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  1. This is year 6 with playing in a 12 team league with close to the same players every year. I had a bye week this week finishing 2nd. I won it all last year with Luck as my QB but the previous years I always finished like 5th or 6th. It took me long enough to win it, a lot of it is being lucky . I am going for a repeat this year. I have Lamar at QB. I can't even believe I won it all last year, you should see the guys I play against. They bring in laptops and notepads and look serious . I am not kidding. We always meet up every year at a local bar and do the draft.
  2. I understand it because he is a VET who has decent moments but I will agree with your thinking Kelly would probably play better. I have a feeling next year it will be JB, whoever we draft, and Kelly on the roster. I think Hoyer is gone.
  3. I thought today's game was fun to watch. It was a high scoring battle but we fell short unfortunately. I even thought JB would pull it out to be honest but it is what it is.
  4. 11-2 but I agree not 13-0.
  5. Yeah I have 11-2 with Luck which is still great. 13-0 with Peyton, and I would go 8-5 with JB being healthy all season. His injury messed him up for a few games.
  6. See I think Luck would've manhandled Houston because he did last year and the magnitude of the game. I look at circumstance when factoring this stuff in. As great as QB's can be, going 13-0 rarely happens. Peyton and Brady do it and that is about it.
  7. Peyton 13-0, Luck 11-2, JB 7-6 when healthy/maybe 8-5. That record by JB is good for just being a back up by the way .
  8. Probably opening day because for some reason Luck always lost on opening day and a game where you normally don't lose like at Pitt. That 11-2 is just based on I do not think he would be perfect. 11-2 would be outstanding though and we would have the division wrapped up. If we had Peyton I would say 13-0.
  9. Probably opening day because he usually did and every once in a while you lose one you shouldn't like at Pitt. 11-2 at worse though. We would have the division wrapped up if Luck was here.
  10. I think at worse with a healthy JB we would be 7-6 because he would've beat Miami had he played. With Luck I say 11-2.
  11. Watson was awesome today, he may be better than Peyton if he keeps that type of play up. He and that fella Dak at 6-7 smoke JB
  12. I know you hate him, hence the post. I would prefer to play Kelly at this point and I am being serious. Season is over now for sure. Lets see what Kelly has.
  13. College was fun . I may be old now but I remember some good times.
  14. I voted yes. JB said it was too and it did look like it was.
  15. If that happens I will do this , but in a speedo
  16. Introducing our new GM - The Mighty Moose!
  17. Thanks man. I just think JB gets to much blame sometimes. I am cool with coltsfan inNY though. I thought he played good enough for us to win today but we still lost.
  18. I have never been a fan of Tannehill but he seems to fit that offense like Foles did in Philly. That team isn't messing around.
  19. Texans still play Titans twice. I think Titans will win the division as of now. They have some serious MO.
  20. I know that is a miracle but they did .
  21. I am not so sure he doesn't love JB and tries to build around him. I have no idea what he is thinking or what Irsay wants. Irsay wants Luck back would be my guess if he had his choice. I do too.
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