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  1. W - @Jags W - Vikings W - Jets L - @Bears L - @Browns W - Bengals W - @Lions W - Ravens L - @Titans W - Packers W - Titans L - @Texas L - @Raiders W - Texans L - @Steelers W - Jaguars 10-6
  2. I’m all for brining in Clowney. Maybe he hasn’t lived up to the hype of being the number 1 pick in the draft but I believe the Colts would be a better team with him. He can play inside and outside. Can you imagine a 3rd and long pass rush with Houston, Clowney, Buckner and Turay?? Sign me up!
  3. Assume Vinny is out. Bring in Zuerlein to compete with McLaughlin? Bad year last year but big leg and indoors for 8 games.
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