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  1. Also wacthing Lawrence and Fields now, should be a really good game, and this guys should should put on a show. Next year this is gonna be the battle for the 1st overall pick.
  2. Wacthed a part of LSU vs OU. We know how it went. The things is...Burrow had like 8 Tds, 7 passing (lost the end of the game, might be more), but most of them were to open recievers, and he had a ton of time. I fell like I wasn't as impressed as I should be with his performance. My question is, for those of you who like to scout and follow prospects, how good is Burrow really? I know he's about to be the first pick, but he ain't a Luck or Elway tipe prospect right?
  3. Another option for us, and if he's taken before our pick...he has made another good player available, because he was taken in his place. So it's good for us.
  4. You felt sorry for them, and 5 hours later another cheating scandall came out... Lesson of the day: Never feel sorry for the Patriots.
  5. I hope not but.... If there is anybody that I'd want breaking Peyton's record is Brees...Just don't let that guy be Brady. Also, Brees is another guy that is an AMAZING playes but rarely had the team...and when he had the team last year the refs made sure to not let him go to de Super Bowl. All time passing leader, soon to be all time TDs thrown leader, highest completion percentage in carrer...he's another example showing that rings do not show the greatness of a player...looking at his carrer he should have more than one.
  6. Guess you could say that they went back to the good ol' days with this strategy. And guess what will happen? Yeah that's right...and the biggest cheater in history (or at least the biggest to get caught) will be a first ballot hall of famer, with 8 rings in his hands (2 with the giants)
  7. And, just for the record, if I were a NFL team I'd never, NEVER, let a patriots cameraman enter my stadium...that is just too ingenuous...
  8. What I find funny is...they got caught on Bengals vs Browns...Bengals vs Browns...The ones who manage this supposed cheating must be like " "
  9. let's re-visit this in 61 years... If you got it right, I'll change my avatar lol
  10. well...That's unfortunete. Hope this guy stays healthy next season, but gosh...we cannot seem to catch a break can we? Fountain, Funchess, Campbell, Hilton, Rodgers, Ebron, and I feel like I'm forgeting someone...all out of the season (but TY, but it may be better for him to go to IR too) We will definetly need a WR high next draft, cause our recieving corps ain't looking good now and won't in the future it seems.
  11. HAHAHAAH Way to go with the brazilian meme
  12. Watch him come back next season to kick one single time for the 600... Seriously though, no player scored more points then him and there's no one even close. He's the best and the clutchest to ever kick a ball in the history of the universe. Maybe even better than Pelé, and this is a brazilian speaking. Wish a happy life for the old, but still young man.
  13. Yeah I noticed it. But in that moment you really just punt the ball, as you said. Spending a timeout an not getting it done is not a good look, I tell you that.
  14. Why a timeout on a 4th and 7? Really...and it was our awsome QB who called it also....SMH
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