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  1. Jalen Ramsey thinks he's going to a better situation with the Rams; he really is not! The Rams have been underachieving this season. No running game, offensive line is slow and weak, defensive line can't rush the Quarterback, they play in a tough division, etc. Also, there is not guarantee Ramsey is going to re-sign there. He gave an indication in that radio interview he would but anything can happen. The Jags did a great job acquiring draft capital for the next two seasons though. I'm just glad he's out of the division and conference.
  2. That was the best performance I've seen from this defense since last year when we shut out the Cowboys and the playoff game against the Texans. Given the circumstances, nobody gave us a chance in this game, and some thought we would even get blown out. Credit goes to Flus and the defensive coaches for a heckuva game plan.
  3. I'm not all for having him in the locker room. Remember a couple of years ago he quit on the Jets. Ballard doesn't want people who quit no matter what the situation is.
  4. With the season Denver is having, they will probably be quick to have a firesale there. I know they defeated the Chargers yesterday, but looking at their upcoming schedule, they can fall rock bottom real quick. Would you trade one of our 2nd round 2020 draft picks for Von Miller?
  5. Tyquan Lewis can't stay healthy, and I don't know if Banogu is ready. Turay took a huge step forward for this season and its sad he's out for the season. Big loss for this team.
  6. Hunt should never be even considered to play DE.
  7. I don't know if he would fit our scheme or not since he's a man to man CB and we play a lot of zone coverages. We have the cap space to resign him but there is the character issues. Minkah just got traded to the Steelers for a 1st. Jalen Ramsey will cost a similar type package one that Ballard isn't willing to give up.
  8. Realistically, do you see this team going 5-1 or 4-2 in the next 6 games? Let's take a look at the schedule for the next 10 games. Vs Falcons - Can't run the ball, defense is solid though, have solid receivers, Ryan will make mistakes and throw interceptions. Home opener though we win Vs Raiders - Weak defense, especially their secondary; receivers don't put fear anyone, Derek Carr was a flash in the pan in week one, I say we win this game easily At Chiefs - At Arrowhead where it's tough to play. Nobody has been able to stop Mahomes let alone contain him. Loss Vs Texans - They always seem to play us tough at Lucas Oil not so much at their place. Home game I'm gonna say we win. Vs Broncos - Bad offense, defense is still there, and they always play us tough so. We still win this game At Steelers - No Ben, AB, or Leveon. The Steelers are on the decline right now, and looking at their schedule they could be 2-6 heading into that game. We finally beat the Steelers on the road. 5-1 These are just my predictions guys. Make your own if you wish.
  9. If Leonard can't go on Sunday, I hope we give EJ Speed some reps. He showed me a lot in the preseason that if given an opportunity he will shine. I'm banking on Leonard to play Sunday though. Home opener, sold out game, he's not going to miss this game.
  10. About a couple of weeks ago I was all up for us trading for Zeke. Now that this Andrew Luck news hit that wont be a good idea.
  11. The key words are “He is 34” I don’t like this idea at all. I’d rather roll with Jacoby and see what type of season he puts up.
  12. https://twitter.com/josinaanderson/status/1156955024859303937?s=21 Thoughts? Should Ballard avoid going after him? I know its a long shot Ballard trades for him but, we don't know if Mack is going to stay healthy or not. The RB core is not a for sure thing going into the season.
  13. Melvin Gordon said that Running Backs are not valued as much as other positions. It’s not that you’re devalued, the production doesn’t warrant the reward, There is only one RB I would give a big contract to and that is Saquon Barkley.
  14. Ian Rapoport reported it’s down to 3 teams; The Browns, the Ravens, and the Panthers. McCoy wants $13 million, and Ballard shouldn’t and won’t entertain that price.
  15. Knowing Suh’s history, he’s not the kind of guy Ballard would want in our locker room. Ballard should call up the Bucs and ask what is the price for Gerald McCoy.
  16. There is a 5% chance Ballard selects an offensive lineman at 26. I know AC is a free agent at season’s end but the guy stays on the field and is durable. In the past 7 seasons, he’s played all 16 games 5 of those 7 seasons. I know he’s 30 and only played 11 games last season ,but if he goes out and plays solid this season, he will get rewarded with a new contract. Remember, Ballard rewards his guys who earn it.
  17. This team should be at least 4-1 or 5-0 coming out going into the bye. If Tyreek Hill is suspended, that Chiefs game won’t be as difficult as we think.
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