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  1. Maybe you should figure out that Peyton and Manning are the same person. Otherwise I dont think you know what they have in common besides everything.
  2. I believe I am biased against Brady simply be ause everyone touts him as the GOAT. Not saying ita right, but the overall love he gets just annoys me. In all hes a pretty good guy based on what I have seen. For me it's like justin bieber. Hated him because no one would shut up. Its probably not fair of me.
  3. I am just happy there seems to be an increase in our teams health. It is something to be happy about.
  4. With more intense practices you'll notice that last year was one of our least injured years in quite a long time!
  5. It doesn't matter how many stats Andrew piles up, beyond 6+ MVPs and every record beaten, without SB rings very few outside of Indy will see him as competing with the touted GOAT in status. Colts fans have talked about Peytons lack of a defense for years, and we dreamed for years of a great defense. So lack of supporting cast is really only seen by those that are fans of the team. We see every weakness every Sunday unlike everyone else. And we are bias in ways whether we like that or not, it comes with being a fan. Every team has weaknesses, and we have rarely seen a team fire on all cylinders for an entire season. Hopefully Ballard has something here.
  6. Mahomes does not carry the team. Stop kissing his butt and give some credit to that entire offense last year. It was top notch. You are biased for mahomes. He might be great and no one is denying that he did a fantastic job in his first real season. The comparison to Dak and RGIII is the hype train following and expectations that they will be a star. NOT stats. It's not hard to see this and I dont understand your hostility towards anything not Mahomes. Mohomes isn't coming here and hes not going anywhere else IF he is for real. At least not gmfor the next 8 years. Hes going to stay a chief. I'm happy for you that you finally have your starting QB in your heart. I'm sure it makes you feel warm inside knowing more than everyone else on this forum.
  7. In 3 of Andrew Lucks years he has displayed enough to be voted as MVP of this league. 2014 he had 4700 yards and 40 TDs, but lost the MVP to Aaron Roger's who 4300 yards and 38 TDs. In 2016 Matt Ryan had 4900 yards and 38 TDs. Compared to Andrew who had 4200 yards and 32 TDs. In 2017 Tom Brady won the MVP with 4500 yards and 32 TDs. Andrew had zero. In 2018 Mahomes had 5000 yards and 50 TDs. Andrew had 4500 yards and 39 touchdowns. If you look at the MVPs every year since Andrew was drafted the numbers hover right around 4500 yards and avg 35 TDs. Only twice has a QB reached 50 TDs. Mahomes threw 50 last year, and Manning threw for 55 in 2013. Andrew has displayed these numbers pretty consistently through his career. Drew Brees just threw for nearly 6000 yards not so long ago. Broke the most yards thrown in a career and yet.... no MVP. MVP voting is a popularity contest. It is no secret. If you look at Tom Bradys career, is avg hangs around 4300 yards and 30-35 TDs. Only once he had 50 and never before or since then, has he even gotten 40. 39 is the most he had in his career. You know. The guy who the NFL crowned GOAT. and that's nearly 18 years of football. Just so you know, a QBs greatness doesn't fall on how many MVPs he has. Andrew has displayed MVP numbers.
  8. I have only watched mahomes play for one year, and while that year was fantastic, I have yet to see him carry the chiefs to these wins. I have yet to see how great a leader he is. He could be elite. But let's see if he can repeat his success with less talent than he had last year before saying we would trade Andrew for him.
  9. Andrew is a great talent. And I have faith he can take us to many SB wins... I have been watching a lot of highlights of Colts of the 2000s, and Peyton Mannings touch on throws, just put you in awe of the amazingness of such a pass. How many touchdowns in the back corner of the endzone have we seen? Andrew is great and I wouldnt trade him for any in the league today. He doesn't have elite touch on his throws. And that's not to say he doesn't hit his windows. He does most of the time but I have yet to see his touch on throws reach that hight. It may be a boring observation but most are at this time of year. Is it preseason yet? One of Andrew's elite abilities is his pocket awareness from day one.
  10. Anything could have happened. Certain plays wouldnt be called. Maybe freeney doesn't injure his ankle on a play because that play is now different. In the end it doesn't matter. Just butt hurt that they didnt go for it all aggressively. Just kind of faded into the SB loss.
  11. If it's any consolation Frank Reich wont rest starters.
  12. The colts played the ravens who the Colts ALWAYS play well, and the Jets have never been great. If you go Into the superbowl at 18-0 you have a lot of momentum going for you. I will be upset by it. And the SB loss.
  13. Hated that they rested the starters. I think that it really bothered the players, and quitting on your edge and just have a gut wrenching feeling in your stomach. Imagine being Peyton Manning. The whole team lost momentum from that decision.
  14. This brings back a lot of good memories. Lol @ Castanzo.
  15. If the list is based on last year, then Wilson should be behind luck.
  16. Cant say I agree with this. Titans and Jags had respectable teams through the manning years, and also shared MVP with McNabb in 2004 if I remember correctly.. several playoff and even a SB appearance for the titans. One of the greatest teams in history, the NE Patriots, have been playing in a crap division for years. Most divisions in the NFL consist of crappy teams. So to act like the Colts were one of the only teams playing in a less than stallard division is misleading. Aslo, the colts played with a lead in most games during peyton's years, which HELPED our defense. Dont act like they would have played better without those scores.
  17. He isn't the greatest for sure, he a great of many. I personally dont believe in GOAT
  18. I believe that this is how QBs should be ranked if at all. And a QB should be ranked by his accomplishments not team accomplishments. If we are talking the greatest teams then I agree with using SBs to define greatness. But when comparing players it should be about their stats. I dont want to sound like a complete homer but Peyton changed the NFL of the 2000s arguably more than any QB in that time period. In the way he prepared, in the way he played, and using uptempo constantly unlike has ever been done. Johnny brought the pocket style here and Peyton took it to the next level. Something all colts fans should be ecstatic about. One stat that Brady doesn't have vs peyton is 4 SB appearances with a different head coach. As we have seen how important having the right coach is to win it all, the fact they peyton just so happened to be coached by these coaches and still made it, unlike any other player, says more about an individual player, than team accolades. This just rubs me the wrong way when people automatically put Brady first because he has 6 rings. "We" (some of us on the beards) were just talking about coaches and Bill being the GOAT. Who could argue? Not me. But I have no doubt that Bill carried these teams more so than anyone else in NE. But do I believe Brady could take 4 different coaches to the SB? No. If you compare the stats, it is close to the other elite QBs. Which means special traits should be what brings certain players above the rest. So what are these QBs special traits beyond what you have through practice? If you remember correctly, fans on these forums were starting to grumble about Dungys lack of success towards the end of his career. He just so happened to retire relatively soon after the grumbling began. Dungy was great Bill is better. How can people call a HC the greatest of all time, and then turn around and act like NE doesn't have that and say Brady is also the greatest using the exact same stat for both men to make that point...? I have seen Brady a fair share during the last 15 years, and he doesn't exude special qualities beyond knowing his system to a T, and executing it extremely well. He has the arm, and accuracy we have seen in many many QBs in this league for the last 25 years. We just saw what a scheme like theirs has done with Andrew. It has made him a better player. I have seen every one of peyton's games since 2003, and there was no one else like him around. Presnap like a genius, the quickest release kept and inept line from being completely horrible past 2008. In preparation (if you have seen the documentary on peyton you've seen a look into how he prepares) it was from passion. Being able to play uptempo non-stop for almost his entire career. He was the einstein of football. If you want to get really in depth and truly find out, you would have to compare every player, every positions stats Colts vs Patriots and see who had the better supporting cast. I think some people forget just how horrible the Colts defense was on a consistent basis through the 2000s.
  19. It would seem irsay has struck gold with the current colts front office. All these things coming together like they have. The colts just seem superbowl bound. Theres a feeling inside the organization that is overflowing into the stands.
  20. No one saw McDaniels backing out. Absolutely no one saw that coming. Now that it has happened, I hate the Patriots even more. But we still didnt see it coming. Maybe should have. So I wouldnt include this in his list of faults. The entire NFL was caught off guard by this. Made pretty big news for a few weeks.
  21. Getting tired of the praise QBs get for SB wins or appearances. Completely disrespectful to the rest of the staff and players. A QB should be measured by what he does on and off the field. What do his stats look like? How is he pre-snap? What is his pocket awareness like? How accurate is he? How many turnovers does he have? Yards, and scores? Dont give me the whole "QBs get more blame and fame" statement. Wilson never gets blamed for throwing an INT to end the SB. That completely and utterly falls on the HC. This is why I wont say Brady is the GOAT. The only argument made is he has more rings. There arent a lot of stats to back up him being the greatest or anyone for that matter. Besides. You cant say someone is the greatest until the NFL ends its reign in sports. When there is no more NFL, or players to play it, then we can talk about the GOAT. Because it is a stat of all time, afterall. It takes a great QB, a great GM and great HC, to pull off a dynasty. New England has done so. They are all great together. That doesn't mean Brady is the goat or Bill is the goat. Without each other, none of which would have happened. Would you bet on it?
  22. The play calling was less than stellar. Should have been a run heavy offensive game plan. Abandon the run and you need a healthy TY who had a bum ankle. In that situation it makes it easier to defend Ebron also. We needed a run game and when we committed to it towards the end of the game you saw a glimpse of what could have happened that game.
  23. Colts O and D hung around 10th in the league last year so I'm not upset. They haven't even proved anything to their fans. I want to see if Frank Riech can learn from his mistakes. For too long it seemed pagano did the same thing over and over and until Riech proves he can adapt I am skeptical but SUPER excited at the same time.
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