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  1. I got a minor medical procedure tomorrow got to wear Colts apparel for my good luck

    1. Nadine


      Good Luck!

    2. alawai


      Thanks Nadine,

    3. NFLfan


      Hope all went well with your procedure. Stay safe!

  2. I remember running to the bathroom when the commercials came on but now I watch the commercials and use the bathroom during the game.

    1. Gramz


      Same here!

  3. Kung Hee Fat Choy!

  4. I would go for a buffet myself! A Sunday brunch with prime rib, pulled pork, smoked brisket and champagne! Sorry no crustaceans because of allergic reaction!
  5. Lol! Silly answer. If that happens then QB Kelly would be demoted to the PS and the Forum would go nuts!
  6. One prerequisite to be on list you needed your name starting with “J”. Lol!
  7. Yes it hurts but after the swearing, finger pointing, second guessing and throwing the remote at the TV I’m still a Colts fan! I’ve been blue before many of you were born and I will always be blue! I think many of you share my thoughts/sentiments. Let’s not do anything irrational but keep The Blue!
  8. Bummers!  My boss lady, the queen of the house said it’s time for me to downsize.  No no not dieting but my Colts apparel.  I admit I have couple shirts that still have the sales tag and some I haven’t worn in years!  Bummers got to decide.  At least I get to keep my memorabilia.

  9. Sorry coltsva but my priorities are the Colts. I understand what you’re saying but I’m taking a week off and spending over $1500.00, it is all about the Colts. I also understand doing other things. Yes I timed it and did WWE, Pacers, Beer Fest, NCAA, River Walk, Speedway but this is a Colts Forum and I’m venting on the Colts not my other activities. Yes what about arriving at other sites? Yes I did Midway through South Bend (TD Jesus and Golden Dome) And Lafayette. Checked and Indy was busy that Friday we stayed in Lafayette for boxing. Did Louisville and Ali Museum, Louisville Slugger, Churchill Downs and timed it with the Bortles/Bridgewater game. Also a UI BB game and visited the gym where Hoosiers was filmed. Yes we/I timed many of the trips to involve other activities. This is not against you but I’d appreciate any other sightseeing trips I could do. Maybe northern Indiana to indulge in Amish pastries and possibly Santa Claus because of the name and I was told I may have extended family there. Lol! No I didn’t buy your tickets but to understand my love for the Colts I was a long distance season ticket holder but lost $$ on the resale. Thanks again coltsva and no ill will intended
  10. Do I get a refund? I expected a professional game/attitude from my Colts (I don’t give a darn about the Dolfins). I love my Colts I’ve been blue before dirt was discovered. I spend over $1500.00 for flights, lodgings, meals, taxi and incidentals to attend a game twice a year. I know that isn’t very much but it adds up. Now I’m not complaining about the cost but I at least expect a game. As a former college player, coach/referee (Parks/Rec. yes from Tiny Tots to Sr. Citizens), volunteer at VB/BaskB camp I will not blame the players. I may not know the various X/O’s or technique but I’d like to think I know the game or sports in general...The players were ill prepared! I blame the coaches and GM. Ok that’s enough venting. That was my second game of the season hope to see/meet up with other fans next season. Oh the Cheerleaders were fine and I did enjoy the culinary experience. Besides the game I did not care for the cold weather. Lol!
  11. Indy here I am!  Luckily I brought my thermal swimwear!  It’s a little chilly.

  12. It’s gonna be a cold this weekend!

  13. Packing my undies and will be flying/driving in for my second game. Unfortunately Rebar (pour your own) closed its door but there’s a bar and restaurant on every block in Indy! That’s not counting the hotel bar/restaurants.
  14. Game on TV!  Got to get up bright and early!  Go Colts!

  15. alawai

    San Diego

    We ended at BJ in Hazard Center. Again thanks guys
  16. alawai

    San Diego

    Thanks Z but I’m in Old Town but will be checking out places.
  17. alawai

    San Diego

    Thanks guys. I’m on a short vacation here so just checking out places to go.
  18. Any recommended bar/restaurant to watch the game on Sunday?
  19. 1. Tree? Was it the first tree on the left or first tree on the right? 2. The electric fence is for opponents.
  20. Darn you’re right there’s no one in line even in 10 items or less express line!
  21. Lol! l’ll be walking around but seats in Section LR, Row K, Seat B. For the inquiring minds - LR=living room, K=kitchen and B=bathroom and forget the seat number!
  22. Attended the home opener last weekend so won’t be at the Lucas. If the game is televised locally/national game I’ll be sitting on my sofa. If not I’ll be at the bar. GO COLTS!
  23. Indy here I am!

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    2. southwest1


      You must be INDY's good :clover: charm because whenever you attend a game live the Colts win buddy. 


      I think Jim Irsay should fly in for every home game at a bare minimum. Works 4 me.

    3. alawai


      Yup love that idea!

    4. southwest1


      I'm telling ya man. If you would have been at LOS on Sunday, the Raiders would not have won alawai. 


      Not scientific proof of anything concrete I know, but I like that theory & I'm sticking to it. 

  24. Thanks LO but any tidbits of information would be appreciated.
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