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  1. Thanks LO but any tidbits of information would be appreciated.
  2. I have a few hats but wife keeps saying, that’s too much toss a few out! She also says that of my t-shirt collection. I admit I had a few shirts and I still have a dresser drawer full of Colts shirt. Lol! I made a deal with her, I’ll rid my dresser of shirts if she makes a quilt out of it. She did and now I have a quilt made with shirts but my dresser is still full!
  3. Indy 500!  As a little kid I’d get up at 0 dark thirty to listen to the Indy 500.  Yes listen on my transitor radio with the black leather casing. No live TV but tape delay.  With a little luck got stationed at Ft. Knox and made it to the 500!  Good times!

    1. southwest1


      Cool trip down memory lane there. There's no other medium like radio; the 1 on 1 intimacy of it between broadcaster & listener. Okay, maybe modern day podcasts fit into that category as well I suppose. 


      It's the closest thing the world has to Fireside chats man. Nice. Thanks for sharing alawai. :hat:


  4. Lol! From Colts football to epicurean delights!
  5. Yes a friend of mine was a HS swimmer and competitive surfer and felt at ease in the water. He joined the Navy and during the swim test he killed it and was selected to enter the Seals training. He dropped out because he said it wasn’t for him. Did he have ice in his veins, yes he did but being a Seal just wasn’t for him. As being a cross between a professor and a hitman, he served in Nam and was a decoder. He sat in a locked hut or shipping container with a armed guard (he also had a piece) and on free time he volunteered to run with the riverboats delivering supplies. Yes as tough/good/smart as he was, being a Navy Seal wasn’t for him. I joked with him that I’d go to war with him but if he was a Seal I’d feel safer. Moral of the story, no matter how big, strong, smart, talented you are you still need the “IT” factor. Thanks Harry for your service.
  6. In my formative years I thought soldiers were nuts to be Special Forces but now being a retired vet. I’ve changed, it takes a special breed to be Special Forces! That goes with anyone being successful, it takes a special breed. You need the all the physical, mental, social and physiological traits that one can muster up! You can’t stand in formation and say I’ll be successful. You got to put in the work and Mr. Decker is here to see if one has the qualities to be an NFL player.
  7. Lol! Many, many, centuries ago as waiter I served several stars. There was an older gentleman with his wife, nice couple, very unassuming but pleasant. He signed the check to his room and I gave it to the cashier. That’s when I noticed the name. I grabbed the check from the cashier and ran back to the dining room. All the old timers will know him, I said are you the old lefty and do I need to pray for rain? He looked at me and laughed, yes Warren Spahn! He was very nice and after a few minutes of small talk I said yes I’m a baseball fan but Mr. Spahn I liked you better in Hogan’s Hero’s. He laughed and shook my hand. Nice guy. No I don’t remember the tip and I forgot to get an autograph! Darn I’m showing my age!
  8. I also tell my son don’t bother them especially if they’re with family and/or eating. Son and I were at a game and walking the pregame festivities. We walked into a hotel, son turned the corner and sat down. As I walked in two guys walked past and I recognized them. I tapped on the window to tell my son, he jumped up and ran out but the two had already gone on the cart headed for the pregame taping. Son came and he’s following them to get an autograph. I said I’m tired and I’ll sit here at the hotel. About 15 minutes later I look outside and he’s getting his picture taken with the two- Gruden and Terico. He said what had happened was they wouldn’t do autographs probably because of the crowd so my son returned. As he was ready to enter the hotel he heard noises (cart) so he stepped aside. As they got off son asked for an autograph and they replied no problem. The cart driver said hey I’ll do one better and take your picture.... Son is an autograph seeker and also has Jason Kidd’s autograph on his HS yearbook. You won’t believe this but my son said one of the nicest guy was Deion Sanders!
  9. Take care big guy. Enjoy the journey! The road is long with many a winding turn....
  10. I’m also a looooong distance Colts fan. I had season tickets for about 3/4 years but took a beating on the unsold tickets. I was lucky and met some great fans and was able to secure/buy their unused tickets. Yes it’s a problem being a long distance fan.
  11. My favorite “F” words are FREEDOM 2. FOOD 3. FRIDAY 4.......

    1. alawai


      Lol!  Oops forgot football and fan forum!

  12. Heck some would do a double NO/Ditka and trade two draft years for Sup.
  13. Thanks again people on your insights on draftees. I don’t study films as many of you but after getting the names I go to my draft magazines to review the players. Lol! It’s also beyond my mental capacity to follow the draft board point system. Hey I’m a proud product of public education. Lol! Thanks again people. Oh I don’t think CB will trade picks unless it absolutely blows him away. Again thanks people
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