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  1. DownHillRunner

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Kendricks was set to make $6 million this year and his cap hit is $7 million. They only have about $322,485 in cap space so I'm guessing that is the reason he was released. 77 tackles last year 2.0 sacks.
  2. Thoughts? Do you think Ballard should bring him in for a visit.
  3. DownHillRunner

    Richie Incognito back on the market

    A big NO! We are deep at Guard. Why would Ballard sign him when we signed Slauson who's the same type of player as Incognito, 2 years younger than Incognito, and not a A hole like Incognito. Someone mentioned Martin and Luck were friends at Stanford; They sure were probably still are.
  4. DownHillRunner

    Tre Boston & Kenny Vaccaro visiting Colts today

    I'm surprised Kenny Vaccaro and Tre Boston haven't been signed yet. With Hooker coming off a major injury, and Geathers injury history, either one would be a solid pick up. Ballard is building this Roster with depth and I love it; Something that Grigson wasn't able to do. We have the cap space to sign both of these guys.
  5. DownHillRunner

    Trade for Shane Ray!

    Shane Ray can’t play DE in a 4-3 defense. He’s a 3-4 OLB.
  6. DownHillRunner

    Grade the picks!

    Quenton Nelson (A+) Easy grade. The best overall offensive lineman in the draft and a top 5 player coming out of college into the NFL. Mean, rugged, tough, physical, starts day 1. Darius Leonard (A) Went to a small D2 school but that doesn't matter. You know who else went to a small school? Robert Mathis. Remember him? Had a Hall Of Fame career. Leonard can cover on the weak side and TE's. Had over 300+ tackles in his career at SCST. Needs to add some more weight but he's raw. Braden Smith (B+) I thought for sure Ballard was going to go with Josh Jackson right here but I'm not complaining. We need to protect 12 at all costs. Now we have 2 solid guards to go on our offensive line. Nelson and Smith are gonna bring something to our offensive line that hasn't been seen in a long time. Another solid pick. Kemoko Turay (B+) Another solid pick. Turay has upside with a chance to be a solid pass rusher. Needs to work on his bending coming off the Edge though. Tyquan Lewis (C) Good pick. I see him more of a DT in a 4-3 defense. Nyheim Hines (A) Another solid pick by King Ballard. Was the fastest RB at the Combine and reminds me a lot of Dion Lewis. Frank is building a 3 headed RB monster on this team. He also can return kickoffs as well. Daurice Fountain (A+) Another solid pick. We needed to address the WR and Ballard did just that in that draft. This kid reminds me of Martavis Bryant but without all the drama. He will compete with Cain for that number 2 WR job. Jordan Wilkins (B+) Chris Ballard is great at evaluating talent. A Matt Forte type RB who has a chance to be our starter in the future. Needs to work on his pass protection but the size and talent is there. Deon Cain (A+) Excellent pick. Another weapon for 12 to throw to. A deep threat WR who was a steal in the 6th round. I didn't think he was gonna fall to the 6th. Matthew Adams (C+) A hard hitting LB who fits our scheme very well. Zaire Franklin (C-) I know we need to rebuild our LB core but this was a head scratcher. Could've taken a cornerback here. Would've loved Jordan Thomas out of Oklahoma. Overall a solid draft from Chris Ballard and his team.
  7. From what I’ve seen with Ed Oliver, he’s got top 5 pick written all over him. Many scouts say he’s better than Vea, Payne, Bryan, etc and that’s saying a lots. Next year it’s gonna be a defensive loaded draft.
  8. Lewis and Komoko (Love that name) Are solid picks IMO. They’re not reaches.
  9. DownHillRunner

    Bring on Harold Landry!

    16 sack Harold bring him on!
  10. DownHillRunner

    Wow Penny went #27

    Big reach IMO. Many people had him as the 5th best RB in the draft. That was a desperation pick by the Seahawks. Penny is good but not worth a late 1st round pick.
  11. DownHillRunner

    What do we do at edge?

    I agree, this isn’t a great edge class in my opinion. If we miss out on Chubb, I would like Harold Landry but I don’t see him falling to the 2nd round. This guy had 16 sacks a couple years ago. I don’t want Davenport, Key, or Armstrong.
  12. DownHillRunner

    OT Ereck Flowers ?

    If he was any good why would the Giants want to part ways with him? The last thing this team needs right now is another team’s castoffs.
  13. DownHillRunner

    NFL Network's Live Mock Draft

    Landry or Sutton
  14. Dude reminds me of Bryce Harper when he came into MLB. He was cocky and had that me against the world attitude. The New York media can handle that great fit.
  15. DownHillRunner

    Another 7 rd. mock from

    Wow you went WR crazy in this mock bro.