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  1. DownHillRunner

    CR91 FA mock

    I have a question, and think about it very carefully. If Landon Collins were to hit the free agent market, would you rather pay him or Geathers? A guy who’s played 59 games in his NFL career or a guy who’s played 41 games?
  2. I just looked at the wide receiver free agent list and I was wondering, who on this list would you give a contract to? Two names that really stand out to me are Kevin White and Tyrell Williams. Williams is just 26 years old and is going to demand a big contract Kevin White who is also 26, is the Bears 7th overall pick and has been lost in the shadows in Chicago. I wouldn’t mind Ballard giving him a 1 year prove it deal just to him back on his feet to playing like he’s capable of playing. Then there’s the loaded WR draft class. What do you guys think? We need another WR to go along with Cain and TY. Chester Rodgers is a free agent and Ryan Grant is a free agent as well.
  3. Antonio Brown will cost a 1st round draft pick and possibly a 3rd. Yes TY and Antonio Brown grew up together in Florida, but that’s it! Don’t read too much into just because they’re childhood friends Ballard is going to send a boatload of picks to acquire him. This wide receiver draft class is stacked. I’m sure we can find a receiver in round 2. I’m hoping Hakeem Butler falls to the second.
  4. It was 2 years ago and he’s done nothing like this since then. A much ado about nothing situation in my opinion. He is not a repeat offender like Ndamukong Suh or Albert Haynesworth.
  5. DownHillRunner

    Larry Fitzgerald 2019???

    Two words: ANDRE JOHNSON!
  6. If we trade up, it better be one of the Defensive Tackles or a Cornerback. We can get a top notch Wide Receiver in the 2nd round. I hope DK Metcalf or someone like that falls to the 2nd.
  7. The Jaguars had one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL this season. That’s the reason for Fournette’s fall back season. Maybe you’re the one who needs to look stuff up before you reply. As far as age goes, Marlon Mack is younger than Leonard Forunette only by a year and 3 months. That’s not a lot.
  8. This move affects his $7.1 million dollar salary he is set to make in the next two years. If the guarantees are void, the Jaguars can cut the 23 year old running back without repercussions. Do You think Ballard should sign him if he’s cut? Everyone wants Bell and rightfully so. Fournette doesn’t have the resume that Bell has, but he’s younger and Ballard can sign him to a prove it deal and make him earn a new contract. Health is a concern with him though.
  9. I stopped reading when you said $14.9 million per year for Grady Jarrett.
  10. DownHillRunner

    Quinnen Williams

    Wasn’t Vita Vea projected as a top 5 top 10 pick? He slipped all the way to 12. One player I would watch for to slide down is Jeffrey Simmons out of Mississippi State of Oliver, Williams, and Brown come off the board before we pick. Man the SEC has a lot of great interior defensive linemen.
  11. DownHillRunner

    Golden Tate to Colts?

    The only receiver from the Chargers I would want is Keenan Allen. Now that you mentioned it, Allen is 26 too.
  12. DownHillRunner

    My final bid for Khalil Mack

    Any trade involving Khalil Mack would require a 1st round pick to start with. You're talking about one of the top 3 pass rushers DE's in the NFL. I read on Twitter the Raiders were looking for a backup QB. Even though he said he wouldn't do it, I wonder would Ballard consider trading Brissett if he feels confident about Luck's health.
  13. DownHillRunner

    Ballard is not impressing me.....

    This thread seems like a troll bait thread to me. Ballard has been our GM for going on 3 seasons now. Fixing this team is not an overnight fix. He said we have a way to go before we see greatness with this team again. Nelson, Smith, and Leonard have played solid this preseason. Leonard looks like the real deal. A couple of passes he should've had for picks tells me his football instincts are off the charts. As far as Malik Hooker goes, he looked solid last year before his injury. Its way too early in the process to pass judgement on Chris Ballard.
  14. DownHillRunner

    Mychal Kendricks released

    Kendricks was set to make $6 million this year and his cap hit is $7 million. They only have about $322,485 in cap space so I'm guessing that is the reason he was released. 77 tackles last year 2.0 sacks.
  15. Thoughts? Do you think Ballard should bring him in for a visit.