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  1. Hoping Dipo will be okay too. Seems mysterious and I hope it's just a matter of resting enough to be back later. In the meantime the Pacers depth looks pretty good though.
  2. I still got Boston winning the east by years end, seedings be damned. Their ceiling is HIGH. They won the last 3 when Marcus Smart/Marcus Morris were inserted into the starting lineup. Gives them a tougher starting 5 with Horford/Tatum/Morris/Smart/Irving. Now Brown says he is okay if he has to come off the bench too since he missed 3 games with a back injury and knows Smart fits better right now. Gordon Hayward offered to come off the bench a few weeks ago and ripped off 30 points the other night. It's just a strange process with Boston, you got like 9 starters on this team. Finding the roles and who goes where etc. has been a painful process... But when this thing clicks (and I believe it will) it's going to be electric later. Not everyone can pull a Golden State and have their best players as starters IMO. Irving plays better with Smart since then he can play off the ball more like he did in Cleveland and then Smart can guard the other teams best guard. This is still a work in progress.......but I still never gave up on this team despite blowing games this year and some ugly stuff. This isn't a Boston friendly forum but damn this C's team is fascinating with all those guys.
  3. Friendly Celtics update. I changed my mind. Scratch anything I said about Gordon Hayward! He got the minutes restrictions taken off this week and it's starting to click. Don't get me wrong, he's got a few months to go I think till he is back and perhaps even until the playoffs begin......but this dude's brains and play making is ABSURD. He knows where to pass the ball, when and he is really good at making reads now. He's a smart smart guy who seems to be getting it better now. Kyrie was unreal tonight beating the Raptors with 43 points and 11 assists. I mean unreal. I think this Celtics team is starting to "get it" now. It was just a matter of being patient. And nobody in Boston sports has patience lol. If I have concerns it's the trash brothers in the background; Rozier and Smart. And sometimes Jaylen Brown. But I think Gordon Hayward is the type of player who makes those around him better. And I think I overreacted. Gordon isn't going to light up the scoreboard but he's the type that does all those little things and believe me this C's team will go where he goes......
  4. Agree but Covington sucks IMO. Well at least vs. the Celtics he does. I think it's upgrade unless Butler/Embiid butt heads on the team. And then the team has to get another shooter. Spacing and shooting looks weird on paper.
  5. Realistically, Philly should pick up Korver. They need shooting bad with how the roster is currently set up. They were talking to Korver in the summer. The east last year was a damn patty cake walk outside of Lebron. This year it looks like everyone has teeth. On a side note I am still predicting the Celtics make a trade this season, even if they move someone (Hayward or Rozier or both) for someone you never heard of. Or in the offseason at least......
  6. MY GOD. Yep this dude. Basically he was shooting like Reggie Miller last night, especially in the first half. I will say Gordon Hayward is a great free throw shooter though, I really do trust him at the line. The free throws are smooth and sharp.
  7. This bugs me with Philly. I don't know how this will work well with a hot head like Butler on Philly and also spacing/shooting. But I was secretly hoping the Celtics would swap Butler for Haywashed since Irving/Butler are tight. At this point a few orange security cones can defend better then Gordon Hayward. I still think the odd man out is Gordon sadly and I can't always deny this. I mean last night Irving had to go to a family funeral so he misses the game. Celtics without Irving actually got WORSE on defense. This is not even a joke, Irving has played good defense in a lot of games this year. I don't want Philly to get better, the C's own them but still I hate how the east is making all these nice trades for stars like Kawhi and Butler while last night Joe freaking Ingles made Gordon Hayward look bad in Utah. And ex Celtic Jae Crowder lit up the C's "defense" too. My goodness gracious..... Anyway thats my friendly Celtics rant of the day. Carry on.....
  8. Reminds me of Irving at times with Dipo. Irving dropped 30 vs. Denver nights ago and the C's still lose. Just have to try to find a way to get more guys on the team hot, shots don't always fall in. Dipo though man, the only reason I admit I sometimes try to catch the Pacers..... You caught Philly at the wrong time though, they were in a slump and were desperate for a statement game.
  9. Friendly Celtics update. Rozier and Ainge said the reports are untrue and he is not unhappy. But we'll see. Last night the Celtics were on the brink of losing in Phoenix. In the first half only one starter by halftime scored for real (Irving). C's were down 22 points to a bad Suns team. I saw mystical trades happening before my very eyes.... Then Kyrie went bananas. 39 points, magical shots, stealing balls and he managed to get Jaylen Brown hot again. He even passed the ball to Marcus Morris for the game tying shot to win in OT. I saw visions again for the first time of "Cleveland Kyrie" when he used to go nuts with Lebron on the court scoring like a crazy person with his jersey untucked. God I love that Kyrie..... Kyrie said the team will be OK and he will make sure of this. I won't lie though, Kyrie+Lebron used to be pure magic at times on the court.....I had visions of this again. Anyway my point is if you get bored late tonight Gordon Hayward makes his return to Utah *gulp*. And Kyrie is not playing since his grandfather died and he had to attend his memorial today. So Gordon sans Kyrie in Utah, should be great. I think? Brad did the unthinkable last night too btw. He BENCHED Jayson Tatum, golden boy Tatum. And he even BENCHED Gordon at the end of the game for Marcus Morris. Wowww this Boston team is a trip this year.
  10. I think I been too tough on Gordon. He's still trying to feel things out and in my mind I have noticed some of the backups not meshing with him well since they might feel Gordon didn't earn his starting spot after missing the entire season. One thing about Gordon, despite his lack of impact on the court in stats, he is running the offense well when he is out there. He's a smart smart guy. It's going to be tough to move Gordon due to how much money his contract is. Against Denver the other night, the starters actually had a 19 point lead vs. the Nuggets. The bench and weird rotations then blew the game wide open......since Brad has too many issues IMO trying to keep everyone happy and get them out there. The deep playoff run wasn't the best thing in the world since it gave a lot of guys an agenda. We'll see how this all works out though.
  11. The problem might very well be Terry Rozier and not Gordon Hayward.
  12. Done. You can have him for free along with a first rounder (Celtics have several from other teams). He loves the Pacers so much he even passed you the ball to end the game the other night. Okay just wanted to rant. I feel better now. I mean I don't hate Hayward but my goodness for 30 million dollars it can make me feel a bit icky......thats a lot of money!!!!
  13. No shame losing to the Rockets at all. Guys, I got to rant. Something is seriously wrong with the Celtics. My gut says it's Gordon Hayward. Kyrie was hot as hell tonight scoring, and Brad has to keep all his guys happy and give minutes to Rozier/Morris etc who kill the momentum. Gordon is just like, utterly USELESS as a starter, but he's Brad's boy. Rozier doesn't even want to pass the ball to Gordon in the second unit. Will Danny Ainge over ride Brad this year and make a trade? OMG.....well at least my husband got the Red Sox so he is still content. Do you all want Gordon back in Indy where he belongs? And I feel so bad, Gordon has been through hell with his injury but he does not contribute A THING as a starter and he holds back Jaylen and Tatum. Pacers will win the east now. No idea but just saying your team is more fun right now then Boston outside of a few good performances this year by Irving and Tatum.
  14. Sorry didn't mean to hog up the thread with Celtics stuff. But man thats sad! It did most say take PG a full season. And then like you said he didn't dunk and drive as much. Part of me wonders if it's a mental thing? I am slightly fascinated.
  15. Okay thats what I notice with Gordon. Granted it's only early November and stuff. But compared to him in Utah he lacks serious aggression on offense. He's a smart smart guy and can run an offense, but I notice him taking some awful jump shots too. He's okay on defense at times but at other times I have seen teams attack him this year so far which is painful to watch. I mean I can't say he might ever get back to this again but geez...... I'll be patient though but it's soooo sad. I mean every move he makes is celebrated almost like an accomplishment. I am happy Pacers fans did give Gordon and Brad a pretty good round of applause though at the game. I know since the injury Gordon has been in contact a lot with PG. And I know Stevens had contacted Frank Vogel too.
  16. Where is Gordon from Utah who used to drive to the basket all the time? Sigh....... I admit yeah the 3 point crap with the C's is getting bad. We'll see if they stop it since I heard it's a new offense. I mean even BAYNES has been taking a lot of 3's. And he's a center..... I agree about getting the higher % shot too, thats why ball movement has been poor as well. Honestly if it were up to me and it isn't, all the big shots would go to Kyrie and Tatum, period.....that would be my main scoring duo.
  17. Red Sox BURNED Kershaw, I almost "almost" felt sorry for him. I admit I have become a baseball fan and you may at times have a new person here to chime in from time to time. . Dare I say it......football is my third sport now? I have not been into football as much at all this year, barely. I might for the playoffs but I am just kinda bored. It's not even a Colts thing either, it's just I am having issues following all the teams or getting into it.
  18. I had meant to ask you guys a bit if you remember how long it took Paul George to regain form after his gruesome injury years back. I remember it was similar to Haywards. But PG was younger and I think he is a more athletic guy. Did he ever look the same to you guys again or did little things change a bit? I worry about Gordon since not only is bringing him back a challenge but he still has ankle pain and soreness he has to play through for a while he was told. And he was simply awful in some games this year. He has had a few good games and is better on D then I thought. But sometimes I just worry.....
  19. It wasn't the refs at all last night. What it really breaks down to with the Dipo 3 at the end is the Pacers rushed it down the court so the Celtics would be in transition and would be unable to organize their unit to put Smart on Dipo. They wanted to catch Irving on Dipo which they did and burn him. Smart had a MONSTER game defensively and Irving is clearly no Marcus Smart on defense lol. Irving wasn't supposed to be on Dipo but somehow was and Brad was yelling something on the sideline to Kyrie but it was too late. Normally at end of Celtics games in those situations Stevens likes to have a time out or hopes the opponent calls one so they can substitute Smart over Irving in for D and vice versa for O with Irving over Smart if it's the other way around. Pacers know the Celtics well enough by now that they seriously did get them with their pants down. Thats the luck of the draw with top teams and close endings. Just like last year too with the game in Indy when Rozier stole the inbounds pass then dunked it with seconds left. Thats the game ending that made poor oldunclemark have to go lie down for the night. Stevens just basically says at the end of these sorts of games that one team made one more big play then the other. Don't think the refs were a factor in this one since it seemed more about who could out smart the opponent and just come up with that one extra play... JMO though.
  20. Pacers deserved the win and it was pay back for that weird win we stole last year in Indy. That sort of weird clustered up ending sort of game thing that makes no sense. Pacers/Celtics have some really fun games. I am just saying, something is off with the rotations in Boston. It makes my head spin.......too many wings... I have seen some bizarre lineups from Brad this year and I think he is still trying to figure this thing out. Pacers seem pretty set though with their chemistry.
  21. It breaks my heart to hear C's fans criticize Gordon, but last night.....he passed the ball at the end right to the Pacers. Hey I knew he loved Indy but not that much. But man I really want him to succeed, but I feel he is hurting Tatum/Brown. I dunno, lets see how this works out in another week or two. Hayward still has a long ways to go compared to his highlight reels in Utah.
  22. Congrats on the win last night (and Dipo made a HUGE shot) but I have to say I know the Celtics problem....... I feel bad for Kyrie since if not for his late 3's they aren't even in the game and he missed a layup he always makes. He was in foul trouble most of the game so his minutes were cut. I feel sorry for him since they all call him the team leader and he took blame for the entire loss after the game due to the layup and foul issues. He always takes blame now for any loss. But thats not what I think is the problem with Boston. Something to keep an eye on and I was afraid of this. Gordon Hayward. Does. Not. Fit. At least right now. He was a train wreck in this game. The C's have 3 high quality wings with Tatum/Brown/Hayward and it's crowded and they have zero chemistry with Hayward being not even CLOSE to 100%. We'll see how this goes and if it works as the season moves on (it's only early November) but I kinda wonder if Gordon should be moved to the bench and if Brad would dare even do that since they have such a strong history. Further proof of this not working is when Jaylen Brown missed the Bucks game a few nights ago, Hayward had his best game. When Hayward missed the Knicks game a few weeks ago, Tatum had his best game. Making these wings fit together in a starting lineup and getting Hayward back into this is proving more difficult I think then most imagined...... But we'll see how it swings out with time. Still have high hopes for the C's later this season, but it looks really crowded with people who want the ball and you got to give Kyrie his shots regardless. If the C's didn't have the #1 D again, they would not always be in these games since the offense is really topsy turvy.
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