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  1. I will let my user name speak for itself.
  2. I usually come in with a board of around 50-75 players that I know and like at different levels of the draft. This year i only got about 30, and I think I have 1 left on the list.
  3. That was why I wasnt sure if I had the time. I havent had the time to get into my tape study as much as previous years, so I figured id be playing blind for a good chunk of this. Been going surprisingly well, but my knowledge of this draft class is about to fall off a cliff hard. Lol
  4. I will dig into some tape this weekend and come up with something hopefully.
  5. Im basically out of prospects that im familiar with, so its gonna get interesting next week.
  6. I think doing half a round a night would help with that though. If it isnt every night that you HAVE to be there, the fatigue wont hit as hard. With the old format the fatigue hit because of having to constantly keep an eye how far away your pick was, so you were always following along every day just in case people all of a sudden sped up. I think only having to show up for a 20-30 min period every 2nd day would help.
  7. I prefer this format to what we normally do, as it is easier to plan ahead and its less likely I get caught up with work like I do midday. That being said my picks usually come with a longish write up, so i find myself scrambling at times to get it up in time if my pick gets sniped. I think even 10 minute time periods would be acceptable in the future. Do half a round an evening. Gives a bit more time for trades for those that like to do them (not that I trade much). Overall im for this format tho.
  8. With the 133rd pick of the 2021 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Olaijah Griffin USC CB If there is one trait the Saints love in their DBs it is aggressiveness. Griffin is aggressive to the point that it can hurt his game at times. He has some work to do to refine his skills, but he could be a solid pickup for New Orleans down the road.
  9. Nice pick. He was at or near the top of my list at this point
  10. With the 105th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Patrick Jones II, EDGE, Pittsburgh I might get a little flack for reaching on this one, but I see a lot of potential in this kid. His hand usage isnt great and I think that has been the biggest detriment to his game. That is something that can be coached, and having Cameron Jordan (one of the best in the business) to learn off of doesnt hurt. While he does rely a lot on getting off the snap quickly and exploding past his guy, he does seem to have some pass rush moves, which would need to be refine
  11. With the 98th pick in the 2021 Draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Dyami Brown, WR, North Carolina. Saints pick up a nice young burner who can take the top off the defense. Brown hopefully takes over the spot left open by Emmanuel Sanders. Now that Brees has retired, Sean Payton can open up the deep passing game a bit more with Hill/Winston. This pick helps keep that threat ever present in defensive coordinators minds.
  12. Yah so far both picks have been players I had zero expectation of being on the board for my pick. Everything coming together nicely.
  13. New Orleans Saints select: Nick Bolton MISSOURI LB Last mock I managed to get CB Greg Newsome at this pick (which seems crazy now that he fell that far) but my other 2nd rounder was LB Dylan Moses. This time I go for the physical LB in Bolton, who can start on the outside and eventually take over for Demario Davis down the road.
  14. Well consider it your lucky day. I was 100% taking Asante Samuel Jr. Lol
  15. Hey guys. So sorry I missed my pick but I got an emergency call and had to hurry into work. Gimme like 5 min.
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