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  1. Didn't he outperform Josh Norman according to pff? Thought I saw that posted somewhere,I could be wrong though.
  2. Does anyone know where we are currently cap wise? A little off topic but haven't seen any updated numbers for a while. We should have quite a bit to spend next season or the year after.
  3. Jensen is gone,let's hope for Pugh at this point. Any Cam Flemming would be a nice addition as well.
  4. So does this signing mean we don't take Chubb if he's available? Do we take Barkley if he's there or trade back?
  5. We will onky sign mid level free agents then probably trade out if the #3 pick and take both of buffalos 1st s well as their second and 3rd round picks. At this point it seems pretty tempting.
  6. Add a draft like this plus what we could spend in free agency. Woukd definitely rebuild this team in a year.
  7. His contract was up so it's not like McDaniel's is taking him. Id assume he chose to leave.
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