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  1. Yeah I noticed it. But in that moment you really just punt the ball, as you said. Spending a timeout an not getting it done is not a good look, I tell you that.
  2. Why a timeout on a 4th and 7? Really...and it was our awsome QB who called it also....SMH
  3. I don't know if your talking about me (I almost sure you are not, since I haven't posted anything today), but yeah....that was a Hell of a play! I think we are in good hands afterall. PS: is there another brazilian dude here? I haven't noticed anybody else....
  4. THE CLOOOOOOWWWWN damn zebras took the fun away from the TD man......
  5. Let's GO. Huge game, great game. We're on to some fun today, let's enjoy this battle and celebrate the W in the end of it. We need to win this. GO . The CLOWN it's about to return and crush them...
  6. Marlon Mack 29 ATT 132 YDS 4.6 AVG What a game by him a the O-line....hahahahhahah I'm so happy right now and can't wait to se Chloe freak out heheh LET'S GO....make that college paper for tomorow (acctually today here in Brazil) morning.
  7. Shout out to the defense (may I say WALL) today. WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO
  9. It's up to the D now...I believe in the pick 6 by Autry...I believe
  10. Never doubted this team...not for one second. hahah Let's win this game COME ON.
  11. Ha...that's funny. And yeah, basing on your Franchise Brisset is going to be better than 'the one that shall not be named anymore' Keep 'em coming... I'll look forward to the results
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