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  1. Lot of trades this year. Funny how the Colts traded because they did not believe that Mac Jones would fall to them....and his picked only at 32 hahhah
  2. Hey man. I started college last year so haven't had much time to scout, if at all . Who would imagine medicine is hard right? Thanks for remenbering me. Hope you guys have a lot o fun.
  3. Brady slightly touched in the toe.... *flags flying around* (did not happen today yet...but we all know is true)
  4. Well...guess we can be happy for Bruce Arians at least.....and Joe Haeg too
  5. True. I hope the show happens before the end of 2024 tho...I really don't think is happening this year
  6. I wish they would come to Brasil one day...all I got is a Metallica show that has been postponed more than a years because of the pandemic. Unfortunately I don't see they ever coming here...not in the forseeable future at least
  7. This is my dream WE'RE ALL LIVING IN AMERIKA......AMERIKA...
  8. Honestly....just It's unreal the calls that happen everytime that this certain player is on the field
  9. Isn't round 4 day 3 though? Day 1 = round 1. Day 2 = round 2 and 3. Day 3 = round 4-7.
  10. I think are going to sign the future MVP Taylor Heinicke and win the SB. (Just kidding btw, but I really wonder if he will have a chance on a QB needy team)
  11. Same. My happiness level is certainly lower than it would be if I were watching, but it's still high though hahahah
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