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  1. My reply was meant to be in jest but the thought of losing AC doesnt exactly help the mood im in, haha.
  2. Suh didnt lead anyone to anything. One of the biggest knocks on him is that he is and has always been about himself first and foremost. He is not a "team first" guy, or a leader of men. Those are the qualities that Ballard is looking for, especially in his high paid veterans. If we paid that same 9.25m that it took to get Suh to sign with TB hed be our 6th most expensive player this year. That goes against everything Ballard has been preaching since day 1. If we start like we did last yr, Suh will stop trying, just like he did in Miami, and he will sit back and complain about the team. Which might rub off on our young guys, as they see this kind of behaviour being tolerated by our coaches and even rewarded by our front office as hes one of the highest paid players on the team. We could just cut him and take the cap hit to avoid internal issues, but that potentially opens up another can of worms. Everything Ballard (and the team as a whole) does is seen by every other player/agent in the league. All they see is an aging but productive veteran player being tossed out the door midseason. That may effect the chances of us winning over other free agents down the road, as they dont want to be kicked to curb at the first sign of trouble. If a free agent is picking between 2 teams who both check all their boxes and offer about the same money, something like that could be the deciding factor. Kelly, on the other hand, is given zero guaranteed money and is essentially on a tryout to win a practice squad position, with possibly a shot at a backup qb job a year from now. There isnt a person in the Colts building that doesnt understand that he is a 1 in a million reclamation project that is on extremely thin ice. But if it doesnt happen, we cut him and lose nothing. You are comparing apples to oranges.
  3. Sure he did well on a top team that went all the way to the superbowl, but lets say we start off slow and are 1-3 after 4 weeks. You confident that he will be giving 100% and not complaining?? That same story I posted above seems to have the most obvious answer: "It’s not right or fair to say Suh was a bad apple. Well, in 2015 he was a bad apple. No one in the Dolphins building liked him. In 2016, he got better. And in 2017 he worked toward being better still. But at his core, Suh is about ... Suh. So when something was not ideal for him, he checked into 2015 mode and left the better 2017 version Suh behind." Id be very worried about bringing in a player that will only "buy in" if things are going exactly the way he wants them to, especially with a young team that was fairly inconsistent last yr.
  4. This article is from last offseason. https://www.miamiherald.com/sports/spt-columns-blogs/armando-salguero/article204707034.html "But it’s also because Suh was a fine individual player who was never really a team guy as far as the Dolphins were concerned" "But they struggled because too often the individuals played for themselves instead of with each other. And the most prominent individualist on the Dolphins defense? Ndamukong Suh." Its not so much about him being a dirty player or a locker room issue, its that he doesnt fit our teams culture, which seems to be one of the biggest criteria to Ballard. He keeps talking about "team first guys that can buy in to what we are doing". That is 100% not Suh. Suh signing here would be the exact opposite of everything Ballard has been preaching since the day he walked in and I just dont see it happening.
  5. I will probably stop in for the first chunk of the 1st round, but if my broadcast is a bit behind the ones you guys are watching I will probably duck out just before our pick.
  6. Ballard even had a comment in his predraft presser about being patient with young players and letting them develop before judging them and casting them aside. My thoughts immediately went to our WR group. Ballard might stick with what he has and trust the process of development from his coaching staff, unless something falls into his lap this weekend. He wont force it.
  7. That 2nd HOU game is gonna be a tough one. On the Road, on a short week? Might be the toughest game on the schedule for us.
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