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  1. My thoughts on this whirlwind from today 1. Hate to say it, but it needs to be put out there, I think we have reached the point where Lucks durability is always going to be a question mark in his career going forward. This is absolutely not a knock on his toughness or ability to pay through pain, but it is weird/concerning maybe even alarming that he continues to have issues that take incredibly long to heal and no clear recovery path being followed...all at the age of 29. I think years of his physical style of play both in college and his early years (thank you Pagano, Grigson) have led to his body starting to breakdown. 2. Ballard, Reich etc. can pay whatever lip service they want to Brissett, and they are a better team than 2017, but there is no way this team is even any close to a contender without a 90-95 percent Luck taking snaps. Especially in todays NFL, an upper echelon top 10 qb is needed to truly contend for a championship.. 3. While the team may not lied or misled about the injury, I dont for the life of me understand the need to downplay severity of Lucks injuries. In truth, Ballards phone conference should have happened one wee ago.
  2. The most perplexing thing to me about the whole calf injury is that this is still an issue nearly 4 months after he initially injured it. I even saw a video clip with Peter King interviewing Luck where it was insinuated that he might have even injured it late last season which would even add to my concerns. Perhaps the holding out of practice is just a way to avoid extra wear on the area, and this was the plan all along, but its still weird how our QB who is not even 30 yet is healing more like one in his 40's.
  3. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/02/04/super-bowl-53-tom-brady-goat This article written after game last night is a classic example of the nonsensical drivel that gets written every time the Pats win a SB, basically turning a team accomplishment into an individual accolade In it, the author provides no substantive reason why last night "settled" the debate other than him winning his 6th ring. Any rational, objective person watching that game last night can see Brady "winning" had more to do with his defense basically shutting down the Rams than anything.
  4. Look, here is the thing: football is the ultimate team game. One individual player, no matter how talented, can really only do so much to carry a team to victory with minimal assistance fromo other phases which is why it is utterly ridiculous that the basis of the Brady GOAT proclamation is based a team accomplishment: SB rings. Before I go further, let me start off by saying that in my opinion, at worst, Brady is a top 3-5 all time great QB to play this game. He has really enhanced his ability to read coverages through the years and his longevity over the years due to his training and nutrition regimen is remarkable. However, the two facts that I feel are critical here are following 1. In games that Tom Brady has missed since he took over as starter, the Patriots are 14-6, which is a very good record indicating that the team has shown they are clearly capable of winning football games without him 2. He has had Belichek as his head coach, managing the other facets of the game that are clearly critical to winning games for all of his SB championships. This is critical because it has allowed Brady the luxury through his career of winning, advancing in the playoffs when sometimes his play was not up to levels that other QBs in this conversation have had to meet in order to get their team to go forward. In the end of day, this narrative of Brady as the undisputed GOAT has been repeated so many times by the mainstream sports media, that is simply accepted as fact without anyone caring to peel back the layers.
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