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  1. Goff's situation in LA isn't the same as Wentz's situation in Philly. The Rams have given Goff Sean Mcvay, Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp, Van Jefferson, Tyler Higbee, and Cam Akers. Oh not to mention he had Todd Gurley as well and a top 5 defense. If that's not enough to make him a great QB nothing well. Also, to the poster who said Goff would be an upgrade from Rivers. Can you show proof Goff is an upgrade?
  2. Rivers had the same QBR as Mitchell Trubisky. I'm not sorry to say this but we need a lot more at the Quarterback position. I wonder how much of that completion percentage was on short to intermediate throws.
  3. Give me Jackson Carman, Alex Leatherwood, Samuel Cosmi, or Liam Eichenberg.
  4. The starting price tag for DeShaun Watson's services is 2 1st round picks.
  5. Not chop liver, but he's a 4th round project Quarterback with a lot of question marks.
  6. Jameis on a 1 year contract. The issue with Jameis are the interceptions. He has the talent to be a top 5 top 10 QB. Lance opting out in 2020 really hurts his development, and I don't think even with a normal full offseason of OTAs, Mini Camp, Training Camp, Preseason he would be ready.
  7. Ok guys, I've been sitting here thinking what can put this team over the hump and have a deep playoff run, even if we have to say goodbye to some players. I also been thinking what if Trey Lance is another Jordan Love situation where he is projected to go in the top 10-15 but slips in the 1st round. With that being said, a dream scenario would be Lance falls right into Ballard's lap at 21. Let walk Walker - Can easily be replaced, more on that in the free agents portion of this post Mack - With the emergence of JT and Hines this season, our b
  8. I'm not sure Ballard will bring JuJu to our team. If you're going to spend $17 million on a WR spend it on Allen Robinson. He might be the most underrated WR in the league next to TY.
  9. This will only happen if Trey Lance falls to 21. This is one of the best mocks I've seen.
  10. You know what, this wouldn't be such a bad idea. Get him on a cheap deal without giving up draft picks and he's only 26 years old.
  11. Outside of Chark and Robinson they don't have anything offensively and their defense has been terrible since they went to the AFC title game in 2018. Losing culture there in Jacksonville.
  12. Thats insane lol. This would never fly in the NBA or MLB.
  13. I need to see more mobility from. No doubt he has a solid arm, reads his progressions quick, and his a great deep ball but the mobility I just need to see it more. I wouldn't oppose drafting him on day two though. There is also the question will he declare or return for his senior season.
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