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  1. I dont get what people dont understand about drafting a lockerroom that Ballard has explained in detail numerous times. Turay a reach? That's just laughable.
  2. I hope this happens so we can pursue carr.
  3. I dont want to give up draft picks AND pay him a new deal. Way too expensive.
  4. So I'm supposed to celebrate what he went through is what you're saying? If Peyton doesn't win a SB no one calls him great. He would have never proven his true potential. That's just my opinion though. What they did on a talent scale is undeniable and I didnt take that away from him. But I celebrate winners. And Andrew Failed to attain the ultimate goal. I believe he could have come back. He just decided not to. He decided he didnt want to try and get a SB anymore and that's his personal decision. I am a Colts fan. Not an Andrew Luck fan.
  5. It's just always something with his injuries. For me it's not about his most recent injury as much as its how consistently he is injured. In 2006, the Colts defense was lucky enough to get Bob Sanders back right for the playoffs. Can anyone on these forums say without doubt, that the Colts go on to win the SB without a healthy Bob Sanders in there? I cannot. I for one, am unwilling to draft a guy who has shown to be made of glass. When a guy gets injured so much you cant count on him to be ready to play our most important games for us. If I'm Ballard I cannot draft this guy no matter how good he is, if he has that lengthy of a injury list. The Colts were lucky and fortunate that Bob Sanders got healthy when he did, or the Colts may not have a SB.
  6. Bet they like Burrows stats better. Colts will need to trade up and the more I see guys like Kinlaw and Brown and then going back over what Ballard said about addressing the interior defensive line, I think the Colts draft DT, and I think Kinlaw is there at 13.
  7. The point of playing the game is to win the SB. I look back on Andrew's career mostly in disappointment because he never even made it there. While yes, he was easily one of the most talented Colts QBs ever, it isnt enough for me to be able to celebrate talent without a ring.
  8. Just look at Marcus Mariotas injury history. Pass.
  9. It's not going to happen.
  10. Fromm is growing on me. I'm not 100% sure Ballard will even draft a QB.
  11. I can think of no better way to * off patriot fans.
  12. We should sign him and then tank for lawrence.
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