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  1. Hines was probably a better fit with Rivers
  2. True but the 7th seed is a really tough road in this playoff format. They face the 1 and 2 back to back on the road. Its been ugly when we face great QBs on good teams the last few years.
  3. This is more important than most games, its silly to think otherwise. They would own the division tie breaker and have a huge lead if they win. Whoever wins will make a big statement about the AFC south in the process, we badly need this. i doubt we can recover from a loss
  4. Its a weird year for him. He has struggled in coverage and has not been as good against the run as he used to be. He is becoming the best player int he league at getting turnovers though
  5. Sooner or later people will quit arguing with me when i say Fisher is bad
  6. There should be a prop bet for number of missed kicks in this game
  7. I think he is already and im not even a huge fan. You cant find a QB better than him for less than a first round pick, would usually cost more
  8. I woldnt be worried about other teams avoiding conditional trades with us. Who cares about that? probably wont even come up I dont think they will bench him unless theres a scenario where they are looking at a surgery that would IR him for the season though
  9. Colts win by a score of 6 to 1. Blocked extra point returned the other way
  10. Tennessee is the must win. They are running away with the division if they get two wins over us and a winning record while we are 2-6 with no tie breaker
  11. probably no better than a 6th based on what hes making now. could be a 7th or nothing at all if he doesnt sign for enough $ elsewhere
  12. Probably too late to bring someone in thats not already here and start them on Sunday. Heck the team will be travelling out there soon I imagine. Trading Mack for a DB is interesting. We dont see a lot of mid season player for player trades
  13. I doubt they are offering much, what would you guys accept for him? If its a 5th-7th id probably hang on to him. I would consider a 4th or better We need a FS or CB
  14. They might have said they planned on putting him on the roster when there was room. That could be a reach but id rather have Brett over Sam or Eason for our backup this year personally.
  15. I dont think brett is eligible for the waiver wire unless the rules have changed. He has more than 4 years of experience and is 28 We wouldnt know if other teams were interested but chose to sign here
  16. I dont see a thread for this but reddit and twitter said Blackmon hurt his achilles in practice. Hopefully minor but I dont hear about minor achilles injuries very often
  17. I think its fair to question his overall ability to stay healthy but the DB made a dumb move that got himself and Parris hurt on that play. They were probably mad they got beat like that and dove to make it look like he wasnt giving up entirely
  18. The post i was referring to said we have had some weak drafts in the last couple years. That is true imo, if you go back to 2017 then it looks better
  19. There has been some poor drafting lately, that is including a really good class from more than a couple years ago. They did say last couple in their post
  20. I think thats a reach imo. He didnt have any tds either and only looked okish against pre season defenses. The offense stalled every time in the redzone except for that two minute drill. Maybe i have high standards for these guys because I dont think sam did that well either
  21. Arm talent was the only thing he had going for him, he hasnt been good enough at anything else to play in the league. They might need to look for a backup soon, i like brett over sam but that isnt saying much
  22. Yeah but I can still post it on the forums. If you dont like it then you can ignore and not quote me over and over again. You guys really want me to stop saying this for some reason
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