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  1. I have a question for everyone on this post. Does anyone think think Xavien Howard is worth more than what he is currently getting paid? Yes he signed a 4 year deal, but he's outplayed that deal. His base salary is $12 million, Byron Jones his teammate's base salary is $16 million. How is Byron Jones worth more than Howard? Tua is still on his rookie deal, and so are their other rookies and 2 year players. Miami can't rework this man's deal knowing they don't have to pay their other guys 3-4 years from now. Guys like Wilkins, Tua, Waddle, etc are still on rookie contracts. I'm not trying to argue here. If a player deserves to be paid accordingly then he should be paid. Also, its not like Howard is 31-32 years old. He's in the prime of his career.
  2. You can throw that 1st round pick out the window if Wentz plays 75% of his snaps this season, or he plays 70% of his snaps and we make the playoffs.. There is absolutely NO WAY Wentz doesn't reach those percentages this season with this offensive line and team around him. There is nothing guaranteed in the NFL I know.
  3. Would you be crying if you were a 1st team All Pro CB who is grossly underpaid? It's not about being pampered, its about earning your money in this league. That is what he has done.
  4. Says he's not valued or respected by the Dolphins organization. Xavien Howard was a 1st team All Pro CB in 2020. This would be huge if the Dolphins indeed trade him. 1. It removes a top 3 CB in the NFL from their defense, 2. They don't have anyone in house to replace him, 3. I believe the price tag will be high to acquire him. Before anyone says Ballard should trade for him; giving him a new contract would be tough given all the contracts Ballard has to give his own players. Also, minimal draft capital to acquire him. Goes to show you, some organizations are not run properly. Why wouldn't you take care of your All Pro corner who is in the prime of his career?
  5. $18 million a year is top 5 RT money in my opinion. Braden should get paid accordingly whether you want to pay him that much or not. The cap number is going up each year anyway so why should this be an issue? Let's say Ballard can get him to lower his asking price. 4 year $52 million, $13 million per, $40 million guaranteed. In my opinion, that is a more cap friendly deal. I really don't like the idea of $18 million a year for a RT but it is what it is. Ballard said from day one he was going to build this team up front on both sides. He's done a solid job at it.
  6. I prefer to keep Mack, and I don't see Ballard trading him. Now Wilkins could be the odd man out although that isn't a for sure thing either. Mack is a 1000 + yard back when he stays on the field.
  7. Sounds like he wants to be the highest paid receiver in the NFL. I don't see how they retain him given their cap situation for next year.
  8. Imagine if this guy hits the open market what type of contract he would demand. It’s not Ballard’s style to go out and pay big money for free agents. He pays his own guys first. So I’m gonna go out and say there’s about a 2% chance of him coming to the Colts.
  9. As you know, I got on PFF about Leonard before and you corrected me on it. I have no problem with this list though given how JT started out last season. He could easily crack the top 10 if he has a great sophomore season which I think he will.
  10. I just got a notification on my iPhone this morning saying Richard Sherman attempted suicide in this case. Not only do we have a DV case, the guy is suicidal as well.
  11. The coaches love Granson and his speed. Go watch tape on him at SMU and see how great he is at running routes and racking up those yac yards. He’s not the prototypical TE as far as size goes but he makes it up with speed and his great hands.
  12. From what I'm hearing, the 49ers have offered a 5th or 6th round pick for him. If the Patriots are asking for more than that for him then its a no for me. Harry was a productive player at Arizona State but I didn't think he was a slam dunk 1st round pick. Deebo Samuel, AJ Brown, and DK Metcalf were all drafted after him and have been productive players so far in their careers.
  13. 100% agree. This is Turay and Banogu's year to prove they belong on this team moving forward.
  14. Do you think Ballard would be interested in trading for him? 23 years old, but he hasn't put it together in the NFL yet. I find it odd he had a 38.5 vertical jump at the combine the same as Jimmy Graham and ran a 4.53 but hasn't put it together in the NFL in two seasons. To be fair, he did play with Brady for 1 season and Cam Newton last season.
  15. Those 4th place Eagles predictions are accurate.
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