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  1. NannyMcafee

    Improved or status Q ?

    Not looking for the best players. Looking for the right ones.
  2. We have seen a lot of players go to other teams and play completely differently than the past, just as recently as last year Ebron lead the league in TDs and played different football. Coaching, culture, and scheme will tell us what kind of player our newly acquired WR is.
  3. NannyMcafee

    Did the Colts inquire about Brown?

    I wish that the countless threads started about Bell and Brown actually had legitimate Information on them coming here or not instead of everyone asking the same question over and over "would Ballard be interested"....
  4. NannyMcafee

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    Well it certainly wasnt soft spoken of him to do that now was it? Was he not being tough to deal with in that scenario? Also. If you got fined and you felt like it was the cause of a media writer would you not also be upset by this? In your mind you have been slighted whether you were or not. We have been watching Nelson for one season. There isn't enough evidence to have a problem with his attitude. So if someone does then it's their point of view that is the problem. Start complaining about his cult follower at the end of year two after he has continued to show an "attitude".
  5. NannyMcafee

    Zak Keefer - Quenton Nelson Mindset

    So you like his toughness. But you dont like it when hes being tough? As far as we are concerned the things he says on the field are hear say. I haven't been able to hear a word from him on game days. But him having a problem with you being buddy buddy with the other teams players during a game isn't a bad thing. Its them vs us. Now I could understand people having an issue if this was off the field but it simply isn't. People have been wanting this kind of guy on our line for a long time. Known as a big nasty. On the field. Remember Dick Butkis? He was exactly this way on the field. Off the field one of the nicer people. My point is mainly that just because we may hear he slammed a paper on a desk doesn't mean he is a difficult person with a bad attitude. I would suggest letting time go on before we know what kind of person he is.
  6. NannyMcafee

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Remember the great season of Matt Cassel? I want to see Belichick stay after Brady retires and prove to everyone that it doesn't matter what QB he has. Will it prove it to everyone? No.
  7. NannyMcafee

    Colts hype video

    I like everything except that they used old era videos that have nothing to do with these colts. Ignoring that aspect, it definitely gets you pumped. Get excited seeing Andrew, Leonard, Mack, TY, it's just a lot of new stars that get you excited. Can't imagine what Colts look like with even more players being added. Colts are also favorites for the SB in 2019. Who else is close? Only KC.
  8. NannyMcafee

    What can we learn from the pats??

    The Patriots can teach us that cheating gets you superbowl rings in this league.
  9. NannyMcafee

    Ballard continues to lay the blueprint

    Ballard has shown his approach the last 2 years imo. Dabbles in FA a bit but mostly upcomers and not elite guys. And when you're getting an elite guy you need to make sure he fits the locker room like he has said. I dont understand some being upset by this approach. No matter. Consistency is what will show everyone this approach is a good one. If it all falls apart in 3 years well.... back to the drawing board.
  10. "perhaps history repeats itself. The Colts have been involved in the last two South Florida Super Bowls (after the 2006 and 2009 seasons), and all four of their Super Bowl experiences have occurred in South Florida."
  11. NannyMcafee

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Maybe they're friends because they're not on the same team.
  12. NannyMcafee

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    He wouldn't like sharing reps with the likes of TY.
  13. NannyMcafee

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    My response might be late but I listened to his interview with Dackich and he said he really loves our group of RBs. When asked about Bell he said "who?" I just don't see it but we will indeed see. Could be him talking %.
  14. NannyMcafee

    Colts re-signed Vinny

    George Blanda played in the NFL for 26 seasons. Maybe Vinny has the record in his sights
  15. Patriots are cheaters and they have the refs in their back pocket.