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  1. Was this coverage shell more prevalent after we went up 22-3? Reason I ask is because for the better part of 3 quarters, the defense actually was playing really well (similar to the Dolphins game week prior before they had a bad 4th quarter and similar to the Steelers game late last year) and suddenly went into the tank. Would be curious to know if there a concerted effort to go into a more soft coverage in those situations. Some cracks began to show on that drive that Lamar fumbled near the goal line, but they were doing a pretty solid job prior to that of getting off the field on 3rd down (would actually say the D was probably playing their best game of the year up to that point)
  2. I am all for the owner being about winning Lombardis, but instead of coming off as a clown with tweets that seem as "pie in the sky" as ever at the current time, I would rather he privately set these goals and then in a rational, measured manner hold Ballard, Reich, etc accountable for the franchise trending towards that mark. Here is a piece of information that most people on this board already know: 2 SBs in the next 10 years is not happening unless the defense improves its ranking in categories like opponent complexion %,, pressures, sacks to the be in the top 10
  3. This is a pretty good summary of our defense and our current issues. I would be curious where we rank in the league over the past 2-3 years in % of times we play a press-man aggressive coverage all around(if any entity has kept track of that). My suspicion is that similar to blitz rates, we would be in the bottom 5
  4. There has been a very bad trend since last year (especially 2nd half of the season) with the pass defense on this team. The opposition completion % is way too high. When we play good, top 10 QBs, they seem to put up absurd numbers. There is too much of a sample size at this point which points to some structural issue with our schemes being the problem. I know the coaching staff, front office has access to the same information/stats which makes it all the more puzzling and frustrating as to why there are no significant changes in our coverage philosophies even for small stretches in games. If an NFL QB is not getting pressured and has large windows to get the ball into, most are going to have an easy time throwing the ball all over the field.
  5. I dont mind them playing Wentz, but they need to be on top of that snaps provision and sit him the minute they are realistically out of the playoff picture.
  6. Gonna give fair warning. My comments are not going to have a lot of positive. - Stick a fork in the Colts season. The team may win some games against overmatched opponents, but no playoffs this year. The reason: our "vaunted" defense. I may not be a coach, scout, GM, etc., but I will tell everyone this: you are not winning anything when your defense is able to play as bad as the Colts D in the last 18+ min of regulation and OT. The thing is that this is an established pattern that we have seen multiple times this season, last season (remember Steelers game last year) and even in 2019: where the defense goes complete sieve for extended periods of the game. I am sure there will 1000 excuses as there always are, but the above fact about winning football games (especially against good teams) with your defense playing like that is never going to change. - What the heck was Frank Reich thinking on the 2nd to last offensive possession with the Colts up 25-17? You have a kicker with an injury, you have a defense that has clearly shown it has stopped doing anything to help you win a football game and your answer is to run it two times against a stacked box? Why not on one of those plays run play action out of a tight formation designed to sell run? A TD there was the best chance to put the game away. - If Eberflus is getting heat (which is well deserved), a good portion should be directed at Ballard. It was his call to go with this scheme well before a head coach was hired. Most of the players on D are his picks. The current D is worse than anything we fielded when Pagano and Grigson were here. Do a quick search and look up how many QBs have had career type days against us over the past few seasons since Eberflus has been here. (and before I get flak for saying I want them back, I make that statement only to illustrate how bad the current D and scheme have been)
  7. Unfortunately, this is the hallmark of teams that are not very good...they dont make the plays necessary to put away teams
  8. Tight set, play action, take end zone shot with Mo-Alie or Pittman here
  9. This is what I was worried about when we went up 22-3. This is what drives me nuts about this D, they just cannot play a complete game. When they get gashed, they really get gashed. Hard to win games when the D folds like this
  10. Its definitely something to keep an eye on for the next several games. In general, OG is not a position that changes an entire unit
  11. One more stop. Hopefully some of our regulars come back in the secondary
  12. The frustrating thing is Fg range really means nothing with Blakenship injury
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