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  1. Interesting. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/10/12/indianapolis-colts-nearly-drafted-cb-champ-bailey-in-1999/
  2. What do you mean why? Almost our entire secondary was hurt plus Leonard. Mahomes should've put 40+ on us.
  3. Best coach we've had since Dungy. No question about it.
  4. Was thinking the same thing. We Colts fans saw this same game plan used against us probably hundreds of times the last 20 years or so.
  5. I feel like this is the type of team that Pagano wanted to run here, but he just is not the coach that Reich is. Reich just killed it tonight.
  6. Quite simply amazing. We should not have won this game.
  7. So did anyone watch the game? I heard Brogdon played really well.
  8. Good thing we never traded Brissett. We probably could have got a lot for him too. But not trading him was the right decision.
  9. If this is the Jacoby we are getting then we should be a playoff team. So thats exciting.
  10. Getting pretty close to the start of CBB. Also some big news today. Kansas to possibly be hammered hard by the NCAA https://amp.kansascity.com/sports/college/big-12/university-of-kansas/article235306247.html
  11. I mean yeah all true but you can't deny that he is making some damn good throws. He passes the eye test for me. Albeit its only 2 games, no idea if he can keep it up. But he looks pretty dang solid so far.
  12. RockThatBlue


    I know this is only his 2nd game I think but wow dude is playing really impressive. IF he really is this good the Jags will be a tough out all year.
  13. I think the checkerboards look better on the bball unis. And the new logo is ehh...not the greatest but not the worst either. Nothing to really hate or get excited about either.
  14. This was his best pass as a Colt IMO. Post your favorite Colt moments and/or passes by him.
  15. Mack has a quicker burst I think.
  16. Vinateri definitely deserves some blame for the loss but that penalty may have cost the Colts the game. The Chargers were gonna be punting but instead they score a TD a few plays later. That one hurt.
  17. I think theres a lot of overreacting about the defense. They struggled especially in the first half but one of the biggest reasons we sent the game to OT was because of the defense too.
  18. Might be the most impressive interception I've ever seen by a Colts player.
  19. Hell, if he rushes the QB all year the way he did today I'll buy him a pony.
  20. I mean hes probably never gonna throw 4-5tds a game like you see from Mahomes. But if he has several 2-3 TD games with 0 interceptions the Colts will be in a lot of games for sure.
  21. Had 2 sacks today I believe right? He seems to be turning into a pretty dang solid pass rusher
  22. When your RB has almost 200 yards rushing almost any QBs passing yards number would be a bit low.
  23. Seems like a silly opinion lol. Did you count games against Andrew Luck when he had bad 1st halves but had an amazing 2nd half? "Sure he threw 4 2nd half tds but he only had 90 yards passing and a pick in the 1st half so it cancels out the good half"
  24. If he ends up that bad Vinny would probably just retire.
  25. I couldn't believe it when he turned my offer down. Oh well, I'll find something else to blow 3.2 billion on.
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