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  1. Yeah I have been out of the loop a bit. Got married in September and started a new job in October. I don’t think Jake would go to the Yanks unless he plays for free. We have too many young guys in the system we don’t need to spend a hundred million for 5 years on a 31 year old. Look at Boston and Price.
  2. Yeah I’ve been here for years. Used to be in public accounting so I was only super busy in the winter. Now in private so busy every day (although not til midnight and weekend busy). Yanks looking great on the field as well. Very exciting right now in spring training I just wish I could watch bc they play during the day or on the mlb network which I don’t have. Cubs should still be good. I wonder where arietta is going tonsign
  3. I used to be a regular contributor but my new job has me pretty busy so I apologize but very excited for baseball season
  4. I think most fans like Girardi. I understand the move. Cashman definitely decided early on that he wouldn’t extend Girardi. The fact they overachieved this year definitely made it tougher and it would be real tough if they made the WS. Nowadays front offices want to control the managers. It’s all statistics anyway and the manager has very little effect on how a team performs. He was there for ten years, an eternity. But it’s time for a new voice, a cheaper one at that. In 1995 they fired Showalter then ripped off the greatest dynasty in a generation. This will be the LE
  5. bababooey


    Wow, that is awesome. I loved watching it on my phone. Wish I could have made it but can't wait to see the statue in person, these pics are incredible!

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    2. Gramz


      Just got them.  Fabulous.  Stephanie is absolutely stunning in these, and you look great as well.  Thank you so much for sending them to me.   Have a safe and wonderful honeymoon.  

    3. Nadine



    4. southwest1


      Are you sure you don't want my condolences bababooey? Just Joking man. 


      You're a good dude who deserves to be happy. Happy for ya brother! 

  7. Taking a break from sports for a while. 

    1. southwest1


      Smart move. I do for my own sanity sometimes too bababooey. I can't immerse myself in sports 24/7 either. Going on a walk about, a sabbatical, or off the grid temporarily is good for the soul sometimes.


      I completely understand. Trust me.  

    2. bababooey


      Unfortunately, it did not last long. My New York Rangers are 6 for their last 6. Creeping back up to 3rd place in the Metro division. We'd be number 1 in the Atlantic or number 3 in the entire Western Conference, of course we are in the same division as stacked Washington and Pittsburgh so our success still means very little...

  8. We may have to :cheers:  a lot at the game we're going to.    Just sayin'

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    2. Gramz


      I am bummed too.  Although I thought Denver would win, knowing  it is hard to beat them at home, but I expected our team to look better than they did.   

    3. bababooey


      I go in with lower expectations but they are ALWAYS in it at the end which makes the letdown much worse. Need to get over these injuries. How is everything going?

    4. JPPT1974


      Really hope that the team does better at home. Really should had won against the Lions!

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