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  1. Here are the potential scenarios I see for acquiring QB of the future 1. Buying low on a still young, green former high draft pick (in this case Sam Darnold) with the intent that a change of scenery, new coaching staff can help him realize his potential and draft status. Titans did this with Ryan Tannehill and it seems to have paid off fo for the time being. Obviously, the front office and coaching staff have to believe the guy can be turned around and thrive in the right system, environment. 2. Mailing in the season in a draft where it is QB rich in top end talent or
  2. Regarding specifically signing Antonio Brown, I would be against it as the guy would not be a fit here most likely chemistry wise and has too much past history, baggage too overcome. Now regarding the Ballard philosophies processes such as "build through the draft" and generally overvaluing draft picks (especially middle rounders) I do feel it is a bit of contradiction especially when you sign a Phillip Rivers in the offseason who probably has, at best, 2 years left (including this year) in him. The way I see it, there needs to be some moves to bolster the roster IMO
  3. - Rivers with easily his best game as a Colt. Still thought it was an overreaction to call for Brissett after last week. 6 games into the season and it should be pretty clear that while there will likely be some INTs which come with taking shots down the field, those are balanced by increased efficiency, timely reads and knowing where to go with the ball more rapidly based on coverage. There is more juice with the passing game than there was for most of the time last year. He is not perfect, but Rivers is definitely the best QB on our roster who gives us a chance to win on Sundays.
  4. Good observation...I would be interested in knowing what advanced metrics regarding the Colts YPC is when Qb is in shotgun versus under center this year.
  5. Most importantly is some points....Worst case scenario is bleed enough time off clock with no points but Bengals get ball back with enough time for FG
  6. So now the key question becomes does the INT cause play calling to get more conservative. Now would be nice time for O-line to step up in run game
  7. Bad play by Rivers. Why Frank doesn’t understand that ur playing with fire when you put the ball up that many times with Rivers as your QB is beyond me.
  8. This is where Eberflus needs to earn his paycheck. Have some “changeup” blitzes ready if an obvious passing down and distance presents itself. Force Burrow to change his read and speed him up,
  9. Great throw and catch. Rivers has had a very nice bounce back game thus week. Nice accuracy on a lot of 15+ yard throws today.
  10. That is just poor coaching/scheme. These QBs and route concepts will eat up soft zone when the timing is not disrupted on either end
  11. Okereke has to make that play... cant gift wrap an INT more than that
  12. I agree, not saying he should be fired, but he really hasnt accomplished a great deal so far in his time here . The “ untouchable” feeling began IMO because there are a few in the local media (e.g. Stephen Holder and Gregg Doyel) who put cart before horse on his arrival due to his affable nature with the media
  13. Can thank Rock and his WWE style sumo-plex for those Bengals 3 pts
  14. Yeah , it was getting a little ridiculous over the past week hearing how Brissett can give equal play. I still maintain that if the O-line (specifically run blocking) and defense played like expected, Rivers is able to function and succeed as designed
  15. Matt Eberflus and the Colts D : just what Joe Burrow and every QB in the NFL needs to feel like a All-Pro
  16. This is exactly why looking at stats/highlights isolation can be misleading. Defense lays a total egg so far and that puts more pressure on an offense that basically has minimal firepower for big plays
  17. So this isnt rocket science and its not by any means a defense of Rivers, but he is not being set up to succeed when we a) cannot run the ball b) defense plays like complete garbage and does nothing to disrupt what the opposition is trying to do. This are the danger situations that cause him to force throws he can longer make and generate the INTs
  18. This is pathetic. Eberflus has no understanding of his own scheme apparently and the role pressure plays in pass defenses
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