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  1. Von Miller broke him in Super Bowl 50. Before then he was an above average Quarterback.
  2. It's too little of a sample size to be making a case on Johnson. Pascal has been really impressive this season. Colts fan wanted him cut for Cain. Ballard should still be looking for receivers in free agency and in the draft.
  3. A true franchise Quarterback would've led his team to a game winning drive. That ball he threw to Jack was so far behind Jack that he needed two extra arms to catch it. Look at how many times Andrew lead us to game winning victories. Jacoby doesn't have the talent to do that.
  4. No he is going to be the 1st Quarterback off the board. If the Bengals don't take Burrow then the Dolphins will.
  5. Now I can get down with a draft like this. I did a mock before on this forum with Gross-Matos and I like Collin Johnson. I can see him as a Jimmy Graham type TE; when Jimmy Graham was with the Saints. Put Prince at Right Tackle and move Braden to his natural Guard position. LT: AC LG: Big Q C: Kellz RG: Braden RT: Prince
  6. Reminds me of when Colts fans wanted Roquan Smith over Maniac. Maniac: GP - 24 Solo - 165 Ast - 80 Total - 265 Int - 4 Sack - 12.0 Roquan: GP - 27 Solo - 154 Ast - 66 Total - 220 Int - 2 Sack - 7.0
  7. Chad Kelly didn't even get a chance when Jacoby was out. That tells you everything you need to know about Reich using him. Win or lose, they're going to ride out the season with Jacoby,
  8. Me like many others on this forum, and Colts fans all over had high hopes for this team this season. First the news about Andrew, and now our playoff hopes rest at a 10% chance. I look around at the rest of the AFC and it's a very competitive conference this year; so competitive that a loss this time of the season is brutal. This team is 2-4 against the Texans, Titans, Steelers, and Raiders. Teams who are in the playoff hunt. Asking a team to win out and having 4 other teams lose out who three of those teams play each other is asking for too much. As far as Jacoby goes, the future is uncertain with him. The best case scenario for Jacoby is Ballard gives him another chance next season, say this season is a lost because of injuries, let him get fully healthy, draft sign some receivers, and get him some more weapons. Ballard should still draft a Quarterback and have him compete with Brissett in camp. Hang in there Colts fans better days are coming!
  9. I don't think that's accurate. Come on now, a 29 year old senior? lol. I just watched some tape on this guy. He has a great arm, great downfield vision, he can scramble out the pocket, quick and elusive. He looks more NFL ready than Jordan Love in my opinion.
  10. More like "hold your breath" Our RB1 WR1 are out of the lineup. Our WR2 hasn't seen the field since week 3.
  11. I'm going to defend Chris Ballard here. Looking at the free agent wide receivers list for 2019 there is only one having a solid season John Brown. Funchess was a gamble that hasn't worked out. I'm not going to bash Ballard for taking a gamble on Funchess. When you sign a free agent either it works out or it doesn't. I would seriously take a look at signing Robby Anderson or Nelson Agholor this offseason. Amari Cooper is likely to get tagged and AJ Green is 33 hasn't seen the field this season. There is also the possibility of bringing back Funchess.
  12. Hunter Henry or Keenan Allen. Other than those two, I don't want anyone else on the Chargers who is an offensive player.
  13. You have to ask yourself this, does Ebron want to come back? He was on Twitter months back liking "to the Panthers" tweets from Panthers fans who want him to come to the Panthers. Also, throwing Frank under the bus in the media for not giving him the ball.
  14. Brown will be gone before pick 22 I guarantee it. Javon Kinlaw is a fall back opinion if Brown is gone. The rest of your draft I like especially Aiyuk. I don't follow much PAC 12 football but his tape looks solid.
  15. I would too, but injuries have always been a question with him. I'm starting to wonder if that torn ACL injury really messed up his career. He's not even close to the same Quarterback he was before he tore it in 2017.
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