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    Jj watt

    Needs to hang it up, IMO.
  2. No, not with Antonio Brown out. He’s still going to get plenty of red zone looks. Plus not many QBs are accurate to hit ME back shoulder even when he’s covered like Brady.
  3. Oh yes, we can. WR depth has been fantastic recently in the draft and there are always good WRs drafted in Round 2 every year, including our own Pittman.
  4. I want quadruplets like we had with Manning, Harrison, Wayne and Edge. Even Jerry Jones realized that he can't have just another Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin in the current passing league, so he went with Dak, Zeke, Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb.
  5. Dear Santa, I'd love for more people to just love each other this Christmas season than focus on their differences and embellish them. The rest will take care of itself.
  6. Still gives 110% in his blocking, no doubt. Still knows to sit inside a zone. He has value for a run oriented team like us but his utility is more with his run blocking than pass catching, this year has made that clear. If TY and Doyle retire next year, it will be enough shoes to fill. Ballard hopefully can find a way to get more draft picks.
  7. Bingo. 4 years in this league, learn to play within the pocket, it is about time Mahomes realizes that. It is really mind blowing to me, to be honest. Confidence is a subtle thing. Pretty soon, you are hearing steps of defenders in your head when they aren't, and forgetting the fundamentals of pocket passing. I can understand that 1 or 2 years into the league. 4 years into this league, come on Mahomes and Reid, you guys can do better than that.
  8. We need some extra oomph from special teams for field position too, a few good returns or something like that. Last year, in TN, it was our blocked punt return for a TD that spurred our surge on Thursday Night football with Rivers and company. Don't get caught looking on those boot legs. Like I referenced Rex Ryan's Ds before, give a real solid chip to the RB or TE to throw off their release on your way to the QB for the boot leg thus impacting the spacing of the RB or TE when they receive a boot leg pass. Show 8 in the box and if you see Tannehill boot leg, send the rusher towards him by chipping thus limiting the time the QB has and the pass yardage for a short completion. Play man coverage vs A J Brown before passing him off to a safety, otherwise, with a full head of steam, it will be hard to stop him after he has made the catch in the zone with a free release.
  9. Yes, and no. They revamped it with different kinds of players. Certain LTs give you more time in the pocket but if you are Mahomes and you move 10 yards behind after the snap, a lot of DEs can get around Orlando Brown because Fisher was used to Mahomes moving back that much, Orlando Brown is not but if it is within 5-6 yards that Mahomes is able to navigate the pocket and throw, Brown is effective. Fisher and Remmers got used to that tendency of Mahomes and Mahomes hasn't learnt to go away from those habits. So, a combination of that, Mahomes not adapting, and teams catching on to taking Kelce and Hill away since the Bucs did it in the SB, their sweeps, reverses, Hill or Kelce running free aren't working. Plus, Mahomes used to take more check downs to his RBs early on in 2018 and 2019, plus Andy Reid and the Chiefs ran the ball better. This year, that has not been the case. Teams are forcing Mahomes to be patient and he is not being patient. Hence they move the ball but turn it over more. Bottom line, NFL has caught up to Andy Reid and Mahomes and their offense, their honeymoon is over and they need to try and be patient and take what the D gives them. Their D, definitely trash. Spags' is good for a year or two, history has shown us that. They let go of Justin Houston, who has actually fared better than Frank Clark they gave up those boatload of picks for. Plus, the half billion dollar contract for Mahomes, puts a LOT of pressure on him, IMO.
  10. Google is your friend. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-says-he-gave-buccaneers-fan-a-bitcoin-to-repay-him-for-giving-up-ball-from-600th-career-td-pass/
  11. Now, Brittany retweets a sentiment about replays being shown about Mahomes' hit being barbaric, and she is getting blasted for it. LOL. They are eroding the goodwill that Mahomes is having, his entourage, IMO. Siara (wife of RW) and Gisele (Brady's wife), they know how to take a backseat despite their high profile careers of their own. I sense this "me, me, me, look at me, look at mine...generation" in Brittany, it is all fine as long as she doesn't drag Patrick's football into her posts. I do remember "my husband can't throw and catch" from Gisele though but someone egged her on after an emotional SB loss in Indy to answer a question and she took the bait. Just my observation.
  12. Yep. Jets sure showing it. As far as the Eagles, right now, Sirianni is not considering changing QB but if things get ugly, and if it came down to saving Hurts' job or his job, Sirianni and/or the management would at least like to evaluate how the offense would look with a QB that can hit the broad side of the barn like Minshew will be able to. Hurts makes my eyes bleed making routine throws look spectacular and taking off and running the moment he chooses to move anywhere outside the pocket.
  13. Kickers for a few games are dime a dozen. Cody Parkey, Dan Bailey, Stephen Gostkowski are still free agents. No one will give up a draft pick for Badgley, period.
  14. I am thinking KC sitting at 3-4 will lose to DAL and GB at least plus possibly 1 game vs the Raiders at least, the way they are playing. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati won't be easy either for them. KC has a good chance of being 10-7 at best and possibly 9-8, IMO. Our 4 common games - Ravens, Raiders, Bills, Titans - they have already lost 3 out of those, KC that is. Need to beat Titans and Raiders to give us the edge over them should we end up in a tie-breaker. This Titans game is more than just a division winning possibility game, it could end up helping with tie-breakers in the AFC big time later should we not win the division.
  15. We are getting into IFs and BUTs here, based on revisionist tendencies though. IF Blankenship makes the FG, we win, we overcome the low probability "gut feeling" decisions the coach made based on his confidence with his players to execute. Teams overcome situations and the impact on the score. That day vs the Ravens, we did not. The thing is analytics is not black and white once variables are introduced for gray areas, what you do with the probability can backfire on you just as much as it can help you. Ultimately, the team has to find a way to win, whether they were put in lower probability situations or not. Maybe it is the KISS principle or like Al Davis said, "Just Win Baby".
  16. Sometimes, we have a QB (has happened with Peyton, Big Ben etc.) taking a shot deep on 3rd down into someone else's territory by the end zone with a risky throw knowing that even if gets intercepted as a turnover, the downside is typically giving it to the opposition within their 20 yard line, which typically ends up about the same as a punt on 4th down. You don't try to throw the INT but you feel that kind of risk is acceptable while giving your WR a chance to go up and get it. Like Pittman???
  17. The more variables you introduce, the less predictable and useful it gets, IMO. Plus, there needs to be some stability on the other side w.r.t opposing coaches (useful with teams with less coaching turnover), coverages (like Eberflus and some teams that typically don't do something post snap that they don't show pre-snap) etc. that are less variable for the information to become more useful. Then, if Edelman is beating his guy like a drum most of the time, I don't care what the analytics say, I am going to him because it is the same guy he is lined up against and the QB chemistry (in this case Brady) with him. Insert any go to guy on a key 3rd or 4th down that a QB has confidence in similarly. Like the sideline throw with a 10-15% chance of completion etc., that is why the commercial "STAT THAT".
  18. Yes, that Bitcoin Brady gave him could end up being $100K at some point in time. He could turn around and sell those signed jerseys and make money too. Even if the ball sells for say $1 million, the fan probably got at least 15-20% of what the ball would have sold for if he holds on to the bitcoin smartly. Plus, no lawsuits from the NFL or the Bucs or Brady to worry about or deal with (which they can do to get the ball back since it was their stuff to begin with that they gave voluntarily but can ask back for it as well), no hassle whatsoever.
  19. Very true. It can't just be down and distance. The probabilities can never be evaluated in a pure vacuum, IMO. For example, the Seahawks, for some reason, they are very good on 3rd and short against the run and similarly on 4th and short, just based on my eye test and their stellar LB play in reading gaps over the years. It is not just based on last night's game vs the Saints. Stopping Cam Newton and the Patriots in 2020 on 4th down, stopping Brady and the Patriots in Foxboro in 2016 with another goal line stand, are just a few examples off the top of my head. So, opponents plus run or pass probabilities based on opponents should also be factored into the analytics, as opposed to purely down and distance, IMO.
  20. I agree, Randall is who I would sign for FS help.
  21. We need as much margin of error if we lose one of the Raiders or Patriots games. The Titans game is an AFC game, that is why it is a must win too for reducing our margin of error. NFC game losses will matter only if we end up with a tie-breaker having given ourselves a margin of error, otherwise it is pointless, an L is an L.
  22. I disagree. We have 2 wild card tiebreakers with the Raiders and Patriots coming up as well in addition to the Bills, Bucs and Cardinals. The Titans game is a must win if we want to even make the playoffs since we have not left ourselves with much margin for error.
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