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  1. One thing I realize is Brady (his team) doesn’t quite get the calls as much in favor like he did as a Patriot.
  2. I’m surprised no blitzes have been attempted vs Brady.
  3. Sean Payton, you love him and you hate his guts... Was the same play that the Bears had the wide receiver drop the ball in the end zone. Same trick play. Go rewatch that.
  4. We said the Bucs D was the key and they have showed up today so far.
  5. Again, it’s the QB that doesn’t turn the ball over that eventually wins playoff games, or at least gives you a pubcher’s chance. Brady has the edge there over Brees.
  6. This poster’s history is that he’s not a fan of Mahomes, so connect the dots as to why he’s saying what he’s saying.
  7. Dude, you’re scary with your predictions. Couldn’t get anything right in weekly scores but once the playoffs came, you’re perfect, even got the margin of victory right for the Chiefs game.
  8. Just happy the Titans are in it no more. O-line is everything when it comes to winning in playoffs. O-line plus a QB with mobility gives a very good ceiling. Remembering all those years of Brady with good O-lines and Mahomes’ O-line balling last year and Cam Newton’s O-line in 2015 (till they ran into 2 great pass rushers in SB), and this year both Rodgers and Allen enjoying excellent O-line play.
  9. Well, the weather was much better for throwing for us and the Bills. Just goes to show you it’s a week to week thing in the NFL. A Turay mistake and Rodrigo missed kick came back to haunt us. I also feel the Bills D is better than people give them credit for.
  10. The best QBs that use their legs do so to pass first - Mahomes, Allen, Wilson and to an extent Rodgers
  11. Will get that State Farm SB after all? Rodgers vs Mahomes?? NFC and AFC go back and forth with #1 vs #1 seed SBs lately. 2009 - Saints over Colts 2013 - Seahawks over Broncos 2014 - Patriots over Seahawks 2015 - Broncos over Panthers 2016 - Patriots over Falcons 2017 - Eagles over Patriots
  12. Yeah, no to Wentz. Yes to Stafford. Rivers went 5-11 on a team with bad talent and OL in 2019, and went 11-5 with a team with much better talent and OL. The same turnaround can be expected with Stafford whose team has been devoid of defensive talent resulting in fewer wins, and his arm and lateral movement are a plus over Rivers. The coaches and GM will decide if that will give us an extra boost or not.
  13. He did get a taste of what it is to coach an RPO style offense with Cam Newton and he could get an upgrade with Jalen Hurts over Cam Newton, not that it is saying too much. If it is Wentz, I think he will get to work with much more and Miles Sanders might still take a shot at Wentz or McDaniels with some social media or interview comment, because that is what he does when things aren't going well and probably because a conventional offense, as opposed to an RPO offense hurts his RB stats and thus his future 2nd contract.
  14. The upside of hiring someone as prominent as a head coach trumps the league giving a 3rd round pick to a contender when drafting is an inexact science with most GMs hitting below .500, IMO. Most hires are being done by teams with terrible records anyways. They aren’t worried about a team that’s a contender, they just are worried about getting back to the playoffs. I do agree giving 2 third rounders increases the odds of hitting, this might just be a kickstarting move that might get reduced to 1 third rounder eventually. Worrying about the Chiefs will only happen for an NFC team w
  15. Like I said, the Lions won’t be giving up picks. The Rams would be awarded by the league 2 compensatory 3rd round picks across 2 years. That’s how it works.
  16. I do think it would matter more for intra-division hires like you inferred. Infra conference, not that much, unless you are the #2 or #3 seed chasing a coach from the #1 seed, which is unlikely because you get to where you are because of your coaching and players typically. Eric Bienemy, do we want the Chiefs to get 2 more third rounders across 2 draft years? Valid question if you’re an AFC playoff team.
  17. Exactly!!! I would pay him for the back up behind Rivers if I had to pay someone since Eason would still be under the rookie contract. Alex Smith is most likely let go in the off season, IMO.
  18. I would be glad to trade backups. I would take Alex Smith as a backup to Rivers and as my 3rd QB behind Eason over JB any day.
  19. Yeah, that had no place in the NFL. Mike Tomlin should have been suspended a few games for that, IMO. That would have been the right thing. Now, they replay it like it was some "blooper" to be entertaining.
  20. https://www.patspulpit.com/2021/1/15/22234044/patriots-draft-picks-jerod-mayo-eagles-head-coach-rooney-rule 49ers already get 2 additional draft picks awarded by the NFL for losing Saleh to the Jets. Similarly, if Todd Bowles becomes HC somewhere, the Bucs would gain compensatory picks. No one loses picks, the team losing the minority coach gains the picks. Thoughts???
  21. Still looking. One thing I know for sure is in years past, they did the Sunday divisional round games at 1 pm/4:30 pm ET combo. For TV sakes, they have moved it to 3:00 pm/6:30 pm ET slots. Look at this difference between 2019/2020 playoffs and 2018/2019 playoffs
  22. In the past, I thought they did. I remember Patriots choosing Saturday night a lot of times and the Broncos choosing the later afternoon slot for their divisional round games as the #1 seed. I am certain about that. I will try to find more information if I can. It could be different this year though.
  23. No, Mahomes and the KC Chiefs, as the #1 seed, get to choose their slot and chose the afternoon slot in cold KC weather.
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