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  1. I hope you're joking about that. I'm not caught up on GoT or Endgame and would appreciate you not spoiling either. Especially in a thread about the draft the day before the draft! Thanks!
  2. Scout to GM: "Boss, I've never seen anyone as good at staring as this kid. His staring ability is through the roof. We need to draft him before anyone else gets their hands on him. He could stare down Brady, he's that good."
  3. Leave no stone unturned, right? There might be things a former teammate would know but not be comfortable sharing with all the scouts of all 32 teams, but a guy like Nelson might be comfortable sharing with Ballard. For example: "Were there any players-only meetings? If so, what was he like in those meetings?" That would be something only a former teammate would be privy to, but probably not willing to share with a stranger who is scouting said teammate.
  4. That crossed my mind too. If they made each other better at Notre Dame, I'm all for bringing in Tillery and letting them continue to improve their game going up against each other. Iron sharpens iron and all that jazz.
  5. Yeah if it's anything like last year, there will be a lot in the "* & moan" category, even more in the head-scratching category (like me), and there will be that one guy that got it right and lets us all know about it. Same.
  6. The thought of drafting Tillery made me think of this. Do you think Ballard would consult with Nelson about his former Notre Dame teammate if he was serious about drafting Tillery? Would he ask Tyquan Lewis about Dre'mont Jones? Wilkins about Metcalf? Etc.
  7. What if Luck rubs off on him so much he starts being nice to guys he tackles? "Nice job not fumbling" to a HB he just stuffed for no gain. "Good catch" to a WR he just plastered over the middle. "Don't worry man, you're a good player" to a QB he just sacked forcing a fumble.
  8. The cloak-and-dagger stuff this time of year is so crazy. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out teams employ former CIA agents to help out. Or the CIA utilizes NFL lifers as "consultants"...
  9. Another good point. Ballard has been preaching developing and paying your own players because it may not go over well when an outsider comes in and gets paid while home-grown guys are shown the door.
  10. I guess part of the GMs job is to find out who is trustworthy. I love that line from Gil Brandt. "Hook, line, stinker." That scout was climbing the ladder and found himself on a chute.
  11. Guess whose kid is getting an A+ in her class in the future?
  12. Did you see that recent tweet by Gil Brandt about feeding a scout they didn't trust a fake board? Crazy.
  13. Very cool. I might have listened to Sgt. Pepper more than any other album by any other artist. It's one of those albums that gives me very vivid flashbacks (not drug-related ) to being in 7th grade and sitting at home listening to that album over and over while I did my homework.
  14. Ballard probably said the same thing, but at least he helped drive up the price for what was an ascending Chiefs team!
  15. I mentioned this in another thread. I just don't think he's that great of a GM. When it comes to drafting anyway. He's good at using free agency to sign quality vets to team-friendly contracts. But I'm sure any team would want him as their GM. (Except the Colts, we're good. )
  16. That's a pretty cool idea. Who do you consider heroes? I would probably nerd-out and try to collect first-edition epic-fantasy books. Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time, Kingkiller Chronicles, Malazan Book of the Fallen, etc. Oh and as much historic Colts memorabilia as I could get my hands on!
  17. I was just about to post the same thing. I don't know if Ballard is doing it on purpose, but just being in talks with other teams about trading for their players is probably driving up the price for the eventual "winner" that makes the trade for the player. Ballard seems like a sly dog, but is he that sly of a fox?
  18. What do you mean? He wasn't in charge in KC. I'm not sure the Chiefs are going to be this powerhouse moving forward that some seem to think about KC. Coaches have a year of tape on Mahomes now. Considering what the Chiefs gave up for Clark, and now his salary... and then there's his past domestic issue along with what happened with Hunt last year, and now Hill and if he'll even be available after his recent domestic issue (on top of his past domestic issue)... I could see the Chiefs taking a step back and the Colts taking a step forward, basically switching places from last year.
  19. I'm not sure how I feel about KC. They were the hottest team in the league halfway through last year. Then they lost Hunt. Then they lost Ford and Houston. Hills' availability is up in the air. Clark might be an upgrade, but his salary... and what they gave up to get him... and his domestic issue coupled with the domestic issues of Hunt and now Hill... I guess the ends justify the means. Mahomes is obviously good, but now that coaches have a full year of film on him, I don't know if the Chiefs are going to be this powerhouse going forward that some have made KC out to be.
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