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  1. Absolutely agree!!! Steelers must be livid. Plus Steelers have to play Redskins with 10 days off.
  2. I don’t think the Ravens should be given a mulligan even if they cannot use their facility till Monday. They have to be made to play the game so that the Steelers’ schedule is not messed up again (already had it done by Titans). Tuesday night game for Ravens-Steelers and Sunday game for Ravens who were going to be play short week game vs Cowboys anyways while Steelers game vs Washington the following week should be an earlier MNF game like the Chiefs-Bills game.
  3. Here’s the deal - the Ravens had 2 consecutive Thursday night games, now a good likelihood one moves to Monday/Tuesday and another to next Sunday or something like that.
  4. But we got another 2nd for it and got Pittman and Banogu... Ballard being a first time GM shows an evolution of his picks, from high potential players with lesser college production to 2020 draft where he valued college production more and it has shown.
  5. Trace McSorley at QB - if the Ravens have enough healthy bodies by Tuesday they’ll play on Tuesday, IMO.
  6. Why can a safety never roll on time against Will Fuller? If I see Eberflus doing that going 1-on-1 vs Fuller, I'd be mad. They go empty backfield most of the time and Watson throws 2/3rd of the time. I'd force them to run by giving them run lanes, being able to rush four and generate pressure on Watson is important. If you blitz, blitz from the slot and not from the corner and make sure you never give up that deep ball for long completions. Will Fuller - 4 out of 5 years, he comes down with hammy issues and in a contract year, he does all the off season work to not miss more than
  7. Happy Thanksgiving to the Colts family!!! We have our disagreements on posts but that is all fine. Life >>>>>>> football though we can get real passionate about football, which is why we are here . Enjoy today with the ones you love the most. Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough trouble of its own.
  8. Ditto @Four2itus and @w87r - you guys are a pleasure to have around in this forum, whether we agree on posts or not . Stay healthy and have a great Thanksgiving!!
  9. That is what most of us are hoping for, for him to test negative before the game and play. That would be HUGE, well everyone has already said that in so many words.
  10. Exactly, he is not getting beat badly, he is always in close vicinity!!! A split second decision is what a CB has to make constantly and as you learn, you make those decisions better. I still have high hopes for him.
  11. Plus, I think adding Antonio Brown makes their offense worse because Brady does not drop it in the bucket for deep passes like RW or Big Ben or even guys like Mahomes and Murray, his throws are a little more flatter on those deep balls he tries to hit or he needs a jump ball guy like Randy Moss to go up and get it. RW throws it much ahead of the WR but by the time the WR catches up with it, it seems like that the last second of that throw is a dip from the throw rather than a flat trajectory. I don't know how QBs do that, that is why they get paid those big bucks. The flat trajectory throws in
  12. Allen Robinson or Chris Godwin, let us not forget about him.
  13. Giants might mess Brady up again, lol.
  14. Texans 31 Lions 17 Football Team 24 Cowboys 21 Ravens 20 Steelers 34 Chargers 27 Bills 34 Titans 27 Colts 24 Panthers 30 Vikings 27 Browns 20 Jaguars 23 Giants 31 Bengals 10 Cardinals 24 Patriots 27 Dolphins 31 Jets 24 Saints 31 Broncos 17 49ers 24 Rams 34 Chiefs 34 Buccaneers 31 Bears 21 Packers 24 Seahawks 30 Eagles 23
  15. Both the Colts and Titans finish 11-5 but we win via our 2-0 head to head tie-breaker. We will play Raiders in the #4 vs #5 matchup seeking revenge.
  16. This sounds like another version of this thread:
  17. I think the Rams take the NFC West, they are a very balanced team. Cardinals will fade when the going gets tough, IMO. If Brees comes back, Saints or Rams take on the Chiefs or Steelers in the SB.
  18. I think the regime change had more to do with Caldwell being let go here when Grigson came in after Polian and his son were sent packing. In Detroit however, I don't think there was a GM change when he was let go, was there? Anyone remember?
  19. Eberflus is the king of rope-a-dope, just like the 32nd ranked rush defense in the league in our SB winning year, lol.
  20. No, I have seen aggressive Ds like the Steelers or Ravens back up their QB with blitzes and force punts right after their O commits a turnover. There is no sarcasm in this. It is a valid question. Yes, our O does not do enough on the turnovers the D presents it, that is your point, I got it. The flip side can also be posed as a fair question, right?
  21. Yes, as QB, to replace Lamar Jackson??? Or is it too early to give up on Lamar?? Or do I safely go with Derek Carr (Falcons, Jets are next 2 opponents) till I see if Lamar's passing improves? Week 12 - Lamar plays Steelers, so I plan to bench him. Carr or Taysom for replacement?
  22. Yeah, it seems like we rarely make a team punt on offense even if the turnover is at midfield.
  23. Our special teams is getting recognized everywhere: https://www.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2020/11/22/colts-special-teams-too-strong-packers/6382073002/
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