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  1. To further your point, some people had the opinion that the offense looked better with Hurts in the game. I agree that is mainly due to him tucking the ball and running, because here we are in the age of the "mobile" quarterback. There were countless times that Wentz ended up trying to call his own plays to compensate for Pederson's vanilla scheme and a banged up front. Combine that with receivers who can't get open (assuming they are even on the same page), and it's just an all around disaster.
  2. That's also a good point to bring up about some of the question marks surrounding that whole dynamic concerning Pederson. He was Andy Reid's guy. Reid was his QB coach in Green Bay. Pederson was coaching High School when Reid hired him for his first NFL coaching gig in Philly. When Reid went to KC, Pederson followed him. This was Pederson's first gig in the NFL not under Reid. When he was hired in Philly, he retained a lot of the assistants from Kelly's team. He relied on others to vet his coaching staff out for him, and he as even attested as much himself. When he had to kind of s
  3. This would be a better move than signing Watt, or Miller. Despite his age he's been productive and reliable. He's also had 2 years with Eberflus and is just a better scheme fit.
  4. If they can work in more of an RPO offense to start him back up, it might not be a bad idea. That was worked into Philly's offense during their Super Bowl run and it helped build Foles' confidence. Defenses are more used to it now but it might be a good base point. One of his issues this year in particular were crossing throws that ran right to left. He's got to be very committed to getting better at working his lead foot leftward. That's always been an issue with his mechanics, but he had it under control in '17 and completely regressed by the end of '20. If they can design some more concepts
  5. This is holding the ball too long... Carson Wentz's main issue right now is his footwork. I will almost say it is his only issue. He doesn't have as quick of a throwing motion as say Rodgers or Brady but it's not slow either. It is his footwork. The first thing he needs to have in order to correct that is to get comfortable with the offense. Time to throw the ball helps too. But he absolutely must work on getting his lead toe pointed in the correct direction. He had this down well in 2017, but he hasn't lately. You can see an example of that here at 0:25.
  6. Cosell is a really good analyst. One of, if not the best in the business. He never offers up conjecture, just film and Xs and Os. As a result he's a little dry but he always comes off with really good technical insight.
  7. Pederson's coaching style kind of unraveled as well I think. Wentz was on his 3rd offensive coordinator by that point. Pederson does have an NFL background but look past the whole Wentz situation and at another example, like when Pederson benched Hurts in Week 17 with the game in the balance. You have a guy playing well and getting experience in a playoff-like atmosphere as the clear cut #2 and heir apparent should they be moving on from Wentz being benched for the practice squad guy. If that's any indication of how the general climate was organizationally I can see why things were so sour in
  8. Boss move. Come in there with some swagger. I mean this generation gets worked up over little stuff like that now but they brought this guy in to lead this football team. Then when someone asks him about it he can just say, "Well that's how many points we score when I throw a touchdown pass." Then again, you hope it doesn't lead to another butt fumble...
  9. Well to be fair last year he was suspended. Yeah he's had issues with injuries, I agree. But the point I was trying to make is so has Watkins and he's not been shopped around like Watkins. The other thing is, barring that suspension Fuller would have easily had a 1,000 yard season and was responsible for 38 first downs last year without much else around him. Watkins is at best a 3rd option on his team and hasn't really shown much in the way of progress since his 2nd season in Buffalo.
  10. I do not agree with the philosophy that it is solely dependent upon QB play to produce a Lombardi trophy. Again, Philadelphia in 2017. Wentz was playing at an MVP level before getting hurt and the team won their first title with Nick Foles. That's not possible without a solid overall team performance. Look no further than Super Bowl LV for another example of this. Mahomes is an MVP caliber QB and was unable to repeat as champion because even with the weapons he has at his disposal, the offensive line play was subpar in that game to say the least. The team that won that game did so because of a
  11. I thought about Watkins for a minute myself. He hasn't been healthy for most of his career though. For that money why not take Fuller on a squeeze type of "check your head" deal. That probably won't happen though. Agholor is an interesting fit if he can keep his eyes on the ball before he tries going downfield as is Marvin Jones, even at his age.
  12. Even Mahomes isn't going to push the ball 50 yards downfield if he has to run for his life. Both of them can still make some crazy good throws though. I think you might be setting the bar a bit low. This throw shows his arm strength so the comparison to Harbaugh is fair, but when Harbaugh went to Chicago they did nothing to get people around him. Same exact problem, so in that context I think you're setting the bar way too low on Wentz.
  13. Yes. Not a guy you can ask to do too much, especially if defenses can cheat and crowd the middle but that is a fair point.
  14. You make great points all around. I get the Wentz-Agholor connection. It's really not a bad play if he can start looking the ball into his hands. That and those two only had that one year under Reich, but who knows. That could be the kind of reunion he needs to get just a little more disciplined. Kind of like.. hey you remember this? It proves to me you're thinking about the all around picture. The only reason I also suggested looking at Jones is because he's still hungry and could benefit in a similar way to a change of scenery from playing in two of the three worst dumpsters in the NFL.
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