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  1. ^This^ Another way to look at it is this: considering the production that Ballard is getting out of his draft picks while they're still on their rookie contracts... why over-spend on re-signing anybody? If Ballard can continue hitting on draft picks the way he has, then it's almost better to just keep accumulating draft picks, draft well, and let the young guys go out and make plays. Let other teams over-spend on proven talent while Indy keeps providing an opportunity for young hungry players to prove their talent. Save the money for slam-dunk m
  2. I bet you are 1000% wrong. Nelson is the biggest name in the league at G, and it's not even close. A "bad" Nelson (that gets called for ticky-tack holds that happen on every single NFL play) is still better than 90% of the guards in the NFL. Your hot-take posts are getting very tiresome.
  3. What is YOUR point? Oh wait, you don’t really have one. You just made a hot-take without any valid comparison to the other 31 teams, therefore have no context for your hot-take, and don’t wanna admit it...
  4. So one out-of-context stat is supposed to support your argument that the OLine is a "major weakness" on this team? Get real. Are you factoring in QB-rushing yds? I have a feeling Lamar Jackson is fluffing that stat more than Rivers. We're middle-of-the-pack in most OLine stats, and are actually #1 in the league in sacks allowed and sack yds lost. So I'll ask again: which of the other 31 teams have the OLine as a "major strength"? You have to make comparisons and paint the entire picture to have context for your argument.
  5. "Worst performance of an OLine this season" ?!? "major weakness on this team" ?!? What would it take for you? Winning every game 56-0 and rushing for 400 yds while giving up 0 sacks? This is the NFL... it ain't gonna happen. Can you guys provide evidence of the other 31 teams being better? What was the "best" performance of an NFL OLine this season? Which teams have the OLine as the "major strength" of their team? You're overreacting to a microcosm of bad officiating. Ya'll would be singing a different tune if not for the ridiculous holding penalties at the end o
  6. Re-sign: Stewart, Autry, Rhodes Let walk: Walker, Carrie Houston I would like to see back, but money and age would be big factors in whether or not he would be worth it.
  7. @Narcosys It obviously wasn't an unfair advantage this week since hulce lost the game anyway. (Congrats Amber) But it is weird seeing a "TE" get 24 points without catching a single pass... If the Scranton Stranglers hadn't had a beast of a day yesterday, this issue would probably be a bigger deal. With only two games left in our season, hulce could end up with the #2 seed at best. Is hulce guaranteed a playoff spot at this point? I feel like that's where the rubber will meet the road with this issue: will this be an unfair advantage during the playoffs?
  8. One of my favorite Colts moments. What Reggie did for Chuck that day still makes me smile. It's almost as good as the Bucs comeback game in Tampa with Peyton, Marvin, and what it did for Dungy.
  9. I guess if it becomes an “unfair” advantage (like their TE position is scoring three or four times as many points as anyone else’s TE), then maybe we consider designating him QB-only, despite how ESPN lists him.
  10. That's actually a pretty savvy move. I'm not even mad. I wish I had thought of it!
  11. Interception-based passes are considered especially heinous. In the Colts fan system, that makes us: The Special Victims Unit. (BUM BUM)
  12. As painful as that call was, the bright side is that the refs are apparently going to be calling passes that way now, right? Whether it's an offensive player or defensive player, as long as they have control of the ball, two feet down, and take a third step (football move), then it doesn't matter if they "complete" the catch when going to the ground, right? Hopefully that means that we, as fans, never have to sit through ridiculously long replay-reviews by officials trying to figure out if the receiver "maintained control", or if the ball moved in the receivers' hands w
  13. He should. Frank is a good guy to have as Head Coach. He just needs to leave the play-calling to Sirianni. And if it's still bad, replace Sirianni with someone that can call plays and make adjustments.
  14. I don't like this. Just kneel on it and take the lead to the half.
  15. 2007-2009 was a really good run for the Colts D with Sanders, Freeney, and Mathis. There were times in that stretch where the Colts D was top-5/top-10 in some categories.
  16. Let's get some points to take the lead before the half and carry momentum over into the 2nd half!
  17. Yeah, why doesn't he have eyes in the back of his helmet so he can see those shoe-string-tackles coming from behind him? /s
  18. Thank you! Some of these fans don't realize a football game is like a chess match. You're not going to "win" every play, but you analyze what your opponent does and set them up for later moves. "WhY hAvEn'T tHeY pUt ThEm iN cHeCkMaTe, yEt? It'S bEeN 3 mOvEs!"
  19. I want to see smart football: 1. No turnovers or dropped passes 2. No penalties or bad play-calls 3. No getting beat deep or missed tackles 4. No missed blocks or miscommunications on blitz pickups 5. No trying to do too much, resulting in injury Just play simple, smart, sound football, and let the Ravens beat themselves with their own mistakes.
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