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  1. Im dreaming the packers make a mistake and walk away from Roger's. Roger's with Colts has SB written all over it.
  2. If you have doubts about Ballard being the long term GM for this team, you should also have doubts about being a fan of this team long term. Its obvious Ballard will be here for the next 5+ years to me. Hes done nothing but turn this team into a team that can compete vs ANY team in the NFL. And thats without a franchise QB something 90% of the NFL considers the most important position. I support his viewpoint of not forcing a franchise QB to fall from the rafters of LOS.
  3. Look... even going back to the Manning days, the jags always play the Colts like its their SB. I cant explain it any more than you can, but its like Colts vs Jags is what they live for. Because we seem to be the only team they actually care about.
  4. I just think youre being too harsh on pittman. Theres no guarantee anyone else would be doing better here other than proven great/elite players. Comparing him to other rookies isn't a fair shake.
  5. Come to think of it, I've never seen a WR in Franks offense ball out like youre asking for.
  6. Meanwhile Rivers continues to spread the ball around. I've watched Pittman just running routes, blocking, playing with energy. All of that encourages me.
  7. The Colts dedication to Easons mental development seems encouraging to me. this was probably one of the best write ups I've seen in a while. I've seen a few people talk about how unlikely it is that Eason is THAT good. To be considered a true Franchise QB. Well the Colts actions and comments say he has more potential than outsiders know. https://www.1075thefan.com/kevins-sports-news/frank-reich-details-typical-colts-week-for-rookie-jacob-eason/
  8. Its starting to get clear how spoiled the chargers have been at WR. Let me clear some things up on the Colts last few years. The oline was near bottom of the league. The defensive line was non existent Who was playing at linebacker? No one. The defensive back field was in shambles This team pretty much consisted of Andrew Luck, Jack Doyle, Frank Gore, and Marlin Mack. This year, the two up and coming most talented WRs on this team are injured (Micheal Pittman, Parris Cambell) The TE group has been in and
  9. Well the hope is this offense starts to gel. Maybe thats all this has been about.
  10. The only time I heard anyone say to bench rivers was after losing to the browns last week... Otherwise, not a lot of people complaining about him to the degree of weekly "bench phillip rivers" threads.
  11. I said "cmon blackmon" when Burrow(?) was under center... Thats how impactful he has been. I am now hoping he comes up big in big moments because HE EARNED IT. Blackmon will be a good one.
  12. So how many false positives will there be before the test is considered ineffective?
  13. Its not because they are picking scheme over talent its because of this scheme in general and lack luster play calling or lack of execution. Either way, im not sure how much faith I have in Frank or Nick.
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