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  1. Did you go last night? My best friend lives in DC and went. Had a great time
  2. Your last sentence is what I left out of my last response. I’d hes truly out then I want him on the rangers ASAP. Also heard Marty St. Louis could join the coaching staff next year. He lives close by I’ve seen him around a bunch
  3. I am a firm believer that sometimes people just need a change of scenery. Claude Julien, Torts, Vigneault all had success after they found new jobs. I personally hope that we fire AV and hire an ncaa guy or younger guy that will help develop players since we have a glut of picks and prospects we are moving forward with. Older coaches are good with vets and some rookies but we really need a fresh faced coach. I like Gorton the GM too glad Sather took a back seat. I like Lamoirello who built the Devils teams and he’s doing well in toronto. I’m thinking of going to the last Rangers home game this year bc it’s a Friday against the Lightning aka Rangers South.
  4. Eh. Barzal is literally the only piece keeping them afloat right now. Even JT isn’t playing great. The isles are gonna have to overpay to resign him bc they lost their chance to trade him and now risk losing him for nothing. The fact the GM still has a job with over a decade and one playoff series win to show for it is terrible. I can’t believe the contract Montréal gave to Price. Reminds me of the one we gave Henrik. No regrets tho
  5. Yeah I have been out of the loop a bit. Got married in September and started a new job in October. I don’t think Jake would go to the Yanks unless he plays for free. We have too many young guys in the system we don’t need to spend a hundred million for 5 years on a 31 year old. Look at Boston and Price.
  6. Yeah I’ve been here for years. Used to be in public accounting so I was only super busy in the winter. Now in private so busy every day (although not til midnight and weekend busy). Yanks looking great on the field as well. Very exciting right now in spring training I just wish I could watch bc they play during the day or on the mlb network which I don’t have. Cubs should still be good. I wonder where arietta is going tonsign
  7. Still not as bad as the Islanders GM. Rangers and Isles are tied right now and one just blew up the team. I’m not happy we swept the west coast trip bc I want a top 3 pick. But they’re about to let Tavares walk and lose him for nothing. THAT is the biggest mishandling in a NY superstar of the last 20 years.
  8. I used to be a regular contributor but my new job has me pretty busy so I apologize but very excited for baseball season
  9. Rangers came away with a good haul after the Nash, Grabner, Holden, Miller, and McDonagh trades. Tons of picks and prospects.
  10. Anybody watch the winter classic today??? Great game
  11. I think most fans like Girardi. I understand the move. Cashman definitely decided early on that he wouldn’t extend Girardi. The fact they overachieved this year definitely made it tougher and it would be real tough if they made the WS. Nowadays front offices want to control the managers. It’s all statistics anyway and the manager has very little effect on how a team performs. He was there for ten years, an eternity. But it’s time for a new voice, a cheaper one at that. In 1995 they fired Showalter then ripped off the greatest dynasty in a generation. This will be the LEAST talented Yankees team of the next six years. The guys coming up are top prospects and the free agents coming up (with the yanks under the luxury tax threshold) will be great too. Plus they could make a run at Otani from Japan as Cashman traded for international cash twice during the season. Talent can overcome chemistry, and not everyone loved Girardi anyway. Time for a new voice. I have no idea about the new manager but I’m sure Cashman will find the right guy. I’m glad Girardi isn’t going to the Mets or the Red Sox but like I mentioned it’s all computerized nowadays anyway.
  12. bababooey


    Wow, that is awesome. I loved watching it on my phone. Wish I could have made it but can't wait to see the statue in person, these pics are incredible!

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      Just got them.  Fabulous.  Stephanie is absolutely stunning in these, and you look great as well.  Thank you so much for sending them to me.   Have a safe and wonderful honeymoon.  

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      Are you sure you don't want my condolences bababooey? Just Joking man. 


      You're a good dude who deserves to be happy. Happy for ya brother! 

  14. The Colts, especially without Luck, are exactly not a contender either. It's a winnable game, sure. Absolutely? No way.
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