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  1. We have 21 players hitting free agency, 8 of which were 2020 starters (and that isnt counting the 2 starters we just lost to retirement). We also have to at start looking at extending Leonard, Smith and Nelson (among others). We are currently sitting at ~65M as per Overthecap. That money isnt going to go as far as people seem to think.
  2. Its actually very easy to say he is better than Chad Kelly. One played in the NFL this season. The other didnt. He was overpaid as a backup for 1 season. That season is over. Dollars being the same, who are the 12 guys you have ahead of him. Id say I have at most 5, and most of them are former starters in this league. Here is the list of backups going into this season: https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-backup-quarterback-rankings-where-do-rookies-slot-in Tua and Herbert are replaced by Fitzpatrick and Taylor as they were displaced as starters.
  3. I say we go with Tyrod Taylor instead of Fitz. With Taylors luck, he will miss a game and Lance will blow up and steal his spot. Both Baker and Herbert ended up starting earlier than planned because of him. Might as well see if we can make it happen for us
  4. When did you post? If it was during the game, that is against the forum rules.
  5. I say bring him in if we can. Chances are he doesnt amount to anything, but might as well roll the dice and see what happens with a full offseason. Maybe being cut from WAS is the push he needed to get his act together. Worst case scenario we cut him in Sept. Would be hard to find a better 4th QB id think. As long as we have other pieces in place and arent relying on him to be our savior then I cant really see a downside to bringing him in.
  6. 60M unfortunately isn't going to get us very far when we have as many players set to walk away as we do now. 22 players, 8 of which are current starters (9 if not for Macks injury), are set to be free agents. Sure we can spend 35M on a QB, but with 10M needed for rookies and in season roster churning cash, that leaves us with 15M to sign Hilton, Houston, Autry, Muhammed, Walker, Rhodes, Allie-Cox, Pascal and the half dozen other solid contributors to our team. We dont have the draft capital to replace all that talent. I think the thought is to keep as much talent as we can on the roster
  7. IIRC Pat McAfee still lives in Indy.......
  8. No im pretty sure its Kenton Keith they are talking about. He was a big deal in the CFL for the SK Roughriders and a lot of those fans jumped on the Colts band wagon when he came down.
  9. With the 203rd pick, the New Orleans Saints select: CB Stanford Samuels III, Florida State @Archer and the Pats are on the clock.
  10. This is more an opinion piece then a ranking. Its a list based on who you would rather want as a QB option going forward, taking into account not only talent but age and contract. There are still a few weird decisions on the list though.
  11. Hey guys, sorry I got really busy at work literally 10 min before I was on the clock. My top 5 all got snagged since I was last on yesterday aft. Will up my list to a top 10 for the next pick.
  12. With the 88th pick in the 2020 draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Jordan Brooks, LB, Texas Tech. @NFLfan and the Vikings are on the clock.
  13. Given McCarthys offensive history, I wouldnt say TE is as big an issue to him. My vote would be Dugger
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