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  1. Don't worry, after Tom gets crushed this week by GB the same people that say they would rather have him over Rivers won't say a word . Put us in the NFC and we would be in the final 4 with Rivers. The NFC is weak.
  2. Good point. I just get the vibe some don't want him back and are sorta blaming him for the loss just by the way a few are posting. QB's seemed to always get the blame by many.
  3. I figured Lester would be gone, I wish him well. He was a big part of that 2016 Championship team.
  4. Not wanting him back is like a back handed slap saying he is one of the reasons why we lost. At least 5 posters have posted say they don't want him back. He had very little to do with the loss. That is like being at a job and a project you were working on with a group of people failed and weren't the reason why it failed but your boss says I don't want you back. I read between lines with some of these posters in here. That last drive wasn't his fault either. When you are working with no timeouts it is kind of difficult.
  5. I just don't see Rivers as a problem, he looks like he could play 1 more year at least. JMO. We need to improve our Pass Rush and get another LT. Taylor will beast out next year as well.
  6. How about our comeback vs GB and they even had the REFS on their side? GB may win the SB.
  7. Yeah I just don't see how some can blame Rivers for the playoff loss. He had 0 turnovers and threw for over 300 yards with 2 TD's. People that blame him are reaching.
  8. Rigo is a good kicker but I honestly can say if he had to kick outside of 47 yards that would've been 50/50. Without timeouts, Rivers was working against a lot.
  9. I think you remain undefeated. I have: GB 27 Bucs 24 Chiefs 24 Bills 20 if Mahomes plays
  10. Most of our fanbase always blames the QB when we lose but Rivers this year was good. He wasn't near the reason why we lost to Buffalo. Lamar put up 3 points against Buffalo and had a critical pick 6 so I guess he sucks and should be cut according to some.
  11. I am taking GB, I think it ends for Tommy here. I did take the Bucs yesterday but playing at GB is a whole different monster.
  12. Yeah I addressed his post earlier and brought up Rivers came back vs GB and vs Cincy down big when they had Burrow. I give Rivers almost 0 blame for our playoff loss. Maybe 10% of the blame just because he didn't complete the comeback. The Turay offsides play was the worst IMO and missing a 33 yard FG is a close 2nd. That offsides play ended up giving them 7 instead of 3.
  13. ESPN talking about Watson and maybe going to the Jets. Why in the hell would he want to play there, they stink . Not only that they would have to give up a ton to get him. It would be like playing in Houston but in the cold
  14. I would take Watson though because IMO he is a good passer along with the running. Give him our O.Line he would be unreal.
  15. Joe Montana could scramble but he wasn't that mobile either nor is Rivers and Rivers has had a Hall of Fame career. I will take winning over flashy all day. I like a QB that can change plays at the line, out smart the defense, and get the ball out quick. I probably feel like that because of Peyton.
  16. If you have a QB that gets the ball out quick and at least a good O.Line, you don't need a mobile QB. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning debunk the mobile QB theory, they are arguably the 2 best that have ever done it.
  17. Tom along with Joe Montana are the 2 best I have ever seen as far as not making critical mistakes in most of their playoff games. Peyton even had a few head scratching throws like SB 44. The other team that plays against those Tom or Montana has to almost play perfect to beat them in the playoffs. The difference yesterday was Brees playing catch with the opposite team. I seen it coming though because I did pick the Bucs to win.
  18. Pacers will never win a Championship because we can never keep a Superstar here other than Reggie. If I owned the team I would go over the Salary Cap and pay the penalty but I love to win.
  19. If you think Championship or bust every year you will be disappointed 99% of the time, we only won 1 with Peyton. Why some in here think it is easy to win a SB is mindboggling. Peyton and Luck's don't grow on tree's and Rivers was good this year in reality. You think some in here aren't happy with Rivers, try starting a rookie or Eason? That could be a nightmare. This season was fun, all being negative does is make a person miserable.
  20. Brady is trying to pull a 2015 Peyton where Denver's D carried him off and on. I don't see them beating GB at GB but anything is possible with Tom
  21. No, I think Tampa Bay has had a heck of a year but I think it ends next week. They played in a weaker conference than we did and Rivers put up good enough numbers for us to win 11 games and play even with Buffalo in the playoffs. If we were in the NFC I am not so sure we wouldn't be in the Title Game playing GB.
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