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  1. Hed be a player wed have to move around situationally. Play the SAM OLB, play a little DE in pass rush situations, even a bit at MLB potentially. He hasnt been great in coverage, but hes better than average for a 4-3 DE, so there is also potential to line him up at DE and drop him into coverage on a zone blitz play. It all comes down to how much he wants, but I have a feeling the number Ballard has on him will be lower than he wants.
  2. 2017- Calais Campbell on the Jags. 25 sacks in the last 2 seasons.
  3. SaturdayAllDay

    SB ratings hit a 10 year low

    Apparently Tv views were down but Streaming numbers were up 31%, according to a tweet from Irsay yesterday.
  4. SaturdayAllDay

    Colts trading up

    Most of us on here use the pick value chart that is said to be the approximate blueprint for trading picks. Of course there are other variables to consider (depends who is on the board and what both GMs feel is worth it to get/not get the players on the top of their list). Chart can be found here (with our picks and their values highlighted): Also its worth noting that when calculating future picks into the equation, their point value is usually counted as mid round pick of the round after it. So our first rounder next yr would have the same point value as the 48th pick in this draft (420 points). Hope that helps you figure out what kind of deal it could theoretically take!!
  5. SaturdayAllDay

    SB Patriots Rams Predictions

    I think this graphic shows with irrefutable proof who will win
  6. SaturdayAllDay

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    I definitely dont think hes worse, but its worth noting that AB has been going to TO for advice. That seems a bit worrisome.
  7. SaturdayAllDay

    Yet Another Reason To Change The OT Rule

    Not advocating this myself but it seemed relevant. Thought I'd share.
  8. CFL has been reviewing PI calls for a few years now and it seems to not be an issue. Follows similar rules for challenges, in that it usually has to be obvious to overturn the original call. If its called PI on the field it has to be obvious that it wasnt to overturn it, and vice versa.
  9. SaturdayAllDay

    Teambuilding and Tanking: Colts Edition

    Not only would it cheat the fans, but it influences veteran players seeking new contracts on other teams as well as free agents potentially coming tou your team later. If you have a ton of recent tape of your team getting killed every week (or no tape at all becaused you were benched for a rookie) it will lower your value on the open market. Good luck getting decent free agents if all the players (or more importantly, their agents) believe that you will bench them when the going gets tough, potentially tanking their value for their next contract. That doesnt even touch on the possibility of those draft picks you tanked for leaving immediately after their rookie deal because that same agent who represented those vets during the tank represents the draft picks as well and convinces them to move on for fear of their market value being tanked down the line as well.
  10. SaturdayAllDay

    Why do teams 'script' plays?

    This is my understanding of scripts, what I was taught throughout my life playing football, what I have used it for as a coach, and what I assume it would be used for at a professional level based on what I know. There maybe other reasons and things I am missing but this is probably a good starting point. As far as I know, the game script is typically used for 3 main reasons. The first is that they get a chance to see how the defense reacts to a handful of different looks and situations, which helps give coaches a chance to see what the defense has gameplanned against them, and how best to beat what they are doing. The second reason that scripts are used are to show certain looks to the defense so that they key in on these looks. They do this so that they can exploit it later by adding a different wrinkle into the play. Example: over the course of the first 10 plays, the Colts run a couple quick hitches to Hilton which he takes for moderate gains. The defense then starts looking for that Hitch route from that formation and a well timed pump fake causes them to bite on what they think is another Hitch, but is actually a Hitch and Go route, giving Hilton a huge gain and potentially a touchdown. The third reason as to why a script could be used has less to do with schemes and more to do with getting a young or struggling QB some easy plays to build up their confidence and/or get them into a good rhythm to start the game. Using scripted plays gives the QB lots of reps in those specific plays during the week and has them better prepared to make the correct reads, as they can try it many times against a bunch of different defensive looks (zone, man, blitz, etc) The 15 number you hear is really just an average. Depending on the game plan and the coach it will differ anywhere from 8 to about 20 plays. Also the script can be abandoned at any time based on what they see, as they could have found a way to exploit the defense after only 9 plays when they scripted 16, but even then they ususally stick with it to see what other concepts are going to work (or they can decide to do a few plays off script and then go back to it). They typically wouldnt abandon the script early if things werent working, as the script often has a bunch of different things they want to try to do. If play #2 was an INT on a play where the 1st read was a Wheel Route to Hines out of the backfield, it wont have much bearing on play #3 in the script, which has a crossing route to Hilton as the 1st read. That being said, they may decide that play #2 didnt work, so they may skip it if it was repeated later in the script (if it is also play #8 and play #13). Hopefully this info helps your understanding. Lmk if you have questions and I will answer to the best of my ability.
  11. SaturdayAllDay

    Welcome back Erik Swoope

    "The NFL has tweaked its rules for practice squad eligibility in recent years. In 2014, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to a rule that expanded the practice squad roster limits from eight to 10 players. In addition, teams previously were allowed just two of the 10 practice squad spots to be filled by players who had two or more years of experience on an NFL roster. Now, that number has been increased to four players." Per this link
  12. SaturdayAllDay

    What are you guys using now?

    There are some vids linked already but the list could definitely be updated with more 2018 film. Hoping that will come together as the offseason approaches.
  13. SaturdayAllDay

    What are you guys using now?

    I havent really started up my in depth scouting this year, but last year there was a guy on Reddit (CalhounLambeau) who stepped up and essentially made a spreadsheet version of Draft Breakdown. His 2019 list on a Google Doc can be found here: Not quite as good as Draft Breakdown, but the closest I came as far as an alternative.
  14. SaturdayAllDay

    2019 1st round pick

    These next 2 games without Al Woods could very well show whether or not we need more investment in the DT position.
  15. SaturdayAllDay

    Al Woods to IR

    I am excited to see how the young guys step up in Woods absence. That will be the position I watch all day on defense this week. But I would be very excited to see the Colts get a first round gem at NT to add to that rotation for next yr.