that as us "victim blaming". It was just our stance on how we would react.
  6. I admit, after reading more on this case, it certainly paints a picture of guilt on his part. No one, I repeat, no one deserves to be raped, Ever. I am wondering if more women will now come forward with accusations related to him. We've seen it happen time and time again.
  7. You make a lot of good points. The problem with alot of these she said/he said cases, unless there are credible eye witnesses, it's just that.....she said/he said. My point is, just because someone makes an accusation, does not mean it's true. And just because he denies it, does not make him innocent. Sometimes the details are suspect.
  8. The alleged incidents were from 2017 and 2018.
  9. Agree. To accuse someone on twitter...then ask for people to respect her privacy..
  10. Yes. I know all this, I have several attorneys, and a magistrate in the family. I know how the law works. Let me say, I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my initial response. I was in no way defending AB. Do I think he Is capable of this behavior? Absolutely. And I didn't mean to come across as victim blaming. That was wrong. I, too, have a family member who was victim of a violent rapist years ago. I understand the affects of this horrendous act. Just thinking out loud, and giving a benefit of doubt to both sides. Only the 2 of them know what really transpired. I do still stand by my comment that if someone assaulted me, I certainly would do everything in my power to not be alone with this person ever again, and certainly would not return to his home.
  11. I did read it. I'm saying if it was me, I wouldn't put myself in that position again. I'm also not saying he's innocent. But when someone asks for $$$$$, you have to wonder,..No? I believe this is a civil suit, which is all about $$$$. Why no arrest, or criminal charges?
  12. I think a 10 min. Quarter is reasonable.
  13. Well, it's a legitimate question. I'm not saying he didn't assault her. We don't know. I do know, if I was sexually assaulted by someone, I would not allow myself to be in a position to allow this person near enough to me ever again.
  14. I was just reading about this on a newswire. Hard to say....... Sometimes I think some of these women are looking for an easy payday... one might ask if she was raped a first time, why put yourself in the position a 2nd, and 3rd time?
  15. Are you calling Brady a baby.?
  16. Yep! Watson is the real deal. Its was an exciting ending. You should feel good about your team this year!.
  17. I love games like this.
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