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  1. Brian Daboll told he would return to Bills once the Chargers decided to hire Staley. He was not interested in the Texans or Eagles jobs.
  2. Winston will keep them competitive and we will see if he can cut on his turnovers. It was difficult to watch Brees not stretch the field past 20 yards at all throughout the game. Once Brees is gone, you can pencil in the Bucs for a top 2 seeding in the NFC for sure.
  3. With Brady, everything is possible. No SB has gone to OT, Falcons choke and TB takes it to OT and wins. No one has come back from more than 10 points down in the 4th qtr. of a SB, he does that in 2014 vs Seahawks down 14-24 in the 4th qtr. and vs Falcons in 2016, down 12-28 in the 4th qtr. No home team has ever played the SB in its own stadium, Brady might take them to the SB. He just belies history and has done so consistently with teams he has played.
  4. This is what I never understood. We don't have to go the Rams or Saints route in mortgaging picks or caps for a chance to win now. However, somewhere in between where we are and where those teams are would be more than acceptable to this fanbase. Most teams enjoy only limited windows. Cowboys and their vaunted OL, they thought they had a bigger window than they had and boom, it came crashing down last year, and the OL dominance, albeit part of it is due to injury and a bit due to Travis Frederick retiring, lasted shorter than they thought it would. That is why the "win now" is a cl
  5. They could start it earlier though to spread out the groups. There is typically 3 weeks from end of SB to beginning of combine. Maybe they cut it to 2 weeks and have the combine earlier. All the scouting and prep work of the scouts would be mostly done. They would still have their Pro days, the combine won't be the "be all and end all" for seasoned GMs and scouts anyways. Indy would already be in the mood for the "all teams in the same dome" environment that would be March Madness. So I don't think anyone would be caught less prepared, seems a reasonable thing to ask for, IMO.
  6. It is always a 60 minute game against teams that Brady is QB for in the playoffs. As long as the Packers are ready for a 60 minute game and show up in all phases, they will be slightly favored. Brady led teams do not get blown out easily in the playoffs, so it will be a dog fight till the last minute, that is all I can say.
  7. Yeah, maybe Paul Rudd and Hank Pym can give him some quantum mechanics do-overs.
  8. It would have to spread out over a week or 2 weeks instead of just 4 or 5 days because one position group might require extra spacing than usual and there should be plenty of seats at LOS to accommodate coaches.
  9. I will play contrarian: Buccaneers 23 Packers 20 (Snow game) Bills 24 Chiefs 21
  10. Just realized both championship games are rematches. Bills lost to Chiefs and Packers lost to Bucs earlier. Only one of them gets to take revenge on home field, the other one would have to win on the road (the Bills). Bills' D is playing much better the last few games, and their main issue will be Kelce. If Mahomes plays, it is a toss up. If Henne plays, Bills win by 10+ on the road.
  11. True. Daboll is still in the playoffs and Staley and the Rams were out. Bienemy is still in the playoffs. Josh McDaniels, now he is the leftover that you consider after the good hires are taken. The Eagles might ask him to sign the contract in blood before he walks out the door or have a mongoose at the contract signings for that snake.
  12. Doug Pederson for OC, maybe??? I like this pairing. Like I pointed out, hiring a defensive oriented coach along with a budding QB and quality OC has provided very good results in history at the highest level.
  13. Urban Meyer got to watch plenty of him from the booth and should know how well he would project to the NFL. as he probably knows his strengths and weaknesses when he recruited him to Ohio State.
  14. That always gives more ammunition for a team, playing a team a second time that they have lost to. We will see how it goes. I promised my family I would spend time with them next Sunday, so I am going to have to choose which conference championship game I watch so that I don't take away about 7-8 hours from them. I might just invest in the late night AFCCG between the young QBs, my daughter has to get to bed for school anyways.
  15. They thought he might fall to him but the Packers moved ahead and got him. We were obviously not too high on him, otherwise we would have made a move, IMO. Other than a vet like Stafford or Carr, our best bet is to bring back Rivers, but I truly do not sense the urge in Rivers to play as long as Brees or Brady, just my hunch.
  16. If the Colts defense forced 4 turnovers in the playoff game or stopped playing Jekyll and Hyde throughout the year, we might have been just as good as the Bucs in terms of results.
  17. Hey, lot of us are rooting for the Bills moving forward, just FYI. Love your team assembled. Think about Tom’s situation - all young QBs in AFC, aging QBs in NFC except NFC West and putrid NFC East once Brees retires, top 2 seed guaranteed in NFC. Smart man, knew exactly what he was doing. Just had to stay healthy and upright.
  18. That’s the thing. Just getting Peyton to the Broncos wasn’t enough, had to stockpile defensive talents via free agency too. Same thing with Brady, he was going to a team that lost games due to inept QB play but picked in the Top 5-15 consistently and this stockpiled young talent. Good situation for Tom.
  19. Peyton over Tebow, Brady over Winston, no brainers to me
  20. Bucs got the mojo in this game, they’re winning it!!!
  21. 2 turnovers for Saints, Brady made them pay both times with 14 points. That’s why he’s a very good playoff QB.
  22. Wow, what a throw by Brees and catch by TreQuan Smith!!!
  23. I don’t think it’s as bad as you guys are making it sound. This is playoff football and I think Brees and the Saints are playing a little more conservative outside that one trick play. Brady and the Bucs are actually more aggressive, IMO.
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