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  1. , yep. He is a HOFamer this week to many because we won but if plays like doo doo against the Lions and we lose he isn't again . In all seriousness I think he is though just based off of his stats, durability, and overall wins. He hasn't won a SB but Marino or Kelly didn't either.
  2. - me in the 1st Qtr, me after the game -
  3. Good points but I think Rivers has the longevity, stats, durability, and overall wins to get in. Probably 2nd ballot but I can see that. IMO for his 17 years in the league he has been pretty much a top 10 QB compared to his competition. He is still above average this year.
  4. IMO that is actually the greatest team ever that I have seen anyway. In 1992 they had the number 1 defense in the league and they weren't even known for that. They were known for having the best O.Line in the league and having the big 3 = Aikman, Irvin, and Emmitt. Jimmy was the leader. They would beat any of the Pats teams IMO.
  5. Yeah anyone that gets rid of Jimmy Johnson after a Repeat has an ego problem. He keeps Jimmy, the Cowboys probably have a 5-Peat with that team
  6. Oh I know Eagles fans threw batteries at this guy , the midwest is more laid back compared to the east it seems.
  7. Yeah if they get an O.line that is at least good, they will be a good team in a couple of years. RB's are solid and I like Higgins.
  8. Our defense looked lethargic in the 1st Qtr for some reason but Burrow is no joke, he is good. They put us in a huge hole.
  9. That is what some in here were saying. No thanks, Rivers is better at 38 lol.
  10. Pats fans are finally feeling like we did when Luck got injured or when we didn't have Peyton. It isn't always roses without QB's like that no matter the coach. One more thing, I am glad we have Rivers instead of Cam, not because of yesterday either. I said that before the season.
  11. The key for any good RB is average at least 4.0 a carry, that is the cut off between good or just being an average or bad player. Taylor is at 4.2 I believe now, good for a rookie. He is a workhorse, was in college.
  12. I voted 1 more bad outing and I defend Rivers a lot. Losing to the Bengals would've been crushing is why I did. Rivers went for 371 and 3 TD's so at this point I would vote for several bad outings. We had to win yesterday because our schedule gets harder and Rivers got it done
  13. What is funny is I had us at 4-2 before season picks. So we are who I thought we were - which is actually probably a 10 win team.
  14. Until he adds an E to Freen(E)y, hard to take him serious. He never has nothing good to say about us so I think he does it on purpose
  15. Fair enough, I just think with Luck retiring that threw Ballard and Reich a curveball. If Luck was on this team I fully believe we would win 11 or 12 games. I think with Rivers we could still win 10 if he holds up. JB is an 8-8 QB (great backup but average starter at best) so even last year I give Reich a pass.
  16. I am not sold on Reich being great or very good, but he is possibly good? He is better than Chuck IMO, Chuck was average IMO so he was ok. Chuck had Luck his first 3 years so that helped.
  17. Reason why I don't count 2017 is, Luck was out and Ballard didn't have the coach he wanted to rebuild quicker. He is mainly responsible for things that have happened since 2018. Even then Luck leaving last year before the season started threw him another wrench.
  18. Ballard is now 22-18 as GM counting the playoffs, I don't count 2017 as that was Grigson's players. We are doing fine
  19. - poor ol Jack, that show was a classic
  20. I don't have to hear get rid of Rivers or Reich for 2 weeks from anyone
  21. After today, I know Rivers can lead us back from a big deficit. He threw for 371 yards and 3 TD's. Today was a huge win, I don't care if someone says well it was the Bengals. Let me tell you, Burrow is really good. TY and Luck had perfect chemistry so that can mess with anyone's mind but TY needs to forget those days and focus on the now. Yes we all know Luck was awesome but Rivers isn't chopped liver
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