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  1. Think it might be a better SB then people think though. Pats usually play close SBs. But you got to favor them to pull this out.
  2. Brady is seriously a bad man in the clutch. Mahomes though is unreal, really that kid is amazing.
  3. I had Pats/Rams all year. Proof is on this page lol. But I wasn't really following it closely. I thought the Saints might be taken by Philly instead, this was rather shocking. Pats got this IMO.
  4. My husband is a Pats fan but isn’t as into football as he is with his Red Sox (his big passion is baseball). He already told me to not be suprised if the Pats don’t make it this year.
  5. Won’t be surprised if Eagles dark magic takes down Saints.
  6. I had Rams/Pats most of the year but now I really do not know....it could be anyone.
  7. Never thought I would like a Philly team but I absolutely love Nick Foles....
  8. Thats what my husband said. Foles is bringing his own voodoo powers now to New Orleans. The NFC playoffs has been terrific.
  9. Nick Foles is crazy man....he's "that guy" in big games.
  10. This is fun, now I can start making dinner now while this is on in the background lol.
  11. Yeah got to say that didn't work out well for Houston on that 4th down lol
  12. lol it's been that long? I think I almost didn't believe the Colts would get in until they......got in. Just relax guys. It's a tough divisional rival game but we have Luck.
  13. You all didn't really think I wouldn't stop by for the playoffs did you? ;) This is what I live for in sports. Lets get it. Never thought the Colts would be in this position this season, absolutely amazing. Luck has been phenomenal.
  14. Hoping Dipo will be okay too. Seems mysterious and I hope it's just a matter of resting enough to be back later. In the meantime the Pacers depth looks pretty good though.
  15. I still got Boston winning the east by years end, seedings be damned. Their ceiling is HIGH. They won the last 3 when Marcus Smart/Marcus Morris were inserted into the starting lineup. Gives them a tougher starting 5 with Horford/Tatum/Morris/Smart/Irving. Now Brown says he is okay if he has to come off the bench too since he missed 3 games with a back injury and knows Smart fits better right now. Gordon Hayward offered to come off the bench a few weeks ago and ripped off 30 points the other night. It's just a strange process with Boston, you got like 9 starters on this team. Finding the roles and who goes where etc. has been a painful process... But when this thing clicks (and I believe it will) it's going to be electric later. Not everyone can pull a Golden State and have their best players as starters IMO. Irving plays better with Smart since then he can play off the ball more like he did in Cleveland and then Smart can guard the other teams best guard. This is still a work in progress.......but I still never gave up on this team despite blowing games this year and some ugly stuff. This isn't a Boston friendly forum but damn this C's team is fascinating with all those guys.
  16. Friendly Celtics update. I changed my mind. Scratch anything I said about Gordon Hayward! He got the minutes restrictions taken off this week and it's starting to click. Don't get me wrong, he's got a few months to go I think till he is back and perhaps even until the playoffs begin......but this dude's brains and play making is ABSURD. He knows where to pass the ball, when and he is really good at making reads now. He's a smart smart guy who seems to be getting it better now. Kyrie was unreal tonight beating the Raptors with 43 points and 11 assists. I mean unreal. I think this Celtics team is starting to "get it" now. It was just a matter of being patient. And nobody in Boston sports has patience lol. If I have concerns it's the trash brothers in the background; Rozier and Smart. And sometimes Jaylen Brown. But I think Gordon Hayward is the type of player who makes those around him better. And I think I overreacted. Gordon isn't going to light up the scoreboard but he's the type that does all those little things and believe me this C's team will go where he goes......
  17. Agree but Covington sucks IMO. Well at least vs. the Celtics he does. I think it's upgrade unless Butler/Embiid butt heads on the team. And then the team has to get another shooter. Spacing and shooting looks weird on paper.
  18. Realistically, Philly should pick up Korver. They need shooting bad with how the roster is currently set up. They were talking to Korver in the summer. The east last year was a damn patty cake walk outside of Lebron. This year it looks like everyone has teeth. On a side note I am still predicting the Celtics make a trade this season, even if they move someone (Hayward or Rozier or both) for someone you never heard of. Or in the offseason at least......
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