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  1. SR711

    Andrew recruiting at the Pro Bowl

    Good points and to add on to this, assuming that we have beat NE in order to win the AFC, the best way to limit Brady and Pats offense is to be able to do what you described. Having guys who can close in space combined with a coverage scheme that boxes things in would, in theory, limit YAC which is how NE generates its chunk plays.
  2. SR711

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT This article written after game last night is a classic example of the nonsensical drivel that gets written every time the Pats win a SB, basically turning a team accomplishment into an individual accolade In it, the author provides no substantive reason why last night "settled" the debate other than him winning his 6th ring. Any rational, objective person watching that game last night can see Brady "winning" had more to do with his defense basically shutting down the Rams than anything.
  3. I agree 100%. In my opinion, you have to go through them in order to get the AFC and more importantly, a team has to be built to play in Foxboro and the potential elements that can come there come January. So far, Ballard has done a great job with the strides that O-line made this year. I think defensively, we have get the rushers that allow us to get pressure with 4 and apply the inside pressure that bothers Brady the most. If Andrew Luck had a defense give the type of performance the Rams D did tonight, his team wins the game.
  4. SR711

    Why Brady is NOT the GOAT

    Look, here is the thing: football is the ultimate team game. One individual player, no matter how talented, can really only do so much to carry a team to victory with minimal assistance fromo other phases which is why it is utterly ridiculous that the basis of the Brady GOAT proclamation is based a team accomplishment: SB rings. Before I go further, let me start off by saying that in my opinion, at worst, Brady is a top 3-5 all time great QB to play this game. He has really enhanced his ability to read coverages through the years and his longevity over the years due to his training and nutrition regimen is remarkable. However, the two facts that I feel are critical here are following 1. In games that Tom Brady has missed since he took over as starter, the Patriots are 14-6, which is a very good record indicating that the team has shown they are clearly capable of winning football games without him 2. He has had Belichek as his head coach, managing the other facets of the game that are clearly critical to winning games for all of his SB championships. This is critical because it has allowed Brady the luxury through his career of winning, advancing in the playoffs when sometimes his play was not up to levels that other QBs in this conversation have had to meet in order to get their team to go forward. In the end of day, this narrative of Brady as the undisputed GOAT has been repeated so many times by the mainstream sports media, that is simply accepted as fact without anyone caring to peel back the layers.
  5. It is frustrating and sickening as a Colts fan to see that organization in NE get rewarded. I just hope Ballard and Reich can puts things together this offseason to get a team that knocks those guys off their pedestal.
  6. SR711

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Ballard is in a little bit of tough spot with free agency this year IMO. On the one hand, it is understandable to have a price value for each free agent and pass when the bidding war gets past that number. However, the team is in a position where they need to add talent especially in certain areas if they are going to take the next step with adding top end players to compete with NE, KC and others in the conference. Having cap space is nice and all, but it doesn't mean squat when we take the field against these teams. I just don't think we can rely solely on draft or internal development to get the necessary horses to beat the elite teams. I also think we have to be more open about adding guys in trades (e.g. Antonio Brown) that may have bad reps from the their previous stops and do our own assessment to see if these guys could potentially hold things together long enough to contribute to a SB championship. Bottom line, I trust Ballard will make the correct decisions with who/who not to bring in and what to pay them. He has earned at least that much as a fan from me based teams ascension so far during his tenure here. I am hoping that he is smart enough to modify his principles, core beliefs on roster construction to fit the situation as necessary.
  7. I agree 100% that in light of Patriots dominance of the AFC especially over the past 3 years, Peyton's performance against them is impressive. As a long time Colts fan, it still burns me that we lost the AFCCG in 2004 to those guys. I thought we should have handled them but just didnt have the necessary wisdom on how to handle their defensive "tactics" and "style" that day.