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  1. Pittsburgh's defense is top flight man. It's their oline that is the issue with that team. That defense won a lot of games for them last year too. Personally, I gotta go with Tennessee. Green Bay is a very close second.
  2. I'd be a lot more worried about the offensive line than the coach. The Seattle Secondary almost looked like the Legion of Boom because they didn't have to cover much of anything, and points were at a premium as a result.
  3. Who cares? I mean really it's sour grapes to me. Just worry about what you are doing. That just tells me Philly is still trash. Focus on your job. If everyone does their job nobody can stop you, especially not at the NFL level. Wentz has already taken way too much heat for the dumpster fire in Philly. To me they are turning into the Jaggs real quick. 2 Gs!!! Seriously.
  4. I see a high scoring game, but it's a tight over on this one. I always avoid betting until like week 2 or 3. Not gonna go out on a limb here but I think Hines will be a big factor for the Colts.
  5. Don't want to crosspost, but I agree 100% and said the same thing on this forum after I broke down the Detroit game.
  6. If he can hold on to the ball. He did look better in the Detroit game though.
  7. That RB room is so stacked right now, but I personally would love him on my team. Although, that brain fart blindside block after a ridiculously weak taunting call kinda shows me the refs are seeing this dude as a brawler, which again I personally love. Not sure how the front office will handle that.
  8. Giving up big plays and not being able to get off the field on 3rd down are huge concerns for me. A select few has shown that they can create big plays/turnovers and wrap people up but everyone on that defense needs to be able to tackle effectively.
  9. Outside of a handful of players, the tackling on defense needs to improve drastically. The cuts the Colts will make at RB look better than most of the RB room in Pittsburgh I think this can also be said for the LB room to a much lesser extent, but those that get cut will find jobs. Strachan is not going to make the team based on special teams play. Ballard should be looking for a swing tackle like, yesterday.
  10. The only thing in terms of coaching I will touch on here is Red Zone in the Detroit game. Again this is me just watching film after the fact, but two RZ drives in a row we are taking shots from essentially the 20 on 2nd down. Maybe Reich didn't think it was there otherwise and dialed up what he did based on whatever else was on the field in those down and distance situations. I get it, but we have also seen Eason command some very long and methodical drives from deep in Colts territory until they get to the Red Zone. The question marks there about why you don't try to get that 1st & Goal kinda had me well, not just scratching my head but like REALLY? Eason in my opinion in the Red Zone could be freaking amazing if you scheme for the slant in those situations. I could not understand why you don't try to set him up for a slant in a goal to go situation.
  11. He looked like a different player after his sack in the Minnesota game. He also looked a heck of a lot better on running plays. He was beating people inside. Basically, in terms of my opinion of the progression I had seen, it was the polar opposite of watching Banogu on the same side. Paye was wrapping people up and pushing out for a gap on the inside before cutting in so he didn't give up the edge. Love what I saw in the Detroit game purely from a technical standpoint.
  12. Would not have drafted him as high as he went. I was honestly more interested in Hubbard if Pittsburgh didn't land Harris.
  13. I think they have a legit chance to do just that. I'm goin on gut here because I don't break down film of the Titans. It almost feels like to me they went into rebuild mode for some reason. I mean how long are they gonna ride Henry? In my opinion he should get a gold jacket one day. I could never understand why he sat as long as he did. There are so many nuances to this discussion it's difficult to navigate with Tennessee. Now what does make sense in some form or fashion is the length of his contract. What doesn't make sense to me is the Bud Dupree signing, and then letting your downfield threats go elsewhere. I feel like if the Colts secondary can get their heads around how to Zone defense they are in a good spot to win that game, especially with Leonard calling the defense.
  14. I just do my best to watch film and I give an opinion based on what I see. I will listen to the narratives that are out there but I do my best to form my own opinion. I am not always right, I'm not always wrong either.
  15. Yeah man I wouldn't worry too much about the Seattle game either. LA is gonna be a different story though, so how do you prepare for that game. Sit everyone to make 100% sure ur good to go with no reps? IDK man. Gonna be a rough stretch.
  16. One of the reasons why I follow the Colts as closely now as I have been. Well run organization from top to bottom. He's stealin some of Colbert's thunder, and for good reason IMO.
  17. Bro I'm not tryna crosspost and derail the thread but that was the best Radio platform going. Also topics from ESPN FORUM: How to Merge into traffic? Turn on your left directional signal.... lol That's why they shut it down. Why are there green stickers on the back of the QBs head? It means there is a receiver in the helmet. LOL. I remember those days all too well. I live the discussions we have here. Lot of smart, passionate football people. Good stuff.
  18. This is one of the last hold outs of public NFL forums. ESPN shut their forum down years ago. I think that is a good thing.
  19. I agree man. I think in that second game you could see the fire lit under his butt. Might be too little too late though.
  20. I also like what Patmon potentially brings in at the slot, particularly with chipping on the edge on Play Action. But, a lot of people have a lot of valid reasons why he won't be a 7th WR.
  21. Those are my thoughts. It's not and indictment against Patmon as much as it is the depth the Colts are working with at the position. More than likely they are going to have 4 guys that get cut, which is steep. I thought he looked really good in that first game, particularly in the running game. Even if he does get slotted on the PS, I can see someone giving him a job, although downing a punt isn't something that will get him fantasy points (lol), it shows hustle and brings a dimension to ST that is highly understated. He's brought that same kind of effort on most of the plays I've looked at film of him. The other thing about that is, we all say returning punts is a great way to carve out a spot on the roster. Well, bottom line is that is flashier and more exciting than downing a punt, but being able to take away a punt return is just as important in my view.
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