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  1. QB, WR, OT (Costanzo mulling over retirement...Colts need to bring in depth now not later.)
  2. Colts need a different defensive coverage scheme and philosophy. Until then their defense will continue to be exploited on a regular basis by competent QBs. Unfortunately Ballard is in love with Cover 2, zone based systems that don’t work. We don’t have an answer at DT or a good enough line in general to get consistent pressure on QBs with our front four. That’s an absolute must if Ballard persists in the Colts being primarily a zone coverage defense. As far as poll goes, I went DT, DE, FS (Hooker needs to be pushed).
  3. This could have...should have...been Luck’s breakthrough season for a Super Bowl shot. But he quit. Interesting twist...in 06/7 the Colts went through Kansas City, Baltimore, and New England on their way to winning the Super Bowl in Miami. This season the Titans have faced New England, Baltimore and now Kansas City. The same teams in reverse order as the 06 Colts. The Super Bowl again will be played in Miami if they make it. They are in the Colts’ “script” for this season.
  4. Titans beat the Brady Patriots in the playoffs. Something the Colts never achieved in the post Manning era. I don’t know if they are better but the Titans are tougher than the Colts in my opinion just on that alone.
  5. Regardless of how well his upcoming draft picks are perceived to be this April, I will be more reserved in my excitement until I see how those players actually look playing in a Colts uni. As much as I liked the last draft class, I was disappointed overall by what they showed on the field as a collective. Paris was bit by the injury bug, Banogou wasn’t utilized as much as I hoped, Rock is still developing but doesn’t appear to possess shutdown corner ability, Okereke was ok but not the Leonard clone hoped for. Best pick from last year thus far appears to be Khari Willis in my opinion. Tough to judge a class on draft day and after only one year so I will keep that in mind next year too.
  6. That’s a hard road to go indeed. I think if my Colts had to deal with Pittsburgh as much as you guys do then they would hardly ever make to playoffs. Lol. That franchise just owns them for whatever reason. I like that the Ravens don’t back down to them...or to the Pats for that matter. So...respect.
  7. Kraft calls the shots. Otherwise Jimmy G would be under center in New England by now and Tommy Terrific would be closing out his career in the Bay. Belichick wanted to keep Jimmy G. but Brady went over his head and appealed to Kraft. No way Kraft lets Brady sign with Indy. He’d convince Tom to sign for less to retire a Pat before he lets that happen. I dint think Brady would want to play for this franchise anyway. Too much ill feelings behind Deflategate.
  8. Brady will be washed soon. He doesn’t throw deep anymore. Colts fans complaining about Brissett not throwing deep enough will be frustrated with the old man soon enough if he comes to Indy. Pass! Don’t need him here. Kraft would force Belichick to resign him before he allows his golden boy to play in Indy.
  9. Best Places for Brady... 1. Retirement 2. New England 3. Jacksonville 4. San Diego 5. Detroit ( back to Michigan to play for a Belichick disciple) Indy will not be an option due to Kraft and Deflategate stigma.
  10. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead! For this season at least. Ha...ha! I can watch the Super Bowl this year!
  11. Zone defense gets you beat. Don’t know why Ballard loves that crappy scheme so much. He has yet to draft the talent needed to play it effectively. Hooker isn’t the ball hawk he envisioned and this team needs more pass rushers off the edges. Not to mention a playmaker at DT.
  12. Dude...you’re all over the place on this. Who you want and who you think are not necessarily the same. I voted based on who I thought since that was the title of your thread and poll.
  13. That’s just common sense. Anyone thinking a drafted rookie will be better than Brissett next season is not being realistic. I don’t expect Ballard to sign a free agent QB. It will be Jacoby and a drafted Qb per Irsay.
  14. I hate the soft zone coverage schemes that the Colts play. Any defense that knowingly has “no coverage zones” as an accepted part of the scheme is a big problem. Hooker has been disappointing as he is not the ball hawk that many thought he would be but our scheme is horrible.
  15. Personally, I’m not for bringing in a lot of big name free agents but one guy that Ballard should sign is Yannick Ngakoue. He would galvanize our defensive front with his pass rush.
  16. Yes...I posted support for Justin Herbert earlier today in another thread. He is the QB that I would like to see Ballard target and get from this year’s class. He can run, pass, has good size and demonstrates solid character and leadership. Checks a lot of boxes in my opinion. I expect his stock to rise in the coming months. If Ballard wants him...he will have to move up and get him.
  17. By that I mean that if the Pats got wind the Colts were about to sign him. Kraft would swoop in and probably get Brady to resign for less than what the Colts would be offering. He knows that he could not allow that to happen. Their fan base would be in an uproar. Brady deep down wants to retire a Patriot...they are his entire legacy.
  18. Kraft and Belichick would never allow Brady to play for the Colts. You saw what happened with McDaniels. I wouldn’t want him ever wearing the Shoe anyway. Colts will find their own way back to contention eventually. No need to sell our soul for Brady. Phillip Rivers is washed but would be better than Brissett. How ever not enough to warrant the dollars it will take to sign him. Love is overrated. Don’t want to draft him. Would rather draft Justin Herbert and just take our lumps with Jacoby/Herbert next season.
  19. Well the NFL won in court over Brady in Deflategate so whether Brady admits it or not...in the eyes of the public he was found guilty and punished for it. But I get what your saying more so in relation to the latest allegations. Point is there has always been scandals of this nature associated with the Pats and that tarnishes their legacy and is why Tom Brady is not the GOAT in my opinion. He just has the most rings. To me...being the GOAT implies a certain level of integrity to their career that I don’t think Tom Brady has.
  20. We know they did...it’s just impossible to know the extent since the NFL conspired to destroy a lot of the video evidence from Spygate.
  21. It’s in the front of mine. So he isn’t the G.O.A.T. to me but I will acknowledge that he is the “Most Accomplished”.
  22. Luck retired unexpectedly right before season started. No one really knows if it for good at this point. Players have been known to unretire. Ebron was placed on IR by the Colts. He can’t place himself there.
  23. Personally, I’m interested in the Colts business as a fan. But I’m not going to begrudge a player for making a business decision. Hilton alluded to him quitting. That may be his opinion but doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. Not everyone is willing to put all on the line to play through injury. Hilton is relatively secure with the Colts. Ebron has free agency looming and has yet to hit on that big deal. Any way how can Hilton have such a problem with Ebron and yet be all good with what Luck pulled? You think Luck couldn’t have played this season if he really wanted to?
  24. Or he could have been the poor sap who lost the run away cart to begin with. Lol. He seemed to know exactly how to stop it.
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