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  1. Melvin Gordon said that Running Backs are not valued as much as other positions. It’s not that you’re devalued, the production doesn’t warrant the reward, There is only one RB I would give a big contract to and that is Saquon Barkley.
  2. Ian Rapoport reported it’s down to 3 teams; The Browns, the Ravens, and the Panthers. McCoy wants $13 million, and Ballard shouldn’t and won’t entertain that price.
  3. Knowing Suh’s history, he’s not the kind of guy Ballard would want in our locker room. Ballard should call up the Bucs and ask what is the price for Gerald McCoy.
  4. There is a 5% chance Ballard selects an offensive lineman at 26. I know AC is a free agent at season’s end but the guy stays on the field and is durable. In the past 7 seasons, he’s played all 16 games 5 of those 7 seasons. I know he’s 30 and only played 11 games last season ,but if he goes out and plays solid this season, he will get rewarded with a new contract. Remember, Ballard rewards his guys who earn it.
  5. This team should be at least 4-1 or 5-0 coming out going into the bye. If Tyreek Hill is suspended, that Chiefs game won’t be as difficult as we think.
  6. I like Taylor Rapp more than I do Johnathan Abram honestly.
  7. I saw a mock draft on Twitter where someone had us selecting him in the second round. He’s not falling to the second round less to 26. I feel he’s a top 10 pick and Ballard would have to trade up into the top 10 to get him.
  8. This isn’t an unrealistic draft at all. With the draft being so defensive heavy AJ Brown could fall into the second round. I have DK and Hollywood Brown as the only 2 WRs off the board in the first round. After his combine, Sweat was projected as a top 10 pick but with that heart issue; his stock has fallen a bit. If he gets this heart issue straighten out Ballard could have a top 10 talent at 26.
  9. I’ve posted a thread about Brian Burns before. The film is incredible. He gets off the ball really quickly and he has moves that he uses to get to the Quarterback. I think his upside is amazing and I like him way better than Jachai Polite, Jaylon Ferguson and Clelin Farrell.
  10. A 3 year deal was reported at first but it’s confirmed, its a 2 year deal $24 million. This is a huge pickup if this dude can stay healthy.
  11. Ballard might want to shy away from signing guys like Houston and Ansah due to injury concerns and age. They’re probably looking for multi-year deals as well. I wouldn’t look too much into Lynch had only 3 sacks last year. How many sacks did Autry have with the Raiders? When he came here he got 9 could’ve gotten 10. Eberflus knows how to get a lot from his defensive linemen. He comes from that Dallas system.
  12. He and his agent are probably seeking a 3-4 year deal. Hence why Ballard hasn’t contacted him yet. The injury issues with him concern me. I would pass!
  13. They also couldn’t close the game out after having a 28-3 lead.
  14. The more I watch film on this guy the more I think he’s going to be elite at the next level. Long arms, spin moves, quick off the ball, has a great bend, and nobody is talking about him. I like him more than I do Clelin Farrell to be honest. I saw a mock today where he falls all the way to 26 which is hard to believe. What would it take for the Colts to jump into 11-20 range and get this guy if he doesn’t fall to 26?
  15. What’s with the Clelin Farrell hate? I personally like the dude, and his Death Row Records tribute speech after the national championship game. All joking aside, I like him better than Joey Bosa and Rashan Gary. Personally I don’t want: Dexter Lawrence - More of a 3-4 NT than a 4-3 DE. Pass! Marquise Brown - We already have a WR with his skill set. Jaylon Ferguson - Nothing on tape with this guy impresses me. Nothing but a flash in the pan DE. Players I do want. Byron Murphy DeAndre Baker Kelvin Harmon Christian Wilkins Clelin Farrell
  16. I lke Clelin Farrell. He is my 4th best DE in the draft behind Allen, Sweat, and Bosa. I don’t see why people aren’t talking about him more. Maybe its because players like Sweat, Bosa, and Allen are getting most of the hype. What I like about him is, his ability to stop the run AND rush the passer, his long arms which allows him to get strip sacks, and his relentless motor which allows him to run down QBs.
  17. That Landon Collins contract is insane. We can get Amos for far cheaper than that.
  18. I wish Bell would be the first to sign somewhere so everyone can stop talking about him and Brown. Bell isn’t coming to the Colts. Not at his price, and if we are going to go after a RB, it should be Tevin Coleman or Mark Ingram.
  19. I thought Justin Houston was a 3-4 OLB. He wouldn’t fit in our scheme. I know he has ties to Ballard but considering how old he is; i’d be surprised if Ballard signs him no matter how cheap he may be.
  20. I didnt see this one coming at all. Looks like the Steelers gave AB a big kick in his rear out the door to the Bills.
  21. Daniel Jeremiah has the Colts selecting N’Keal Harry with the 26th overall pick. I’m not a fan of this. Why? Because he has Byron Murphy and Clelin Farrell still on his board after 26. You’re telling me Ballard would draft Harry over Farrell and Murphy? I don’t see it. Why I like Harry and all, I think we can get a valuable WR in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. Whiteside, Brown, Harmon, Samuel, Butler, and Harry all could be selected in the 2nd and 3rd.
  22. People who say they worry about him and his target rate are lot looking at facts. He gets most of his targets when Keenan Allen is not on the field. Rivers has several people he can distribute the ball too. That being said, as far as the years and amount goes; his projected market value is $9.6 million. It comes out to a contract just little under $29 million.
  23. Too inconsistent and can’t seem to stay healthy. He’ll be 30 before the season starts and we need someone younger than can actually stay on the field.
  24. Comparing Benjamin and Metcalf physically is crazy. They’re nothing alike athletically. Route running and separation are not things difficult to acquire. As far as trading for him, no too risky. There are other WRs on the board such as Butler, Harmon, Harry, Whiteside, and Samuel you can grab in the 2nd round. Remember Ballard motto, “It’s never about one guy”
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