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  1. Ballard still has my faith for right now.
  2. The Colts fan base has had Lombardi fever ever since 2006. I hate the idea of having to wait for talent to develop but we don't really have a choice. So why freak out?
  3. Im low key excited to see what this new TE can do.
  4. Well if we are being serious. We traded a 1st rounder for Buckner and then signed his contract. So yes I think we could get a 1st.
  5. This just in, the Colts trade QN for 4 first round picks and a SB title
  6. Colts vs Saints... Little did we know, that it was the end of our run. And so it begins again. Its been a long emotional ride guys. Coming from a 29 year old lol
  7. I can see why the players act like family. They are involved in efforts like these.
  8. Frabk has been to 6 SBs and thats big for experience. I think its worth it to stick things out with him until he gets better. Coaches take longer to develop into elite level status vs a player imo. He messes up sometimes but I think they are growing pains. We will see what the season shows.
  9. Got too much life % going on right now so I can't but have fun!
  10. I dont think we are able to tell how good the LBr group is at this point. The special teams was so good last year because of how many LBrs we had.
  11. Im good with it. The only time anyone feels ecstatic about a FA signing is when that player is elite level status, and that wasn't going to happen this year. Would have liked to see at the very least, Houston come back on the DL. But overall I'm okay with it. I want to keep as many of our guys as possible and that becomes less likely the more we sign bigger named FAs.
  12. Yeah this, sorry I didn't read through the whole thread. Just read an article that the Colts have had several virtual meetings with him and attended games.
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