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  1. WR The Big Names Julio Jones - The Falcons need a major roster reset. They just fired their head coach, and they'll be picking in the top 10 which means they're going to start shipping out some of their veteran players. The problem is, his price tag will be too high, he's owed $61.5 million through 2023. This is a hard pass for me because of the price tag. JuJu Smith Schuster - With the emergence of Chase Claypool (Yeah I know, Colts fans wanted Ballard to draft him), JuJu has found himself not getting involved with the offense. He's i
  2. If not during the season definitely during the offseason. The Jets are on their way to Trevor Lawrence land and they need all the draft capital they can get. Imagine the things Frank can do with Darnold.
  3. Having no offseason mini camp, OTAs, and preseason games really hurt Eason. Not that he was a slam dunk to be our franchise Quarterback anyway. The league knew he was a project, scouts knew he was a project, and Ballard knew he was a project. You just can't throw in a rookie project Quarterback and expect him to become solid. I'm thinking its more likely than not Sam Darnold will be a Colt either this year or in the offseason. The Jets and Colts have a business history of making deals and Darnold needs to get out of New York asap. I was watching that Broncos and Jets game before he
  4. Pat Freiermuth in round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft. Watching tape on this guy, he reminds me of Kelce, and his route running is better than people think. Ballard has to consider drafting him if he's there in the 20-30 range. Whoever our next Quarterback is he needs a reliable Tight End.
  5. I keep hearing about Eason's arm strength but what about his other attributes? Remember,Jay Cutler was praised for his arm strength coming out of Vanderbilt and how did that turn out?
  6. Every time he throws the ball I cringe. The leash should be really short.
  7. Vs Bengals - Darius Leonard will be back and AC hopefully will be as well. I've seen enough of LaRaven Clark. Even if AC doesn't suit up the Colts still win this game. @ Lions - Another winnable game on the road. Reinforcements should be back (Pittman and Turay). Colts win this one! vs Baltimore - This will be a tough game but the recipe for beating Lamar is keeping him in the pocket and getting pressure on him. Close game but the Colts win this one by 3 points. @ Titans - Thursday Night Football division game. Colts went 1-1 against the Titans last year
  8. Ryan Clark, Colin Cowherd, Dan Orlovsky, all grilled Rivers earlier in separate tweets. Even Zak Keefer grilled him, when he said he didn't agree with Reich on Rivers doing good things today. What I saw today from Rivers today is an old Quarterback who's arm has diminished. The throw to Doyle that could've been a 1st down was a poorly thrown ball. The two interceptions were * poor throws and there was a throw to TY that he threw low and and was incomplete. Where do the Colts go from here with their QB situation? Jacoby is not an option, so anyone who says Frank needs to put him in just stop. E
  9. Taylor has to have a breakout game at some point.
  10. The Browns almost let the Cowboys come back on them. This is going to be a tough game but our defense holds them to 17 points. 28-17 Colts. Rivers throws for 2 TDs and JT rushes for 110 and 2 TDs.
  11. This guy reminds me of Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas back in the legion of boom days. To come back from his injury and produce like he has, tells you this kid is tough, motivated, and a hard hitting ball hawk. Shout out to Ballard for drafting him!
  12. Trey Lance isn't getting drafted in the top 10.
  13. You guys want Wentz but not Prescott?
  14. After speculation about Jordan Love last year I'm not buying it. Most likely, Dodds was there to scout North Dakota State's Left Tackle Dillon Radunz. Many scouts say he will go in the 1st round. Gotta be looking at AC's replacement.
  15. You guys keep hating on Dak Prescott. He had another solid game today despite his defense letting him down.
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