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  1. '68 team had a great defense for sure.I think they had 4 shutouts during the regular season,then shutout the browns in the NFL championship game.Never should have lost to the jets.
  2. Earl Morral started at QB in that superbowl
  3. Skip is picking us? We're doomed
  4. … and yet some were mad when we selected a guard with the 6th pick in the draft
  5. Playoffs? Playoffs? Are you kidding me? Playoffs
  6. Just the fact that Luck is back playing at a high level has made it successful season for me.No one was sure when the season started.Add in the O-line improvements and lately the defense improvements.
  7. I'm all for giving second chances,but he's had second,third,forth and so on.I think he's done
  8. It's been such a long time since we've heard "Andrew Luck is starting at QB". Sounds so nice
  9. I always thought the home team had the choice of wearing their light or dark uniforms,i could be wrong.Seems like the cowboys always wear white at home though.
  10. Well I never cared much for Rodney anyway,but until Luck is back on the field playing games,i can see some people being skeptical. I don't pay much attention to what people predict in the off-season though.
  11. That's the problem with these type of lists,there are always good players left off.
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