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  1. No other team signed Cam, which tells you everything you need to know about him. In my opinion, he doesn't have much left if anything at all.
  2. The Jets have stated they will not trade him despite his request. It's a no for me. You know who cost Ballard a total of $3 million over 4 years? Julian Blackmon! This kid is going to be better than people think. The Jets are going to want a Khalil Mack type package in return for Adams and Ballard wouldn't even entertain the idea of acquiring him.
  3. You guys have me imagining Sewell right next to Big Q on our offensive line. My goodness, we would have the best offensive line in the NFL. One of the things I love about Sewell is his athletic ability to get out in space quickly and punish defenders when he's run blocking. I see the next coming of Anthony Munoz when I look at Sewell.
  4. There is Ray Lewis the player and Ray Lewis the criminal. That dude lived two lives but he was an absolute beast on the football field.
  5. Gates has nothing left and nothing left to prove. When he becomes a Hall of Fame finalist, the only thing he has to do is wait for that phone call from Canton, be ready to wear his golden jacket, and unveil his head statue at the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony.
  6. I thought Logan Ryan was close to a deal with the Jets. Thats the last I heard about Ryan.
  7. I highly doubt it. Adams is in the final year of his rookie contract and Ballard would have to sign him to a long term deal. The Colts have TY, Hooker, Kelly, Rivers, Autry, Walker, Rhodes, and Mack to deal with this offseason. Also, I highly doubt he gives up another 1st round pick. If Eason doesn't develop soon, he is going to have to spend that 1st round pick on a someone like Newman, Lance, or trade up for Fields.
  8. Outside of Fields and Lawrence, 2021's Quarterback class looks the same as this year's class. Then you have the second tier Quarterbacks like Newman and Lance. We'll have to see how Newman does after transferring to Georgia and if Lance can build up his draft stock by having another solid season. Luck retiring last year put this team and franchise in hole scrambling for a franchise Quarterback. Bottom line, the Colts are going to have to develop a Quarterback. If its Eason, Lance, Newman, or someone else. The luxury of drafting in the top 10 isn't there anymore for this team.
  9. Why you have to do F Gary Gray the man who directed Friday like that?
  10. Ladanian Tomlinson was just on NFL Network saying the Colts are overhyped this offseason and that they haven't done enough to address the Tight End and Wide Receiver positions. Ladanian was a beast running back, but as an analyst, he needs to stick one opinion about this team. Just last week, he said Phillip Rivers would thrive with the Colts, the Colts will be a playoff team and Jonathan Taylor is going into a great situation. Adding Rivers, Rhodes, Buckner, Day, Taylor, Pittman, and our other draft picks doesn't give this team 2-3 more wins? I don't get his logic. What Tight End in the draft would've came in right away and produced? The Tight End class was dreadful in 2020.
  11. Never thought I would see the day when someone on this forum defending Ebron. That dude dropped more balls than a Kardashian. Also, Ebron has attacked Colts fans on his instagram. He definitely didn't leave the Colts on good terms. Trey Burton is only signed for a year so don't be surprised if Ballard drafts a TE in the 2021 draft in the early rounds. The 2020 class was terrible.
  12. Warford would be a huge upgrade over Glowinski as Glowinski really struggled last season. Pff gave Warford a 73.1 grade and gave Glowinski a 60.5.......If Ballard signs Warford, Mack and Taylor would eat big behind this line. AC, Big nasty, Kellz, War, and Braden. Mack and Taylor might get 1100 1200 each behind this line.
  13. If Ballard is looking at CB in the 1st round he has to keep an eye on Israel Makuamu out of South Carolina. Also, a DE that has caught my attention is Joe Tryon out of Washington. Walker Little could be the first Tackle off the board in the 2021 Draft.
  14. He would be a cheaper option than Clowney. Bring him on board! Playing for a contending team might give him a big spark.
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