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  1. Shouldn’t surprise us if he does. Ballard has shown he believes the key to draft success is having multiple swings at the plate.
  2. What is every ones thoughts on Jayson Oweh from Penn State? Seems to have the high ceiling, athletic traits Ballard likes in his pass rushers
  3. One thing other takeaway I would point out is that Tampa was aggressive in making short term upgrades with guys like Fournette, Gronk and Brown even though two of these guys (AB and Fournette) were questionable locker room fits at best. Clearly, they were thinking SB or bust when they signed an older QB and not content to just make the playoffs. One has to ask how come Colts didnt employ similar thinking when they signed a 38 year old Rivers.
  4. I think the biggest takeaway is how healthy a team is after going through grinder of the playoffs is important and really why repeating as champs is hard to do and why no team has won 3 SBs in a row. At some point depth is tested. Loss of LT Fisher clearly was huge as Mahomes was under duress the whole night. As a franchise we had a similar situation in SB in 2010 vs Saints when Freeney was nicked up in AFCCG and was limited in effectiveness. The other point I would make is that Tampa won this championship with a defense that played really well come playoff
  5. But if you get Brady or someone his age, you kind of have to dont you think? Personally, have to wonder why Ballard didnt take the same lines of thinking when we inked Rivers. Decent chance it might have helped team maximize thus year.
  6. Yeah..the million dollar question will always be was how serious was interest on either side. Personally, I dont think TB12 was coming to Indy considering how much of a middle finger that would have been to Kraft and Pats. In the end we will never really know, but if Brady was legitimate about coming here and Ballard and co didnt make that make that happen, thats a huge mistake on their part.
  7. So no defensive holding on that 3rd and 9 play in end zone?
  8. No you have a point and have to say I agree.
  9. Kc backup tackles and oline is being killed by TB pass rush. The national media makes this all Brady and his greatness, but it’s going to affect any offense if you’re playing that shorthanded
  10. Game is really going to come down to if KC o-line holds up to TB pass rush with loss of LT Fisher.
  11. While I am not particularly sold on Wentz, wouldnt you all agree that acquiring a young QB either by trade or moving up in draft is going to cost an “overpay” regardless because there is always going to be a bidding war amongst QB needy teams in any year? If that is not Ballard’s thing then forget using FA or trade to acquire the long term answer at QB. Which means we are going to have to sit through a down year or two to get better draft position to select the QB we want in a future draft or hope that the answer is an undervalued guy on our roster (i.e. Eason)
  12. Well stated. There is nothing wrong with fans having some resentment/disappointment over how this all ended. I have been a diehard of this team for over 30 years so seen a lot of highs and lows during my time. The Luck retirement has to be the biggest franchise altering moment (in a negative way) that I can remember. It has been nearly 2-1/2 years since he announced his retirement and I still find the whole thing to be bizarre and surreal. I mean there is truly no similar situation in NFL history (and probably wont be in future) for a young franchise QB with s
  13. Thank you ,well said and I couldn't agree more. In the end, the GOAT title is lazy analysis by sports media who find its easier to put out one liners like " can't win the big one" or "all that guy does is win" rather go into the nuance and detail that causes teams to win or lose in a football game.
  14. While Godwin would be a nice addition, this rumor doesn't add up to me as I don't understand the point of paying big bucks to a free agent WR when our QB room and depth chart remains unsettled. Only way I see this being in play is if Ballard is somehow able to get an established vet (e.g Derek Carr, Matt Ryan) via trade prior to the start of free agency and the focus turns to loading up for an immediate SB run.
  15. I am fine with rolling with Eason, but want him to have earned the right to start a game rather than the team putting him out there to see what he can do. Reading between the lines from Ballard's previous comments, I dont think the team has a chance to determine that yet due to COVID related limitations. If what some people say is true and that Eason would have been a much higher pick this spring if he had stayed this past year at UW, then we got a major value pick who if he improves on his deficiencies may have been a possible 1st rounder this year.
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