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  1. I dont want Watt here. His health is too much of a concern.
  2. The drama being created about this is utterly... boring.
  3. I wonder if Wentz and his agent were privy to other offers or lack thereof, and relayed that to the Colts in some form. The Colts made an offer and didn't move off of it, and put the pressure on the eagles who had nothing.
  4. And Ballard who has a much better track record than this guy made the move. Ill go with Ballards opinion 100 times out of 100 over this guy.
  5. Re sign Xavier, and sign a FA TE Draft a LT in the first, and a pass rushers in the 2nd. Save the rest of the cap space. This isnt a year that id go crazy in FA.
  6. Some of you guys are acting like the entire Eagles organization didnt just have a melt down after winning the SB in 2017 and Wentz just sucked. Did you not notice they are now co pletely rebuilding for a reason that doesn't include Wentz? Also if you watched Ballards talk with DD he says this team can handle any player who may seem a bit troubled in the locker room, not that Wentz is a problem there. Just rumors at this point. If Wentz is a problem hes gone. Theyre not going to show ego after holding out on the eagles demands. That would be uncharacterist
  7. Well I think he'll open the door and then hear the knock, pee his pants, and then see him standing there.
  8. I've been seeing a lot of people talking about teams only getting to and winning SBs during a lot of QBs rookie contracts unless you're tom brady. The vast majority of teams don't make it once that QB is re signed. So, maybe a bridge QB is just as good as a rookie on his first deal, or better?
  9. Whats crazy about it is the rams traded more so that they could get rid of Goff contract. The eagles would be saving money plus getting their asking price. They're being greedy and its not working.
  10. Gale Sayers (was that his name?) Was voted into the Hall with a short career based on his amazing abilities. Same with megatron. He deserved it.
  11. I think he thought you were saying good riddance to Andrew Luck
  12. I found it interesting that he said the players know when a guy deserves to be here and if they deserve the money being paid. Does Wentz deserve those things?
  13. I didnt see this posted. I honestly thought this was an old video for a minute. "No Andrew won't be back next year"
  14. I think the term selfish gets a bad wrap. Theres nothing wrong with being selfish especially when it isnt an overwhelming issue. A lot of people are way too giving and not selfish enough and they lead a life that is overwhelmingly unfulfilling for them. Andrew has every right to be selfish. Just like you are me. Now if all you are is selfish it then becomes a problem. If Andrew continued to not be selfish, and winds up having a life without quality, he would hate that decision. Selfishness can be good or bad. I hate that Andrew retired right w
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