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  1. In some of those highlights, he looked like a LB/S hybrid. He sure does tackle like a LB/S and the guy is huge. When I first saw him I thought he was at least 6'2. The COVID-19 outbreak has really put teams in a bind of getting medicals from these prospects. Walter Football has him in the 3-4 range while others have him going mid 2nd round.
  2. If Ballard trades up its going to be for Jordan Love. I just can't see Ballard giving up draft capital for one player when Anthony Gordon will be sitting there in round 3.
  3. Bryce Hall is worth a look in the later rounds of the Draft. Hall is a 6'1 202 pound cornerback out of Virginia with 32 1/4 inch arms. He just screams a Ballard type CB. He didn't do any drills at the combine due to a season ending injury he suffered last season. Another receiver turned CB just like Trevon Diggs. If Ballard wants to spend the first few picks of the 2nd round on offense, Hall is worth a look in the later rounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GNxn-seKk0
  4. How with no mobility? Frank is just trying to make him forget about the team signing Rivers which of course he wasn't happy about.
  5. I love Claypool, but not at pick #34. He's more of a mid 2nd early 3rd round pick in my opinion. Mims, Higgins, Justin Jefferson, and Reagor all could be there at 34.
  6. I love Gordon more than Eason to be honest. Everyone wants Higgins over Mims but Higgins problem is he can't separate. We have enough receivers who can't separate from coverage on this team.
  7. If I'm Ballard, I'm taking a long hard look at Bryce Hall out of Virginia in the later rounds. Didn't do any drills at the combine because of a season ending ankle injury he suffered last season. Could be worth a look in round 4 because I think he'll be there in round 4.
  8. Yannick has been a lot more consistent in his career than Clowney. Also, Yannick stays on the field.
  9. Not according to what I read on Walter Football today. They have him going in the 3-4 range.
  10. I just mocked Kmet in three of my mocks but I like Hopkins and Trautman as well.
  11. The NFL draft is 3 weeks away and I just decided to make all 3 of my mocks in one post. Most of these are based on needs of course and where I think players will fall come draft day. Mock A RD2 Pick 34: Trevon Diggs CB Alabama - With Xavier Rhodes on prove it deal Diggs would be a great pickup to potentially replace him if Rhodes struggles in 2020. Diggs is a former WR turned CB who has a great skills set and speed to excel as a CB at the next level. Matter in a fact, plug him in day one and let him go to work opposite Rhodes. RD2 Pick 44: Chase Claypool WR Norte Dame - A lot of people were surprised to see him run a 4.42 at the combine. The only knock is his route running but man he is a red zone threat. This team needs a red zone receiving threat. RD3 Pick 75: Anthony Gordon QB Washington State - I love this dude's tape. His quick release and ability to step up in the pocket reminds me a lot of Aaron Rodgers. Let him sit behind Rivers for a real. Nick and Frank will love to work with this kid. RD4 Pick 122: Ezra Cleveland OT Boise State - I like Cleveland's upside however, he doesn't fire his hands into defenders and he lets defenders come to him. He has some techniques he has to work on in order to start in NFL. RD5 Pick 160: Jr Reed S Georgia - Hooker is a soon to be free agent. This guy could be his replacement. RD6 Pick 193: Michael Onwenu G Michigan - With development, he could be our right guard of the future. RD6 Pick 197: Michael Warren RB Michigan - Give Rivers a Sproles type back who can catch it out of the backfield Mock B RD2 Pick 34: Denzel Mims WR Baylor - Great size, great hands, great route runner all the intangibles you want in a receiver at the next level. RD2 Pick 44: Cole Kmet TE - We know Rivers loves his Tight Ends and Kmet would be great in our offense. RD3 Pick 75: Anthony Gordon QB Washington - (See mock A) RD4 Pick 122: Bryce Hall CB Virginia - I hope he falls to 122. RD5 Pick 160: Lucas Niang OT TCU - A first round talent, but his work ethic is in question thats why I have him falling. RD6 Pick 193: Michael Onwenu G - (See mock A) R6 Pick 197: Michael Warren RB Cincinnati - (See mock A) Mock C RD2 Pick 34: Jordan Love QB Utah State - Now I know most would say there is no way Love falls to 34 but recent mocks I've seen had him being drafted at the top of the 2nd round. The fact the Colts are still in touch with him tells me that they still like him. RD2: Pick 44 Cole Kmet TE Norte Dame - (See mocks A and B) RD3 Pick 75: Reggie Robinson CB Tulsa - Ran a 4.44 at the combine. With Rhodes on a prove it deal we need corners. Could be a sleeper pick. RD4 Pick 122: Donovan Peoples Jones WR Michigan - He would be drafted much higher if Michigan had a Quarterback last season. Shea Patterson prevented this guy from being a higher pick. A big bodied receiver who is a red zone threat. RD5 Pick 160: Lucas Niang OT TCU - (See mock B) RD6 Pick 193: Michael Onwenu G Michigan (See mocks A and B) RD6 Pick 197: Michael Warren RB Cincinnati (See mocks A and B) Some would ask why didn't I mock a pass rusher. I think Ballard is done drafting pass rushers for the time being. Guys like Banogu, Turay, and yes even Lewis are going to have to develop. That doesn't happen overnight and Turay showed some flashes before his injury.
  12. No thanks! His cap hit, history of concussions, and being a small receiver are all the reasons to pass on him. This team needs a 6'3 6'4 big body receiver who can go up and catch Rivers 50/50 balls. Thats why it made perfect sense to bring back Funchess.
  13. Eason was never a first round pick. Pre or post combine. Teams love him because of his strong arm but there is really nothing else about him to go crazy and reach for him over. AJ Epenesa - Epenesa is falling to the second round. Had a weak combine, nothing special about him, and he looks like a 6 sack a year guy. Does teams really want to spend a mid first round pick on a 6 sack a year guy? Josh Jones - A guy who has all the talent but just needs to put it together. Some scouts say, he's better suited as a guard. But get this guy to work on his technique and he can be a great LT. Tee Higgins - Because he can't separate.
  14. He can't get separation, and his route running is not something to wow about either. Thats his sole highlight, catching 50/50 contested catches. If it comes down to Higgins or Mims at 34 I prefer Mims. Look at that catch at the 0:20 timestamp that Mims made; it was absolutely incredible.
  15. There’s not much left on the free agent market as far as wide receivers go. Taylor Gabriel, Chester Rodgers, Demaryius Thomas, Rasheed Higgins, Josh Gordon, Tavon Austin, Chris Hogan, Jermaine Kearney, Dontrelle Inman, Demarcus Robinson. Demarcus Robinson is an interesting name. Ballard knows him, and he’s only 25.
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