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  1. I love Leonard, he has been a great NFL player so far but Ray Lewis is arguably the greatest LB of all-time. The faces of the NFL from 2000-2012 was Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Ray Lewis easily.
  2. Wow, way to go out on a limb. I am sure you will be right somewhere in there . Ok I am just being sarcastic but 6-13 is a wide range.
  3. 1. Chiefs 12-4 2. Raiders 9-7 3. Broncos 8-8 4. Chargers 4-12
  4. 1. Colts 10-6 * will have tiebreaker over the Titans 2. Titans 10-6 3. Texans 9-7 4. Jags 5-11
  5. Public speaking isn't his strong area I agree. He also has had addiction to pain killers and had that DWI. Having said that he is a much better owner than his father was and is a much more caring guy than his father was. He cares about the Colts and hates to lose. It is unfortunate some in the media or some fans do not see that. He has an argument for being best owner over the last 20 years IMO. He made sure we drafted Peyton and Luck when some actually wanted Leaf and RG3. That alone shows his football intelligence.
  6. Wilbon is a huge face for ESPN so many will believe and like what he says. Having said that Jim is nothing like his father. What is sad, many probably think he is.
  7. Off topic but I did some research on teams who have the best W-L records over the last 20 seasons = 2000-2019. That is 2 decades, here are the Top 5: 1. Patriots = 237-83 (74.1%) Have won 6 SB's 2. Steelers = 205-113-2 (64.5%) Have won 2 SB's 3. Packers = 197-121-2 (61.9%) Have won 1 SB 4. Colts = 197-123 (61.6%) Have won 1 SB 5. Ravens = 190-130 (59.4%) Have won 2 SB's -Over the last 2 decades we are 4th in winning % and tied for 3rd with the Packers in wins. We also have a SB win. I really can't see how anyone in the media can overlook a franchise as great as ours to this topic.
  8. Yeah I am calling 10 as of now and a trip to the AFC Title Game.
  9. I have learned over the years that most of the media outside of Indy doesn't know our team well enough to analyze them. We are a small market team so 2nd page news to most of the media. I am ok with it and prefer that way. It doesn't even bother me anymore. Even when Peyton was here we never got the coverage that Pats, Steelers, Giants (NY) got worldwide.
  10. I think a good balance would be Rivers throwing on average for around 240 a game and we run the ball for around 130 a game. That is 370 yards of offense. Last season 370 would put us in the top 10 for total yards, right at 10th. Which is good if the defense plays good.
  11. Oh definitely. I was sort of being sarcastic with the JB reference = 200 a game. Rivers is a nice upgrade and does give me more hope if we do fall behind in a game to comeback.
  12. Yeah I am thinking the ceiling 11 wins, 9 wins the floor. So 10 wins is my logical answer. Most of the media has us winning between 9-11 as well.
  13. Glad you are well Stephen. I am keeping my fingers crossed regarding staying healthy, so far I have been but I work around a lot of people, been working a lot since this virus started. I have us at 10-6/possibly 11-5 if everything really clicks, winning the division narrowly over the Titans, and have us going to the AFC Title Game. I think Rivers will ball out this year especially in the Playoffs because this may be his last chance at a ring. Our O.Line and running game look scary good. On paper with Buckner, our defense looks good too.
  14. Great stuff, that is another reason why is on my Mt Rushmore of QB's with Brady, Montana, and Johnny U.. Peyton was a coach and a QB on the field. 5 League MVP's and 2 SB championships as a starter says it all.
  15. I like Romo, a lot don't because he is a motor mouth. Having said that he has got better than when he first started with CBS and knows when Nantz is about to speak now. Romo has some serious knowledge and calls plays before they even happen.
  16. My early prediction is we win the division at 10-6. I think the Titans will be good again too and may go 10-6 as well. I am still not sold on Tannehill being a legit good QB, he is above average though. They used Henry a lot last season too, can he do what he did last year? They overachieved last year IMO. I see the Texans falling off a little and perhaps at 9-7 because Watson is good, losing Hopkins is critical. Jags probably around 5-11. I still think Rivers has 1 more good year left in the tank with the O.Line we have here. Our running game should help him a lot. TY staying healthy is key too. Also our defense on paper looks better than last year. Buckner is a monster!
  17. 75 Yard TD, that would be a fun way to start the season
  18. If Andrew comes back, next year (2021) would be the year because Rivers is only signed for 1 year and JB only for 1 more year. Having said that, I think Andrew is done. He is still young though so who knows?
  19. At first I thought there would be no way JB wouldn't be traded or cut after we signed Rivers. After being handed the keys last year and now being replaced I figured he would hate that. That would normally bother anyone. I am not so sure now. JB is a good character guy and for a backup making great money. He may not mind it at all with Rivers coming in. As of now, I can see Rivers starting, JB as the backup, Eason 3rd string, Kelly remains on the practice squad.
  20. It's definitely not the amount of Yards a QB throws for that is super important but some think it is. That is my point. As soon as Rivers has 2 or 3 bad games statistically the pile on will begin by many in here even if we win those games. The name of the game is winning no matter how it looks.
  21. I actually do not see us struggling at all in the beginning with the way our schedule is laid out. Regarding your post I agree, we will be a run first offense but do not tell that to the people who think if a QB doesn't for 300 yards a game he isn't the reason why we are winning. Can't wait to see how critical people are of Rivers when he throws for like only 200 yards in a game but we win because we ran the ball effectively.
  22. Hines, I can see Rivers loving that connection.
  23. Yeah I hated the Bulls back then because they kept winning every year. I thought Michael Jordan was the best player so I respected them but was really rooting for the Jazz in those Finals in 1997 and 1998. Stockton/Malone/Sloan deserved a ring. They just fell short to a better team unfortunately. Just like the Pacers did in 1998 as well = ECFinals.
  24. Yeah he has had Parkinson for a while. He is a top 10 coach ever IMO. He led the Jazz to Finals in 1997 and 1998. The Jazz would've won a championship had it not been for Jordan and the Bulls. The Bulls seemed to block everyone like Stockton and Malone, even Reggie in 1998. Anyway RIP coach Sloan.
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