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  1. Like the movie Troy, people are going to go low on your Achilles to get ya!!! j/k
  2. Hey, we signed one, let us move on to TC as a united Colts fanbase. I don't think we are going to make any more additions, and this thread frankly has run its course, IMO.
  3. You know what. I am thinking we might not even worry about Leno at this point. If Fisher is going to be a half season rental and we are going to let Tevi, Davenport, Holden battle it out in TC for rights to LT for the first half, there is no huge advantage in having 3 or 4 LT candidates signed and muddying it up with Leno more, does that make sense? I am leaning towards the folks at the top thinking that way based on this Fisher signing.
  4. I voted for 5 WRs since I feel we will have 5 RBs with Deon Jackson making the roster used for KR and PR. I think Strachan will show us something that Patmon didn't and will make the roster over him as the 5th WR. If there is an injury, that is when we bring in a 6th WR. Again, just speculative guessing
  5. Oh sorry, definitely my bad. I totally glossed over Davenport. He had good results at LT when he played. Will Holden, in all fairness, he did fill in for Castanzo in the Steelers game last year, FWIW. I came across this while checking Davenport's history with the Texans and this stood out to me: https://www.battleredblog.com/2021/3/24/22348133/2021-nfl-free-agency-julien-davenport-expected-to-sign-with-the-indianapolis-colts The following season, in 2018, the Texans trotted out Davenport at left tackle and Seantrel Henderson at right tackle. Henderson
  6. Started vs Steelers last season when Castanzo was banged up. Just going based on Colts history here.
  7. I think this move was hedging, should Leno's demands go out of our ballpark, with just 1 team overpaying him more than his market value. If we can get Leno for $6-7 mil. for 1 year, Ballard would be a genius. Let us see how his visits with other teams go.
  8. Will Holden would be the biggest competition, IMO.
  9. Its possible they’re still interested in Leno but he might have asked for too much??? Not sure if they even engaged him, could be like when fans speculated about Stafford. Just like with Stafford vs Wentz, they went with familiarity and their trust played a factor.
  10. We could keep 5 RBs if we keep 9 total WRs and TEs, IMO. Hines plays such an important role that they may not want him returning kicks for risk of injury, so maybe Deon Jackson is like Trindon Holliday, someone that will be a key part of the return game??? I don't know. Just speculating. But then we got enamored with Chad Kelly too, and no one claimed him from the PS either.
  11. Charles Leno is visiting the WFT. https://sports.yahoo.com/former-pro-bowl-offensive-tackle-022338908.html
  12. 4 QBs in 4 years, God bless Reich and Ballard!!!
  13. In a Covid world, international travel is the last thing on Fisher's mind.
  14. The Ballard cheerleader in me: I told ya, I told ya... The Devil's advocate in me (quoting Simon Cowell): Talk is cheap, let us see how it plays out on the field...
  15. The difference is, Urban Meyer puts a lot of stock in running the ball and playing defense, and won't let the Jaguars' QB chuck it 40 times like Zac Taylor did with Joe Burrow. He will put an emphasis on protecting Lawrence and not throw anywhere close to 30 times a game unless necessary. That is why they will work together well and Lawrence will have a chance to be very efficient. Jaguars' defense will be improved this year as well, IMO and they will be back to a scrappy team playing enough close games to win about 5-6 of them eventually.
  16. True. But they did invest in Hunter Henry, Jonnu Smith and Nelson Agholor, so Mac Jones may not be walking into as bad a situation as Cam did last year.
  17. @EastStreet - Payton Turner was gone in Round 1 to the Saints, might want to scratch him off the list of mentions for No. 54, it is the draft mock commish in me speaking.
  18. A man does not plant a tree for himself; he plants it for posterity. Alexander Smith Is that good enough for you, @Four2itus ?
  19. It will happen from time to time, the expectations from a Charles Leno Jr. might be a little less than with an Eric Fisher for comparison though we might end up being just as effective with our OL when it is all said and done. So I think from that point of view, we will end up being happier with Charles Leno Jr.
  20. ...and what can he then do next to Q? It would be fun to imagine.
  21. This is actually good for baselining any deal we do with a much younger Charles Leno Jr., IMO, or even Eric Fisher who is at least 3 plus years younger than Villanueva. This should set things in motion for us too as a consequence.
  22. This should give you a deeper look to make up your own mind:
  23. Yeah, the world of fantasy football makes us relish guys like David Montgomery and Trubisky who may have played part in the FF playoff championship run in the last month of regular season football but behind those RBs and QBs producing, there is a left tackle that is playing at a very good level that is overlooked, and that was Charles Leno Jr. There is also an overlooked aspect of 1 game too, where Bears qualified as a #7 seed for the playoffs, and Charles Leno Jr. went against a very good DL in the New Orleans Saints. 49 snaps played, 0 sacks and 0 penalties with a decent 68.3 ra
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