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  1. Sam Darnold could join the long list of players that never got to develop under Adam Gase but smartened up and did better elsewhere. From Ryan Tannehill to Minkah Fitzpatrick to Kenyan Drake to even LeVeon Bell, players underwhelming under Adam Gase played better elsewhere and even a star player like Bell was underutilized. Sam Darnold is an extreme low risk high reward move with a 3rd rounder if we cannot get a vet like Stafford or Carr, IMO. At worst, he would be fighting for a starting position with Eason, and at best he would outplay him and shine well with our OL and his abil
  2. Yeah, they have to see if someone like Mariota or Alex Smith is released. They would make better backups than JB at this point. Who knows, Alex Smith might retire too??? JB will be back only if he agrees to a fourth of what he is getting, around the $4 - 5mil. range for being a backup, IMO. The only reason he might get that from us is his familiarity.
  3. His heart I felt, was leaning that way, based on hearing him talk. So, now his family moves to Alabama, huh?
  4. I doubt it. A bird in hand is worth more than 2 in the bush. The Colts are not the kind to make knee jerk reactions. If you had told me that after the SB, yeah, I can see that. While Rivers' evaluation of the 2020 season might be done, the team's options would not be finalized till before the combine, IMO, for decision making. It very well could be a case of Rivers realizing what he had to go through this season, examining his own limitations and what he would have to commit to next year and deciding he wasn't into it 100%.
  5. I think the Lions might actually go for a QB at No.7 knowing they will have enough trade options for Stafford, I am guessing. The new GM will be given a few years of leeway and he will try to maximize infusion of talent (mainly defensive) into his squad and his biggest bargaining chip is Stafford at this point to gain a first rounder in order to add defensive talent to a slow defense. I would still keep options open till draft day if I were Ballard.
  6. I am going to keep the vibes of this thread as positive as I can. Thank you Philip!!! Thanks for everything you gave to the Colts this year!!! Thanks for fighting through your toe injury and keeping the playoff hopes alive for Colts nation!!! Thanks for letting us witness what good QB'ing can do with our talent assembled. Thanks for giving your best even if you went down swinging in the playoff game. Thanks for being a great teammate and football player throughout your career!!! You deserve to enjoy retirement with no regrets and hopefully we will see you in the HOF
  7. 2007 and 2011, none of the Giants' opponents scored more than 20. The Chiefs, outside a bad divisional round 1st quarter, gave up 7 to the Texans after that 1st quarter and 20 points to both the Titans and 49ers. I chose those examples because the 2013 Seahawks and 2015 Broncos were legendary in terms of history (top 10 Ds overall in SB era) and I was making a point one did not need such phenomenal Ds to win the SBs. The Giants and Chiefs offenses stayed on the field, even if the results did not result in a TD every time. We saw what the Bucs did vs the Saints, stayed patient, dinked and dunke
  8. They will definitely release Tyrell Williams, and will focus on re-signing Nelson Agholor. I doubt they release Carr. I'd kick the tires on Tyrell Williams for a 1 year deal if Rivers comes back.
  9. Ballard spent 2 second rounders on the WR position and 3 second rounders if you count Turay, Lewis and Banogu. Just that we don't have a lot to show for it except maybe Pittman and a little bit with Turay. Either he gets too cute or the quality is not the same as quantity that he thought he was gaining by moving back and gaining picks. 2 average dart throws at the draft dart board is not the same as 1 real good dart throw if that dart throw results in a Pro Bowler at pass rush. If you add RYS and Quincy Wilson, that 2nd round looks not so good on his resume so far with Leonard and Smith being
  10. Needless to say, our only SB came on the heels of stellar safety play from Bob Sanders and Antoine Bethea. Good pass rush would negate the need for great corners, just need good corners if that is the case (ala 2007 and 2011 Giants). That would work for our scheme too. However, you will need sound safety play to bridge the run D and pass D together to get to a certain level of competency.
  11. Yes but the Titans controlled the game for a half with timely passing and the Chiefs had to step up against the run till they got the lead vs the Titans in the AFCCG. The same thing in the SB, just good enough to keep things at bay vs the 49ers who were gashing the Chiefs in the first half but once the Chiefs eventually pulled away with enough defensive stops and scoring, the 49ers could not keep up. It was truly only 24-20 before a blown run D assignment resulted in a 31-20 in favor of the Chiefs making it seem like the Chiefs were in control of the game if you did not watch the game, which t
  12. 2 areas I have seen teams be good at on defense on high scoring offenses is the safety position and pass rusher position. Bills' safeties are very good at not allowing WRs to go off, which leaves them vulnerable to TEs because they don't have great coverage LBs, IMO, Kelce is going to be a problem. Browns played him with Denzel Ward, he still juked Ward out. 2012 - Ed Reed and company 2013 - Earl Thomas / Chancellor 2014 - McCourty / Chung 2015 - Stewart / T J Ward 2016 - McCourty / Chung again 2017 - Malcolm Jenkins' defense on James White 2018 - Los
  13. KC's issue was Bob Sutton. Mahomes was shut out vs the Patriots in the 2018 AFCCG first half and still managed to put up 30 points vs Belichick including a game tying drive to get them in FG range within a minute. But Brady never gave back the ball in OT. Yeah, the Dee Ford snafu game. Once they got Spagnuolos, they limited Titans to 20 points in the AFCCG and 49ers to 20 points in the SB last year. That gave an offense like that of the Chiefs the margin of error to survive 2 INTs in the SB as well. Right now, that team is the Bills, finding different ways to win games on O and D.
  14. That is so short sighted. The way to get to the playoffs in the NFL is with high powered NFL passing offenses (been the case since the Peyton days). However, once you get there, you are playing very good defenses as well. Plus, I don't need to explain the rope-a-dope the Colts pulled from 32nd ranking rushing D to win the SB. Not to mention the 31st/32nd ranked defense in the Patriots going to the SB in 2011. I don't need to remind you the Saints, who were 25th or 26th overall D in the NFL beating the Colts in SB 44. Bottom line - regardless of where you finished and ho
  15. If they make the SB, with the extra bye week to get him up to speed, I can see the Bills sign him.
  16. WFT would become a SB contender once Watson goes to that team., IMO.
  17. If only 2 teams scored 30, and all the losing teams scored 20 or less, that tells you how this week went. Not at all what I was saying. Meh, to be expected from you.
  18. Hmm...none of the QBs threw for 300 yards in the divisional round and balance was the name of the game for all division round winners EXCEPT The Bills who believe in playing to their strengths. Only 2 teams scored 30 points or more with their defense playing a big part in generating field position for the offense. A big contrast from the regular season where points galore was the name of the game. The key is having fresh enough legs on both ends without tiring them out because of long spells of ineptitude giving up long drives on defense or going first down and out or 3 and out on
  19. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/years/2020/passing_advanced.htm Rivers had an ungodly amount of YAC, and it is a testament to his best skill, anticipation and letting the pass catcher gain yards after the catch. It shows up in the stats. Brady, Allen, Stafford , Watson, Tannehill, Mayfield all have Rivers beat in completed air yards per completion (sort by CAY/completion) by close to 2 yards. If you however sort it by YAC per completion, Rivers is Top 2 in the league, only after Aaron Rodgers. This also means Reich and Sirianni have done an excellent job to be To
  20. Goff - let me look at him objectively beyond the contract. 1. He does not create and typically requires great protection from his OL. When he does, he throws darts but if his pocket is disrupted, lots of punts due to inaccurate throws. Bears flushed him out of the middle at least in his 2 starts vs him and the Patriots did a number on him in the SB. 2. He thrives best when he has run support, not the kind to throw it 40-50 times a game and author comebacks. 3. California boy who does not like cold weather: Prior to Green Bay game - Jared Goff has played two NFL games wit
  21. Well, we had Peyton all those years and just 2 SB appearances and 1 SB win, so I know how hard it is to win at the next level (playoffs). I am not going to be surprised or disappointed if they bring Rivers back, he is still a very good QB. I just hope he doesn't take any major steps backwards as I know that will get us to purgatory with a talented roster. Hopefully he is 100% committed to this team and his off season if he says he will come back. There was an interview where he said "I am not going to be walking around thinking that these playoff wins define my legacy, this or that
  22. Everything has to improve around Rivers if he is brought back - from coaching to avoid small mistakes and sound play calling, defensive lapses reduced and much better talent on defense that could allow us to survive sub-par days on offense which I don't think our D is there yet. We don't have the playmakers on offense or defense to flip field position with a deep ball or a recovered fumble from a pass rusher. That "oomph" factor is missing on this roster, IMO.
  23. That was a good win. I don't know but the AFC ones bother me more because those matter more than the NFC ones when it comes to seeding. That is not a barometer for the future QB decision, IMO. Like he said, if he is the best we got, he is the best we got. He is a good QB, no doubt and it is not like franchise QBs grow on trees or are let go every year to free agency.
  24. Sheriff brought us back in several games. Luck had a comeback in Cleveland too, if I remember. With all the young gun QBs in the AFC, Rivers' pattern of starting slow in most years (even in his prime) will catch up and the Colts will never get a top seed in the AFC, I am afraid. Rivers fell short vs good playoff teams - Cleveland, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and eventually the Bills. I was looking for that 1, just 1 comeback against those good teams and it did not happen. INT vs Browns trying to come back, INT vs Ravens to Peters (throwing into double coverage) trying to come back, INT
  25. I would sign Emmanuel Sanders for the Colts, he is a great route runner and will definitely improve the options for our WR corps. I would also not mind one of their younger OL - Armstead or Ramczyk on our team as well. It sure is going to look like a garage sale there.
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