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  1. We might be able to go out west and steal one. Beating them on opening day would be a huge win.
  2. Coming off last season, Inman was my 3rd favorite target only behind TY and Ebron. I hated to see him go. Who knows we may bring him back, I would be ok with it.
  3. Officially tied for 1st again in the NL Central, Cubs win, fly the flag Hozer. NL Central standings heading into August 19th: Cards 65-57 Cubs 66-58 Brewers 64-60 (2 back) Reds 58-65 (7.5 back) Pirates 51-72 (14.5 back) Cubs 10 game road trip over, thankfully. Cubs get a much needed rest tomorrow and do not play on Monday. Next 3 games are against the Giants at Wrigley. Hamels pitches Tuesday
  4. I remember Bob Lamey commenting on Ron Winter after that Chargers game in 2008 and it wasn't pretty. That was horribly officiated. We lost to a punter and a Ref that night basically. I am not sure we ever won a game when Ron Winter officiated and we were pretty unbeatable back then. I know everytime he reffed I cringed.
  5. Looks like Eli has a ton of weapons
  6. Rizzo with a huge blast! He put a light out . Cubs playing Cubs baseball, up 7-0 tonight. Go ahead and fly the flag Hozer, this baby is over already . I never call it this early but we are not blowing this lead. 7-0 to the bottom of the 5th. After the 10 game road trip we will be tied for 1st in the NL Central. That is really all I wanted because the Cards have had an easy schedule while have been on the road for nearly 2 weeks. We will now have 6 straight at home where we are a different animal baby!
  7. Bring him back. He can give us the whole Pats playbook
  8. Bill Leavy was another bad one. He was the main guy on that crew that officiated SB 40 (Pitt vs Seattle). Many still think that was the worst officiated SB of all-time.
  9. I couldn't stand that one referee, Ron Winter back in the day. He used to throw a ton of flags a game. It seemed like every time the Colts played in a game he reffed, we lost too. See the Chargers playoff game in the 2008 season. He was calling everything against us and nothing on them.
  10. Actually you are right, it wasn't minor as his injury has lingered for a while, so minor was the wrong word to use on my part. I just didn't see it as bad as his shoulder injury was in 2017 once they said no surgery would be needed and it wasn't his Achilles.
  11. Yeah we are at 65-58 and they are at 64-57. Tied for 1st in the NL Central heading into August 18th
  12. It wasn't really so much about me or the other people that said he would play for wanting to be right. I just couldn't believe how many people doubted him and said he wouldn't play on opening day. That surprised me. I know everyone is happy that loves the Colts assuming he will play now . Having said that who knows what tomorrow will bring. Until the Colts actually say he will start on opening day, it isn't official. That is why I say 90% and not 100%
  13. I have always been in the camp he would play in week 1 and posted it many times. I can see why people would be worried about it though. I just haven't been worried about it. He is a franchise QB and wasn't go to play much in the pre-season if at all anyway. It still isn't official but the likelihood he will start on opening day is at 90% which I actually said 2 days ago barring no stunning news we haven't heard about. It has been said it never was his Achilles and surgery was never needed since his injury happened so I just rode off that. Luck is a tough guy and IMO wasn't going to miss a game due to a calf strain or minor ankle sprain if that indeed is the true injury.
  14. No goofy fluke crap today folks. Cubs win, Cubs win 2-0. Dust off the flag Hozer and fly it. Man we needed this, huge win.
  15. Like I posted earlier, my biggest fear was the Colts were hiding something like it may be his Achilles or something. If it wasn't that and it appears it isn't than I figured he would play in week 1. Luck is a tough guy and isn't going to sit out because of a minor ankle sprain.
  16. We are now up 2-0 in the 9th. We need this win badly. A win here and a Cards loss and we would be tied for 1st again despite the shenanigans that have been going on.
  17. Yeah I seen where MVP homered. I wasn't going to post until the game was over because our Bullpen has been trash lately.
  18. Assuming Luck does play, we may be able to go there and steal one. They will be missing some key players it looks like.
  19. I have just always thought the Colts were being cautious with him. Unless his injury had something to do with his Achilles or he needed surgery I just never believed he wasn't going to play. Of course nothing is official yet but it looks good as of now.
  20. I said 2 weeks ago he would play in week 1 and no I am not a doctor .
  21. Problem is we are not winning the close games, we win games big but then lose a lot of close one's like tonight. The Bullpen strikes again
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