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  1. I agree here. Key is being able to generate some semblance of consistent pressure with rushing four.
  2. Yikes..not good. Didn’t see the presser. Hope its just the immediate disappointment speaking there. He still has a lot of game left, would be a shame for him to walk away early
  3. Just my opinion, and I completely recognize I am prolly biased being a die hard Colts fan, but I feel that Manning belongs in the GOAT conversation considering how much he changed the way QB position is played in todays NFL. The only reason the Colts were a contender during the Manning years is mostly because of 18. The Colts organization and especially Polian failed to capitalize appropriately on what he brought to put the appropriate surrounding pieces that are needed for post season success. If those things were done properly, Manning has at least two more SB rings during his
  4. Out of curiosity, do you think this is it for Rodgers? I realize he definitely does not have many years left, but I could still see him winning a SB or two before its all said and done if he goes to a place that has complimentary pieces (defense, running game and coaching philosophy) that helps him out.
  5. Agree it looked like it would have been a touchback if he lets it go. Young player trying to do too much in big game...
  6. So let me throw this hypothetical scenario out there for fellow Colts fans (and honestly its highly unlikely), but if Rodgers goes to GB management and asks for a fresh start...? How aggressive an offer would you make then?
  7. I agree and was a little perplexed by that. I feel that whole last set of downs was mismanaged by GB...too much forcing into the endzone when they should have been more methodical
  8. And he won the game and next one against Baltimore, but as I felt at the time those were probably the two of the worst playoff games Manning had under center in the playoffs with Indy. Again, this is why it is extremely nonsensical IMO to base judgements of individual greatness solely on team accomplishments.
  9. How many quarterbacks have the “luxury” of throwing three picks in a half of a playoff game, and have their D force 3 and outs on two of those? This why I get tired if the undisputed GOAT narrative surrounding Brady: the media lauds because he just wins without delving into those factors that aid in those victories.
  10. Yeah, the problem is if this turns into a bidding war with some other QB needy teams such as Washington or New Orleans, I like Stafford and think he would be a really good get at the QB position, but not if it is going to cost multiple picks, etc due to this turning into a bidding war. Ballard probably feels this way too considering how he approaches free agency with a certain "price" in his mind for a given player. While Stafford does have some years left, he is on the downside of his prime. If he was a few years younger, I would certainly be more open to matching,
  11. Good thought. This is another wild card, infrequently discussed scenario to keep an eye on. I dont know if you saw McVay’s comments after their playoff loss to GB, but he wasn’t exactly sounding like he was 100% on Goff. I was actually a little surprised to hear him be that non-commital. The negatives with Goff is that it appears McVay’s scheme and coaching have made him look better than he is and I believe that he is the middle of a large contract. That being said, he is still young and was the no. 1 overall pick fora reason.
  12. This is who I was thinking may be a more realistic target. He is a little older than Stafford, but IMO, is a better overall QB. Falcons have the 4th overall selection and therefore, may take a QB, making Ryan expendable.
  13. My direct answer to the title question on this thread is yes, we would have been. With that being said, despite the rumors and speculation, I have a hard time believing that Brady was really interested in coming here as opposed to using the Colts as leverage to get a deal done in a place that really wanted to be. I remember reading somewhere that part of the reason that Ballard focused on Rivers and Rivers alone was that he was cautious about being burnt by Brady at the last minute (ala one Josh McDaniels) and then being in a bad position because all his other prefer
  14. Those guys would be nice gets in areas of need. I do agree that if Rivers is brought back, the Colts need to load up more on win now types of moves. Taking advantage of teams in cap hell is a nice way to do that.
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