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  1. Marlon Mack 29 ATT 132 YDS 4.6 AVG What a game by him a the O-line....hahahahhahah I'm so happy right now and can't wait to se Chloe freak out heheh LET'S GO....make that college paper for tomorow (acctually today here in Brazil) morning.
  2. Shout out to the defense (may I say WALL) today. WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO
  4. It's up to the D now...I believe in the pick 6 by Autry...I believe
  5. Never doubted this team...not for one second. hahah Let's win this game COME ON.
  6. Ha...that's funny. And yeah, basing on your Franchise Brisset is going to be better than 'the one that shall not be named anymore' Keep 'em coming... I'll look forward to the results
  7. Thanks for sharing it man... and yeah....I also remenber where I was that day...watching the game at my parents bedroom, in my 13th anniversary. I left all my friends that were at my house that day to watch the game...It was worth it haha. Never going to forget that 4th of january.
  8. That would be a really hard situation to handle. Honestly I have no idea of what I'd do. It would depend a lot on how Brisett looked in game and if I trusted him to do it again, how he played in late game situations, against the better teams. I'd be inclined to go on with Luck 'cause he can be the best in this league, but on the other hand, I'd have to ponder what would happen if he got injured again...would he retire once and for all? Would he try and come back again? ... Sumarizing....I wrote all this to say I wouldn't know what to do. But still...I think my questionings would be the same of all of us.
  9. Just came here to leave my "what the heck"...and that's it. Didn't see it coming...still going to be cheering for the colts but that was a punch in the gut for this team. I'm sure he has his reasons...He was my favourite player, it was actually because of him that I started watching footbal, 'cause of the comeback he led in week 4 of 2012 against the Packers, first time I ever tuned in an Football game... And now he is retiring...What can I do...I'm thankful for that comeback in 2012 'cause that was what got me into this wonderful game, and getting into this game made me learn english (even though I have a lot of progress to make haha), made me happy and sometimes sad...but again...What can I do... I will just keep cheering for this team, smiling when we win, getting a little sad when we lose. I know this season feels lost and the future of the team feels uncertain...but I don't care, I follow this game for fun and that is what I'll keep having... GO
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