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  1. And one of the best kickers coming out of college.
  2. I thought this was pretty informative. Something nice until the season starts IN JUST OVER A MONTH.
  3. Thats a wound too big to heal... Youre right!
  4. It could have been worse, obviously. Its just hard not thinking that with a one of a kind like peyton we should have had multiples. Its ok. I will take the one. It was the best feeling ever!
  5. Dont tell me what we should have done! Lol.... i already know... *sobs*
  6. This is why I'm not worried about how good Rivers is. He's still better than JB, and in a lot of games we needed him to be just a tiny bit better. SB bound 2020! Lets get Rivers a ring and send him into the HOF.
  7. Man, its been too long since the Colts played on all cylinders (2005?). Let's do it! 2020!
  8. Take notice almost all of these are before 2003. Someone told him to stop trying to get hurt.
  9. That was one of peytons most impressive wins ever. Thanks for reminding me!
  10. RIP Howard. Ill never forget your gum chewing mug on the sidelines of the best offense I have ever seen.
  11. Lamar has to grow. Andrew didn't have to, it just would have been nice. I was as upset as everyone that Andrew walked away... idk, at this point we are arguing over which top of the line car is better. Theyre all awesome, and at this point I'll take any one of them, and you can add Aaron Rogers to that list if you couldn't get anyone else after this year.
  12. I dont understand why you would take Lamar over Andrew wheb Lamar isn't even a proven passer. Sure he can run and avoid pressure. But can he pass at an elite level?
  13. I must have missed the comments about cambell. But I haven't been as active this off season.
  14. I think Mahommes is a better raw talent. But the stats aren't that different. A healthy Andrew would do amazing with the potent offense of the chiefs... no one can say that entire offense isn't loaded. But we can play what ifs all day long.
  15. I would take mahomes, or peyton over andrew. But thats where it stops. Brady over luck? How laughable.
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