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  1. Renegotiations are fine but should you not practice and play until you come to a renegotiation?
  2. If you sign a contract you should finish the contract. You liked the numbers when you signed, so what is the difference now? There are ways to change things beyond holding out. So because someone else keeps getting paid more now you're going to be greedy? We have seen QBs take less so other players can get signed. My god you're a damn millionaire you greedy "s.
  3. Apparently that particular article is free on the athletic. They said video included but I didnt see it there.
  4. I couldn't find a video among the 9 pages of colts practice. There was an article and its from the athletic. So if you're not paying $50 a year for the occasional Colts article you wont be able to read it. Dont waste your time like I just did scrolling through the 9 page thread looking for it.
  5. Do you follow multiple teams in the NFL that you have this comparison?
  6. NannyMcafee

    TC day 13

    Lies! It's all lies!
  7. NannyMcafee

    TC day 11

    Its been the same story since before Peyton manning.
  8. NannyMcafee

    TC day 11

    Lol you cant be serious. Remember the Lions a few years ago? Yeah they tore up the preseason just to go nearly 0-16 in the regular season. I cant believe yet again, people are taking preseason seriously as if we haven't been watching football for the last 30 years.
  9. Does this have to be a topic every year? The colts suck in reagular season almost intentionally. Doesn't stop them from playing well in the regular season. Not having andrew in practice doesn't stop the team from playing well in the regular season. I just dont understand why the sky has to be falling. As much as the colts suck in preseason, just as much the forum has to see the sky falling. It's the law of nature I guess.
  10. Lol glad to see you have a handle on the situation! Did you seek therapy?
  11. Didnt think I needed on this subject considering what I said is completely unbelievable.
  12. Sarcasm buddy. A nitwit knows a nitwit.
  13. Andrew is injury prone and will retire before age 35.
  14. The dude did pretty well with a depleted roster. Makes you wonder what he could do with this one.
  15. Every player is injured and play through it. Just watch the Arian Foster interview. He talks about how there arent any players who arent injured through the year and that's a reason why he retired. Andrew was overall healthy for most of his career until year 4 when he just couldn't take getting hit as the most hit QB 4 years straight. To me this doesn't signify that hes injury prone. As of late he has had some injuries. 2 major ones that would take anyone out for a significant amount of time. Where were these "injury prone" alarmists back then? No where in sight. Now all of a sudden hes injury prone. Why doe no one mention that he took the most hits in the NFL and stayed healthy for 4 years? Why is this an irrelevant stat? To me that says hes pretty dang tough. One injury took him out for nearly 2 years. One. All the rest have been nothing. This doesn't mean he wont continue to be injured and decide to retire, but as of yet I wont lebel him prone. Let's not act like hes Chad Pennington.
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