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  1. I'm hearing two reports on when the Colts expect Fisher back. Keefer reported the Colts expect him to be back at the end of training camp and early September. Ian reported early October. If Fisher is back by early September the start of the season that is huge news.
  2. All Pro and Pro Bowler. He's the next Khalil Mack in my opinion Caleb Farley (Titans)
  3. The Colts have $22M in cap space for 2021 but any extension they hand out won’t apply against 2021 cap. They have $90M in projected 2022 cap space. Braden and Maniac will cost about $35M combined. They have $22M in 2021 to spend on LT plus $55M in 2022 with the Quarterback, Defensive Line, Linebacker and Offensive Line basically set. This doesn't include rollover money. Marvell is coming back after sitting out the season due to Covid and I'm not ready to give up on Rock yet. Potentially, Ballard won't be in a position to draft Stingley or Elam because he might not have a 1st round
  4. Jim Ayello reported Eric Fisher's visit with the Colts went well. I'm not looking too much into he left without a contract. If Ballard and company feels he could be ready by September, and his physical checks out great, they will sign him. When healthy, Fisher is a much better Tackle than Leno no question.
  5. Charles Leno Jr was just released by the Chicago Bears. Former 7th round pick, started 93 consecutive games for the Bears. This player confuses me, PFF rated him 87.0 in pass blocking but he gave up 5 sacks in 2020 and gets penalized a lot.
  6. USA Today is a joke. Ballard proves these doubters and critics wrong EVERY SINGLE YEAR.
  7. Gregg Doyel, making asinine takes for clicks and responses.
  8. I know people might think he won’t do anything in the NFL but look at it this way: He had a solid pro day and measured really good. Also, he’s 6’5 228 and fast!! He just has to get off the line of scrimmage quicker and run better routes.
  9. You have to be kidding me. That’s ludicrous money for a 32 year old Tackle.
  10. Brevin Jordan did not test well thats why he's falling in the draft.
  11. I heard Alejandro Villanueva is signing with the Ravens so that leaves Eric Fisher out there. I just can't see a scenario where Tevi or Davenport start at LT or Big Q moves to LT. Maybe Ballard is high on those men. I knew once Cosmi and Radunz were gone Ballard just said F it and doubled down on DE. Something he said in the conference yesterday after the 1st round really interested me. He said "None of the them were prototypical left tackles" When Ballard says something you better believe it. I just read an article that stated Fisher could be back by late august from his achilles
  12. I came on this forum to see if any Colts fans wouldn't be whining and complaining about the pick like the ones on Twitter and I see more of the same. Look, Ben and Komoko had their chance and they haven't lived up to expectations. One of them might not even make the roster and I have no problem with this pick. An Achilles injury usually takes 6 months to heal. Dayo said he's 3 months into his rehab. Add 3 more months, and he could be ready by August/September. Ballard has to be eying Eric Fisher for the LT position. I can't see them moving Big Q to LT or starting Tevi or Da
  13. Age is a primary factor that determines who Ballard signs. One of the reasons why he hasn't brought back Justin Houston.
  14. Its not my video, its a video I came across on YouTube. The audio sounds a little chopped up but I could understand the uploader.
  15. I think this is one of the best mocks I've seen online. Love the Cosmi, Campbell, St Brown, and Jordan Smith Picks. Luke Farrell could become a solid TE in the NFL if he works on some things but he's a solid blocker. Dazz Newsome is a baller. Mod Edit: 29. Samuel Cosmi | OT, Texas 60. Tyson Campbell | CB, Georgia 70 Amon-Ra St. Brown | WR, USC 96 Jordan Smith | EDGE, UAB 165 Dazz Newsome | WR, North Carolina 239 Luke Farrell | TE, Ohio State 253 Joshua Kaindoh | EDGE, Florida There were a couple trades, but I'm
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