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  1. Less fumbles = more wins. If you dink and dunk the ball like Brady does that cuts way back on Interceptions as well. I'm convinced Kraft, Belichick, and Brady all are in cahoots about it. No one else has to really know anything for it to be effective. One of my biggest issues is that people who accuse them of cheating get ripped on more than the cheaters themselves. People are scared to call them cheaters now.
  2. Are you conveniently forgetting those allegations were proven false? The problem is on at least 2 occasions the patriots have been proven to be cheating. Whether its Brady or Belichick. Belichick was shown to be taping opponents. There were several missing tapes from that scandal so we will never know how many or who all he cheated against. Knowing a teams plays will sure as hell get you an advantage. As for deflated footballs, the Patriots are ranked the BEST at football safety and have the least amount of fumbles since 2007 up to deflategate. Wonder why that is? If you're a cheater then there are numerous ways you would be cheating. And only got caught twice. Kraft just got arrested for prostitution practicing. The Patriots organization is corrupt from Tom Brady up. Stop acting like there isnt a legitimate reason to doubt their morals over everyone else's in the league. And the biggest problem about it.. they might be good enough to not cheat to begin with. Personally for me, knowing they cheat when they can, and then seeing the nation and medias love fest sickens me to the point of vomiting. I have watched Brady spew some % at a ref, then watch him throw a flag on the other team.
  3. The whole defense was well below averzge the 1st 2 weeks.
  4. In depth well thought out response. I am out of likes.
  5. I am starting to think the Colts are better off without an elite level QB. Im sure ill catch some heat, but having a QB who is okay with running the ball 45 times a game, isnt going to be an elite level QB. I can almost gaurentee you that had Andrew stayed we would have lost that game last night. Why ? Because he doesnt have the patience to let the RB carry the load. How many runs would Andrew have audibled out of last night? Instead of playing one of our strengths agaimst one of their weaknesses, we would have tried to win a shootout with them. And im not sure this team could have won that way. JB is good enough and will get better while also letting us play to our strength. This oline and running the ball.
  6. Isnt a reason you have a guy like Hooker so that you can play more man to man? He has these elite ball hawking skills why not put them in their strength?
  7. Ask the roster if they believe they are going to the SB or not? The Colts can become consistent on both sides of the ball like vs KC or there is the other route. Point is they're capable of both. You dont go into KC completely decimated by injuries, punch them in the jaw, and come out thinking you're one man short of competing for a SB. The Colts have proven they can go on a run, and to be completely honest, I dont see the Colts beating KC with Andrew at the helm. Looking at the remainder of the schedule the only team I can see this team having major issues with is the Saints. But dont be surprised to see Reich ride the Oline and Mack all the way to the playoffs. 1st step. Beat Houston.
  8. Is it just me or did Ebron lose his IT factor when Andrew retired?
  9. I was looking for a flag after every play
  10. I know that about the regular season. But in the playoffs the defense played championship football. Which was my main point.
  11. 2004-2009 was the window of opportinuty for the Colts. They were good enough to be in the SB every one of those years. Oh how i wish.
  12. Love your post it is worth noting the Colts defense in the 2006 SB run during the playoffs were playing well above average and did great. Which just proves your point even more. Defense wins championships.
  13. It would seem we have again put less value on the NT and DT position. Is it just me? The Colts were better against the run (last year), and our LBers were able to get to ball carriers easier because we had decent play from the interior dline. Am I right or am I wrong? Maybe Ballard is waiting for talent he likes, but at this point in time it is looking like a mistake skipping out on the FA from the Bucs, who's name I cannot recall.... McCoy? I am questioning his Philosophy on the interior dline. It isn't all about speed.
  14. That's the perfect reaction to this.
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