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  1. I always try to be upbeat and encourage positivity. Having said that, if I'm being honest, I did not expect us to win. I was hopeful, but didn't really expect it. It was a much better game than I'd expected. I thought Rivers played well. I thought Doyle was exceptional. Coach made a few questionable calls (surprise surprise) but overall I thought it was a good game, and we just came up short. A disappointing way to lose, not that there's ever a good loss, but we were competitive up til the end.
  2. True. Not the normal as we once knew it. I guess I should have said once the stadium is opened to capacity again, when we get there. I would prefer to not get into the handling of this virus. I have very strong opinions I'll keep to myself. I have lost a few friends and an uncle to covid. As far as staying home..... Honestly, it hasn't affected me financially or otherwise, but I realize it's had a horrible affect on many. Here's hoping things improve soon for everyone.
  3. Henry is a great player and big fun to watch (when its against someone other than us). But I think it will go to Rodgers this year.
  4. I also am enjoying retirement (retired April 1st) and the world literally shut down. . Would love to meet up at a game when everything gets back to normal.
  5. I'd much rather be the underdog, and overlooked than heavily favored only to crap out. I hope we prove the naysayers wrong.
  6. How are you doing? I rarely come here anymore, so I have lost touch with so many that I always enjoyed interacting with on here. You being at the top of the list. I hope you are well.
  7. luckily.... for the most part we had some very competitive and exciting games to watch yesterday. In reality, if I'm being honest .I don't really care what the Eagles did or did not do.
  8. I agree that a 6-10 team shouldn't feel that someone robbed them.... They put themselves in this position. They did not play well enough to earn a playoff spot. I do agree with them about the integrity of the game. If you're playing to "lose" why show up at all? Just forfeit. It was pretty pathetic to watch it play out. Maybe the Eagles fans are okay with it. I, as a fan, NEVER want my team to lose, let alone on purpose. Why play? Why watch?
  9. A blatant disregard for the integrity of the game.
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