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  1. Ballard has said that he's not going to throw money at non-blue chip assets. Now who he considers blue chip is beyond me, however I don't necessarily think what he did last year is the same approach he'll take this year. Last year was a massive turnover of the roster. You can't sign that many guys without looking for smart, "non splash" deals. While there are still holes to fill this year, it's not the huge void that existed last year. Ballard has stressed, younger and faster since day 1 and there are some young (Norwell/A-Rob) talents out there that may fit this criteria. I'd love to see the Colts sign one of these 2 players (particularly Robinson given the lack of WR on the current roster). Ballard likely won't be spending money on older veterans who's best years are behind them (ie. Grigson) however in the rare cases where young talents like Norwell/Robinson become available, he may very likely make a play. Either way, I really trust Ballard (what other choice do I have lol). All of this IMO of course.
  2. jblastick

    Tyrod Taylor News (as it relates to the Colts)

    I think you’re spot on. Yes there are plenty of QB options at 4 but they’re not interchangeable parts. There is a ton of due diligence done on these players and they come up with a hierarchy. If the Browns LOVE a QB they’re not going to chance it. Trading Kizer almost makes it a sure thing they go QB in round 1. Let him sit while Tyrod plays a year or 2. Makes me think Allen as he’s probably the least pro ready.
  3. They're not far away especially if Luck returns. The secondary should be very good: Wilson, Melvin, Geathers and Hooker with Hairston, Desir, Moore and Farley backing up. The D-line should be better with Anderson's return and a possible blue chip (Chubb). If Ballard turns over the roster in the same manner he did last year. good things can happen. As far as having a defense that can hold a lead, having an offense that can maintain drives late in games will help that defense immensely. IMHO of cousre
  4. I really don’t think Ballard will have the chance to take Barkley. Giants could very well nab him at 2. I don’t believe these QB’s are “generational” type QB’s. Eli will play a couple more years and I can’t see the Giants taking a player that high to sit on the bench on the heels of a 3-13 season. IMHO
  5. So does anybody have the ID number for Irsay's plane? Want to use flight tracker to see if it flies down to Tuscaloosa tomorrow.
  6. jblastick

    Name your Dark Horse HC for Colts in 2018

    This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw the news that TB wasn’t making a change.
  7. I just read through the article briefly but didn’t see anything about him wanting nothing to do with the Colts. Was that reported somewhere else?
  8. jblastick

    Winning out

    Let me preface this by saying I’m the eternal optimist however let’s look at these last 6 games and see if there are any “sure” losses: 11/26 Titans: fully expect the Colts to win this game. Titans offense isn’t dynamic enough and the colts have been playing much better. Chance of winning 75%. 12/3 Jags; jags d is legit but O is suspect. Last game was an anomaly. Chance of winning 49% 12/10 Bills: Bills are a dumpster fire. What we were earlier this year. Another subpar offense. Chance of winning 60% 12/14 Broncos: see Bills. Broncos are hot garbage. Another bad offense. Chance of winning 85% 12/23 Ravens: there’s a theme here. Ravens offense is not good. Chance of winning 55% 12/30 Texans: Tom Savage. Chance of winning 85% the Colts have flaws no doubt but they definitely seem to be trending the right direction. Don’t really think any team left on the schedule has the capability of blowing us out. Few of the teams are trending downward (Bills, Texans, Broncos). Toughest game left is Jax IMO. Of course what’ll happen is that at 3:30 CST this Sunday, the Titans will walk of the field of Lucas Oil triumphant and this post will be the Scott Tolzien of posts. Watch every game with the hope they win (with the exception of game 16 in 2011 against Jax). I️ cheer every 1st down and positive play the Colts make. Just in my DNA. Cheers!
  9. jblastick

    Do you think Luck will play in week 2?

    5th or 6th game. I'll be optimistic and say the Colts go 3-2 without him (wins against Rams, Browns and 49ers). Too much doom and gloom lately. Flame away but I'm just trying to stay positive as the season is ready to start. Don't want to accept the fate many have assigned to us. Hope I'm right!