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  1. Losing to the Jags down in Jax has become something that the Colts just do. It would have been more surprising if they actually won the game down there honestly. Indy has lost to the Jags before and then proceeded to make the post season so this is not quite the death nail that you are making it out to be. Every season teams lose to some that they are favored to beat and beat a few they are expected to lose to. That’s what happens in the NFL especially when facing a division rival.
  2. I’m a little surprised by how confident some of us are when this Colts team lost to the “lowly” Jags just 2 weeks ago. There are no gimmes in this league. Our Colts better come to play if they want to win. Can’t just roll our helmets on the field and expect to coast to victory. The thing is this....can the Colts play to their standard against the bad teams of this league or will their level of play sink to the level of the mediocre opponents they face? Thus far the Colts have been very inconsistent on that front. Who knows what Colts team will show up on Sunday?
  3. Oh most definitely C.C.! I think that was the most frustrated I have been in the Manning era after a post season loss. In my mind there was just no excuse for losing to the Jets by that score in the playoffs with Peyton Manning as our QB. As Colts fans we really had to persevere through some grueling post seasons to finally get that one Lombardi but that made it even sweeter to finally see our boys break through.
  4. “That Old man Rivers...he just keeps rolling aloooong!” Glad he had a better outing against the Vikes. Hoping he can continue with more games like that. Offensive game planning and run pass ratio was much better and I believe that allows Rivers to be at his most effective. Eventually I expect opposing defenses to sell out more to try to stop the Colts running game and put more of the game pressure on Rivers’ arm. We will see how well the Colts can adapt when that happens.
  5. Blackmon won me over when he refused to let that a Viking ball carrier jump over his head. It was like he was sending the message...”No...We are having no more of that nonsense...not this week and definitely not on my watch!” My man did not suit up to be put on anyone’s poster.
  6. Hopefully Campbell can overcome this and have a successful career with the Colts. Right now he seems snake bit. Too many injuries and not enough time on the field. I don’t expect much out of Parris usually because we hardly get to see him. We get glimpses of what he can bring but rarely get the benefit of him. So his absence doesn’t really phase me much. The Colts will continue to do what they have always done and that is play without him.
  7. I wasn’t born yet for that one but as a fan who is here because of the Colts’ Baltimore roots...that Super Bowl upset loss to that Jets team on our resume really irks me.
  8. Jets are one of those teams that always seem to play the Colts tough even when they are considered bad. The last time the Colts played the Jets was in 2018. Everyone expected a Colts win then too but they lost to them. That lost had this forum on the brink as most of us (myself included) were ready to toss away any hopes of the Colts making the post season that year. That was before Luck caught fire and the Colts made an incredible run to make the playoffs.
  9. Good for Peyton. I’m sick of Brady’s constant petty swipes at the Colts. There is a lot our former Colts could say about that organization but usually don’t.
  10. Much better performance by our Colts today all around. As Ice Cube once put it, “Today was a good day.”
  11. Crap! Minshew picked off. Titans will survive a scare at home.
  12. Very nice win and game plan today by our Colts. Now keep that up.
  13. VCU and ODU 1-2 punch courtesy of Mo Alie and Pascal. VA all day Baby! Lol
  14. Now this game thus far is what Colts football should look like.
  15. Colts playing better than they did last week. Jury still out on the Vikings. This one isn’t over yet.
  16. Nice job Defense! Protect the ball Offense and let’s build on this lead.
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