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  1. Patriots are cheaters and they have the refs in their back pocket.
  2. NannyMcafee

    Peyton Manning had the power

  3. NannyMcafee

    Peyton Manning had the power

    To get anyone removed from the Colts team all the way up to the HC.
  4. NannyMcafee

    Autry Slapped with 13k Fine

    I agree with the call. It's not like he was celebrating. He was talking % to the ref and you should expect no less than a flag in that situation. And that call really hurt the Colts offense that was having issues getting things going. A fine? A bit excessive imo. First you tell players they can celebrate and then you fine them after they do. But what do you expect from the entertainment industry.
  5. NannyMcafee

    A scary thought for next season

    If he plays as long as Peyton we have 8 good/great years. Anything more than that at a high level I'm not sure. He will be 39 in 10 seasons. But some QBs are doing great in their 40s so who knows.
  6. NannyMcafee

    Leg Room

    I'm afraid you're asking for a lot from the state of IN. I've seen a dry, rainy, icy, snowy Christmas all in the same day. You're just going to have to wing it.
  7. The Colts didn't practice outdoors the entire week. But it wasn't Andrew Luck that failed on offense. The only player that came to play was Mack and he didn't even get to touch the ball much. I think Reich outsmarted himself thinking the Cheifs were going to play against the run and so he thought he could pass it non-stop all game against a horrid secondary. Turns out the Cheifs were expecting that. Should have done what everyone thought we would do and run it down their throats. I'm hoping he learns from this mistake and does what we do best which is run the damn ball. The Colts are 8-1 when we have 100+ yards running. Yet we only attempted a few runs until the end of the game. One thing that has me worried is Andrews reaction to our offense not doing well. By midway through the third qtr you could see in his eyes absolutely no confidence. He looked like he knew we weren't going to win before we were even out of the game. His eyes said it all. He just looked scared. And that rubs off on the entire offense.
  8. NannyMcafee

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    The Colts only draft pick that was highly toted by anyone was Nelson. Other than that the Colts picked players that no one had projected us to take. Some even thought Leonard was a reach. This gives me hope that we have assembled a good scouting screw along with having Ballard who is a good scout in and of himself. This is the first draft that Ballard is picking at a higher spot. The test is now. I don't expect a draft like 2018 but to get more starters... Then I will be on the Ballard bandwagon entirely. That is the only thing holding me back. Can he still find talent anywhere on the board? I have zero problems with his FA approach, and even applaud it. Reich will have more toys to play with next year, and I expect him to play call like it. Last night the lack of a run game (Colts 8-1 with 100+ yards) was extremely short sighted and has me worried. Mack was ripping off yards at the end of the game. Even half of those gains would have been a respectable run game last night. Want to see him improve in this area next year hopefully. The hero of the season IMO was Matt Eberflus. The most consistent unit on the team has been the defense. They showed time and time again they can make stops in the important moments. This defense played more than good enough last night to win this game. the offense has the ability to blow that KC defense out of the water. We could have easily handled the Cheifs. The COLTS defense made stops repeatedly against the best offense in the NFL.
  9. NannyMcafee

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Unfortunate loss. Like I was trying to say before people thought I was a drunk fool, the refs sucked in this game, but the Colts offense sucked worse. I'm super impressed by our defense for giving us so many shots to win the game. If Colts offense plays like they are capable of instead of shooting themselves we easily are headed to NE next week. I hope Riech learns from this game. I'm cool with mistakes that are learnt from.
  10. NannyMcafee

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Phone glitched up bud.
  11. NannyMcafee

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Looked just like vs the jags.
  12. NannyMcafee

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Andrew Looked like a whipped puppy. Did you see his eyes? Zero confidence.
  13. NannyMcafee

    Colts @ Chiefs 2019 AFC Divisional Round Playoff Game Thread

    Guys the Colts offense hasn't shown up today but the refs are doing some blatant calls. And non calls. having said that. The Colts offense shows up today and this game is a lot close and Colts even could be leading right now. Horrible effort by the offense. it's hard to watch the refs not call a fair game here. You can tell these guys are rooting for KC today. Having said that if the offense shows up today this game... If only. If only.
  14. They are playing like they played vs jags. Giving me a bad feeling g because they never answered that game.
  15. NannyMcafee

    Oh boy according to chiefs fans

    In the playoffs you rest your injured players no matter how injured during the week. Game time decision no doubt. TY didn't practice last week. I'll take an unpracticed hooker over anyone else that we would have back there. If he doesn't play I see a luck of successful big plays this Saturday.