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  1. Now that the schedule is out just curious if anybody will be making any road trips to see our boys. We decided to do Miami this year. Got tix, airfare, hotel and rental car (convertible lol). Gonna be a long wait but beyond excited to have it all booked. Any trips planned by anybody else here? Cheers!
  2. W - @Jags W - Vikings W - Jets L - @Bears L - @Browns W - Bengals W - @Lions W - Ravens L - @Titans W - Packers W - Titans L - @Texas L - @Raiders W - Texans L - @Steelers W - Jaguars 10-6
  3. I’m all for brining in Clowney. Maybe he hasn’t lived up to the hype of being the number 1 pick in the draft but I believe the Colts would be a better team with him. He can play inside and outside. Can you imagine a 3rd and long pass rush with Houston, Clowney, Buckner and Turay?? Sign me up!
  4. Assume Vinny is out. Bring in Zuerlein to compete with McLaughlin? Bad year last year but big leg and indoors for 8 games.
  5. Great thoughtful post. Appreciate the time you spent putting this together. Only question I have is drafting a TE at 34 if we sign Henry.
  6. Ah crap yep. My fault. Forgot about Parris. Carry on fellow Colts fans lol
  7. Not sure why I just thought of this but I just realized Ballard hasn’t selected an offensive skill position player in the first 3 rounds in any of his three drafts. Understand this is not a criticism. Just hit me and I thought it was interesting.
  8. The defense has holes no doubt but we’ve got Turay coming back who was outstanding before he got hurt. Rock really should be better, maybe Ballard spends big on a young D-line player (he’s on record saying it’s a position that needs an upgrade) and remember that a good offense that moves the ball more consistently will help the defense by keeping them off the field. This tends to get overlooked. Got to get that QB situation fixed and that will indirectly improve the D. The defense has holes no doubt but we’ve got Turay coming back who was outstanding before he got hurt. Rock reall
  9. Yeah not sure either but he’s 31 so he’s got several years left in a window of opportunity for us to win. If Ballard loves a guy in the draft than that works too. Obviously it all comes down to what Ballard and his team considers a good fit. As long as the position is addressed this offseason I’m good. It’s January 8th and a long way away from roster moves happening. I need something to talk about lol.
  10. My initial reaction to Rivers was “no” given his poor 2019. I looked at his 2019 game by game numbers and his QB rating in games where he threw 30 or less passes was pretty damn good. With our running attack I would hope he wouldn’t have to throw more than 30 times very often. I’m in for a 2 year deal for Rivers and draft the QB of the future.
  11. No intel here but on the chance the Lions are looking QB at 4. Thoughts on trading for Stafford assuming he’s fully healthy? He’s only 31 and this would allow the Colts to draft other positions of need (DT/WR) with their earlier picks. I don’t think he’s cost us pick 13. Sucks we’re in this position. QB purgatory is not fun at all folks.
  12. What big name should he have signed? Before you say Landon Collins you may want to see his numbers this past season. How’d the Jets do signing those big names?
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