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  1. I truly believe his play can be overcome with a slightly lesser LB than replacing Buckner, IMO, so if I am a GM, I would not give up a 1st for that. With good DL play, I can embellish a good LB to be a very good LB. However, with bad DL play, even a very good LB can end up being just good. If someone is offering a 1st rounder for Darius Leonard, I would grab it before they change their mind, IMO. Even one of the best, Ray Lewis, when he did not have Haloti Ngata and/or good DL play, could only do so much.
  2. You don't see a 5'10" WR drop like Marquise Brown?? Calvin Ridley went No.26, if I remember right. I think this is definitely possible. Waddle only played in four games during the 2020 season as he suffered a fractured right ankle that resulted in surgery (Oct. 2020) to repair. Calvin Ridley on nfl.com - https://www.nfl.com/draft/tracker/prospects/allPositions?college=allColleges&page=1&status=ALL&year=2018 If Waddle was sitting there at No.21, would you draft him?
  3. My hunch is that GM is going to ask for a 1st and a 3rd at least. If it is a future 3rd, I am OK with it.
  4. Falcons should send Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and 2 1st rounders to Texans for Watson. If Dimitroff was there, he would do it with some restructuring in there.
  5. Does this look any better w.r.t availability and probability? I am not sure. It is such a long long way from the draft. Round 1 - Jaylen Waddle, WR, Alabama Round 2 - Joe Tryon, EDGE, Washington Round 3 - Dillon Radunz, OT, North Dakota State Round 4 - Pete Werner, LB, Ohio State Round 5 - Noah Gray, TE, Duke Round 6 - Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB, Syracuse Round 7 - Kyree Campbell, DT, Florida
  6. Hey, just had a little time on my hand, here is the mock I did, some of the guys I did wonder if they'd be there where I picked. Round 1 Pick 21: Trey Lance, QB, North Dakota State Round 2 Pick 54: Christian Darrisaw, OT, Virginia Tech Round 3 Pick 84: Joe Tryon, EDGE, Washington Round 4 Pick 124: Nico Collins, WR, Michigan Round 5 Pick 162: Matt Bushman, TE, BYU Round 6 Pick 200: Divine Deablo, S, Virginia Tech Round 7 Pick 243: Lorenzo Neal Jr., DL, Purdue
  7. I would not characterize his runs as failures. That is a bit harsh, IMO. As DC of Ravens, went to 2011 AFCCG, and as HC of Colts, went to playoffs in all of his first 3 years with an AFCCG appearance in 2014. The Bears D, when it had its pieces intact without injuries, did real well with him. He has not knocked it out of the park but he has been a good coach but the issue was, he hired bad supporting staff and as HC, did not coach the D like he did with the Ravens and Bears, thus the D took steps backwards under him. Eberflus on the other hand has done better statistica
  8. You won't get a first for Leonard, IMO. But this was just chosen as an example, maybe a bad one.
  9. Of course, we would take a 1st rounder for Darius Leonard if someone offered it, that is what fans are sometimes, dreamers!!! Some get to the center to be realistic, others remain fanatics!!!
  10. Lions fans expecting two first rounders for Stafford are going to be sorely disappointed. I can see a first rounder and a future 3rd given up for him but two first rounders, not a chance, for a 34 year old QB.
  11. OK, if the Eagles said, like the Osweiler deal the Texans made with the Browns and said, I will give you a current 2nd and future 3rd if you take Wentz and his entire contract, would you do it? I would definitely think about it, personally in that scenario.
  12. QB, elite 3-tech and LT trump a shutdown CB for our team, that is truly not needed if we retain our current defensive scheme.
  13. Life will come a full circle if we get Sam Darnold for a 3rd rounder, moving up to a conditional 2nd.
  14. Nick Sirianni is definitely the dark horse candidate they feel will turn around Wentz. It would be a punch in the gut for Josh McDaniels and a big loss for the Colts but I would be happy for Nick if that happened. Add the 68 plus completion % for Rivers this year to his resume as well, the big commonality in all of this is Nick Sirianni. They feel he is more primed to fix Wentz than McDaniels.
  15. The asking price is what it will come down to. No more than our 1st rounder for Stafford, no more than our 2nd rounder for Darnold, IMO.
  16. Are you saying the NFL season will be shortened to 10 games?
  17. I think we should do a conditional one. A 3rd rounder, that would get up to a 2nd rounder if he starts 12 games or something like that. If Josh Rosen went for a 2nd, I realize they will take a 2nd. Maybe they would be willing to wait for a 2nd next year than this year counting on the fact we might have a setback year or something. I would however do it conditional and I do think the ball is not in their court as much as they might think it is.
  18. If Darnold is brought in, there is no need for Jacoby to even be considered for the starting position. Whoever wins the battle between Darnold and Eason starts and we move on from JB.
  19. Sam Darnold could join the long list of players that never got to develop under Adam Gase but smartened up and did better elsewhere. From Ryan Tannehill to Minkah Fitzpatrick to Kenyan Drake to even LeVeon Bell, players underwhelming under Adam Gase played better elsewhere and even a star player like Bell was underutilized. Sam Darnold is an extreme low risk high reward move with a 3rd rounder if we cannot get a vet like Stafford or Carr, IMO. At worst, he would be fighting for a starting position with Eason, and at best he would outplay him and shine well with our OL and his abil
  20. Yeah, they have to see if someone like Mariota or Alex Smith is released. They would make better backups than JB at this point. Who knows, Alex Smith might retire too??? JB will be back only if he agrees to a fourth of what he is getting, around the $4 - 5mil. range for being a backup, IMO. The only reason he might get that from us is his familiarity.
  21. His heart I felt, was leaning that way, based on hearing him talk. So, now his family moves to Alabama, huh?
  22. I doubt it. A bird in hand is worth more than 2 in the bush. The Colts are not the kind to make knee jerk reactions. If you had told me that after the SB, yeah, I can see that. While Rivers' evaluation of the 2020 season might be done, the team's options would not be finalized till before the combine, IMO, for decision making. It very well could be a case of Rivers realizing what he had to go through this season, examining his own limitations and what he would have to commit to next year and deciding he wasn't into it 100%.
  23. I think the Lions might actually go for a QB at No.7 knowing they will have enough trade options for Stafford, I am guessing. The new GM will be given a few years of leeway and he will try to maximize infusion of talent (mainly defensive) into his squad and his biggest bargaining chip is Stafford at this point to gain a first rounder in order to add defensive talent to a slow defense. I would still keep options open till draft day if I were Ballard.
  24. I am going to keep the vibes of this thread as positive as I can. Thank you Philip!!! Thanks for everything you gave to the Colts this year!!! Thanks for fighting through your toe injury and keeping the playoff hopes alive for Colts nation!!! Thanks for letting us witness what good QB'ing can do with our talent assembled. Thanks for giving your best even if you went down swinging in the playoff game. Thanks for being a great teammate and football player throughout your career!!! You deserve to enjoy retirement with no regrets and hopefully we will see you in the HOF
  25. 2007 and 2011, none of the Giants' opponents scored more than 20. The Chiefs, outside a bad divisional round 1st quarter, gave up 7 to the Texans after that 1st quarter and 20 points to both the Titans and 49ers. I chose those examples because the 2013 Seahawks and 2015 Broncos were legendary in terms of history (top 10 Ds overall in SB era) and I was making a point one did not need such phenomenal Ds to win the SBs. The Giants and Chiefs offenses stayed on the field, even if the results did not result in a TD every time. We saw what the Bucs did vs the Saints, stayed patient, dinked and dunke
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