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  1. Hey guys, sorry I got really busy at work literally 10 min before I was on the clock. My top 5 all got snagged since I was last on yesterday aft. Will up my list to a top 10 for the next pick.
  2. With the 88th pick in the 2020 draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Jordan Brooks, LB, Texas Tech. @NFLfan and the Vikings are on the clock.
  3. Given McCarthys offensive history, I wouldnt say TE is as big an issue to him. My vote would be Dugger
  4. Saints need to make a few moves to shore up their LB group after losing a few guys, and CB is still a need after losing PJ Williams/ Eli Apple (and Janoris Jenkins in the last yr of his deal). With that being said, the Saints cant pass up a chance to take the heir apparent to Brees throne, to sit behind and learn from him before taking over the reigns when the time comes. With the 24th pick in the 2020 Draft, the New Orleans Saints select: Jordan Love, QB, Utah State. The Giants and @runthepost are now on the clock.
  5. We had just over 86M going into free agency. 25m cap hit on Rivers, just over 23m cap hit on Buckner, 17m cap hit on AC. Big contracts add up fast.
  6. First big FA Signing for the Colts: Anthony Castonzo. Arguably a more important signing than any other move we make this offseason. Whatever QB we end up with wont change anything if we cant protect him.
  7. Thats what half this forum has said after Ballard's previous drafts, so it might be spot on.
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