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  1. Next week is a playoff game, we lose we are done but we will win. I just have a good feeling about it.
  2. He wasn't a great QB but he was good, had a lot of wins and can read defenses really well. I like him better than Simms as far as announcing and Simms won a SB in 86.
  3. One hand off Wentz made fooled me, it wouldn't even a hand off and was laughing about it on the sideline. It fooled the camera's and Collinsworth.
  4. I like him, I think he is smart. He has learned not to talk too much, he had a motor mouth his 1st year but has toned it down.
  5. Yeah their are some that don't like Romo but I think he is great, much better than Simms was. Jim Nantz is a legend though IMO, so working with him helps.
  6. That is awesome, thanks man. I have had a rough week at work and that just made my day and the Colts winning as well. KC losing was disappointing. Ol' Homie a Colts fan
  7. Holy crap, I have never seen that one, that is my big guy . Very nice!
  8. Yeah I learn something new everyday. Collinsworth is smart, I don't care for his announcing but I have seen worse.
  9. I didn't, what thread lol. I see you have Bevis and butt head as your avatar, I like them too.
  10. Some of the posts in here were comical when we were down 9-0, I was never worried even then but kept quiet. I have no idea why we didn't get the safety call when the SF player kicked it in the endzone and then got tackled out of bounds in the endzone. I have never seen a safety not get called when a player runs out of the back of the endzone. I have seen QB's do it and it was called a safety. Orlovsky did it one time.
  11. My 5 biggest take away's are: 1. I have been wrong about Wentz, he plays a lot like Luck, he was great tonight in bad weather. 2. Taylor was great, over 100 3. Leonard = Mr Turnover creator! 4. Reich called a good game 5. Our new kicker is good -in that order.
  12. I am not sure what is wrong with KC but I took your advice , Their D is bad but Mahomes pulled a Pagel today.
  13. I can't see them winning 3 games in a row against good teams and it is here. Wentz is playing like Luck and Taylor like Dickerson, how about Leonard again? Leonard just creates huge turnovers game after game. I thought the REFS stunk tonight calling Nelson on a couple of holds and before anyone here tries to say we got a couple of call on PI - both those were clearly PI's.
  14. Thanks for the advice but I did bet on Indy, 100 and even had points.
  15. Wentz is about to pull Luck and reel 5 wins in a row, I called it 2 weeks ago.
  16. - I give Tennessee credit today but I got news for them next week they are going down.
  17. I read all the posts here and early on about we sucked when we were down 9-0 and how Frank sucked, this is what I think of it - I told you so, Tennessee you are next!
  18. Thanks for the thread my friend. Colts win this 27-23 IMO, I heard the weather may be bad so it may be lower scoring. Q is back, TY out. I may not post tomorrow as I want to watch this game alone.
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