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  1. Seems to be gaining a lot of attention. Id lose my % if I was Patrick.
  2. *shows clear bias against or for player* The refs aren't influencing games!!!!
  3. Can a player do anything right? People getting butt hurt over literally anything they can. Next they'll want to cancel Aaron Roger's.
  4. Either they didn't run Taylor enough or they ran him too much resulting in short gains.... theres no pleasing a lot of people. I like flow of game and the Colts displayed that well. Here's hoping that continues.
  5. The Colts looked pretty damn smooth vs the Texans. It isnt the win its how well they played with less mistakes. Gives you hope they get this rolling.
  6. Taylor will have more long rushes than edge did. Taylor will literally run over a guy vs edge who would go around him or spin past. Edge was more talented imo. At the end of the day it will be about rushing yards and if Taylor passes edge all time then and only then will he be the better RB.
  7. They can nearly call any play how they like. Im not so attached to the game that it rattles my life when a bad call is made.
  8. Im not calling every single call biased for ratings. And it isnt about who the call benefits.
  9. I absolutely don't. I just know they keep games "competitive" on a regular basis. A call here or there keeps things competitive. It doesn't have to fix the game. Just influence it. If you think this doesn't happen I dont really understand that logic, as if we don't see humans every day do things for their own gain or make questionable decisions for the same reason. Why are refs above this? I wouldnt be surprised if they did change a call for the reasons above. That is all. In the end I watch football for my own enjoyment regardless of my opinion about the refs.
  10. When you see the refs change calls when things are down right obvious it amazes me when people think those who doubt refs morality are crazy. It really just blows my mind at this point. But im one of the crazies what do I know? I didnt see this play but ill never pass up a chance to call out dirty ref calls.
  11. I got the joke, that was the lol...... lol....
  12. Lol, yeah but imagine in today's league you'd just get notified of anything like that. If he makes it to your practice squad no one else wanted him.
  13. Can a team really ever "sneak" a player through waivers? I hear that term a lot.
  14. I agree with being worried about Nelson and Kelly.
  15. The easiest schedule has nothing to do with 1 on 1 match ups though. Smith gave up how many sacks last year? Pretty sure it was like 1 or 2. We can't just expect not to pay quality lineman and go cheaper. Just ask Andrew Luck.
  16. In order to make noise this team has to be able and out perform opposing offenses. Especially come playoff time. But we are talking regular season.
  17. The success of this team lies 100% in the oline and Carson Wentz. They have to come to form in order to make any noise in the REGULAR season.
  18. Or maybe getting completely embarrassed will wake them the hell up.
  19. Hard to live up to expectations without being on the field. Smith absolutely earned that contract.
  20. You put the best player on the field
  21. Maybe the Colts can go on a run and string up some consecutive wins. My biggest concern will continue to be Frank Reich. There's no doubt in my mind there is a lot of talent on this team. The Colts only real chance here is to win out vs the division and win quite a few other games. Injuries really screwed this team from day 1 of training camp. Here's hoping the season isn't completely over.
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