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  1. Is it just me, or is this forum getting more toxic? I'm spending less and less time here because it seems like a lot of fans are developing stronger and stronger negative opinions without really knowing what they're talking about (other than "we're losing games"...) What happened to all the intelligent football conversations?!?
  2. The fact that we would probably be in playoff-contention with Luck speaks to how great of a QB Luck is/was. The fact that we have 50% more wins than the last time we were without Luck (and aren't even done with the season) speaks to how good of a supporting cast Brissett has around him. Yes, Luck was that good. And yes, Ballard is doing that good of a job. What a fun thread.
  3. That's funny. "You'd think he would have found a way to cheat to make it fit" is the name of his ex-wifes' boat, ironically.
  4. But what were you even right about? It's not like you predicted 6 months in advance that Simmons was going to pancake Nelson. And it's one play. He's only played in 7 games, only has 14 tackles, and only 2 sacks. We can agree that Simmons is "that guy" if he stays healthy, out of trouble, balls out, and becomes an All-Pro, but until then, he's just a good player and a good draft pick by the Titans. And that's not enough to be in this thread beating your chest like King Kong.
  5. Which he regrets now. He's said if he could go back, he would have missed time and saved his finger. And we've seen Andrew Luck do the same thing, just not as extreme as having part of his body cut off. He played through some serious injuries when he probably should have sat out and let his body heal. Only Andrew Luck knows the exact reasons and timing of when he truly decided to retire. The rest of us can speculate, judge him, and call him names like @Coffeedrinker, but I respect what he did for this franchise and wish him the best.
  6. I don't know why you do this. You throw "everyone" in the same boat to gloat about you being right about something just because a small group of people disagreed with you about something on this forum. For perspective, there are over 25,000 members of this forum. Twenty five THOUSAND. So if 10, 100, or even 1,000 people disagree with you in a thread, that's still a very small percentage of "everybody on this forum". You're talking about the opinion of a very vocal minority of fans. For all you know, the silent majority of us agree whole-heartedly with your opinion.
  7. Thanks for managing this league! 1. I'd like to have one IR spot. We can make it just a "reserve" spot for injured players, not necessarily players actually on IR irl. 2. I can see the benefits of both scenarios, so I don't really care either way. 3. I like the idea of more teams making the playoffs. 4. I'm ok with the way it is. 5. I'd be willing to pay a small ante. Then we'd have to decide how the winnings get distributed. (League champ gets 100% vs rewards for 1st and 2nd, with 3rd getting their money back, etc.) Thanks again, and Good Luck the rest of the season!
  8. I like that scenario. But it would be even better if Sheard hit Brady while he made the throw, which caused the int, and if the Kenny Moore int happened when we were tied with like a minute to go. Then Brissett drives down the field and Vinny hits the game-winner as time expires. THAT would be perfect.
  9. Please tell me you've changed your mind and that the win today cured you of this kind of thinking. Adam was perfect today, and his kicks actually looked really good compared to the knuckleballs he's been kicking this year. Vinny is having a better week than almost every other kicker in the NFL.
  10. Isn't Kenny Moore considered a top-2 nickelback in the NFL? What's it say that opposing offenses would still rather throw it at Moore than Hooker?
  11. I've never been to a game at LOS, so I can't speak to the stadium itself being intimidating or not. But Colts fans know how to get loud to create an "intimidating environment". The last game I went to was the 2007 Colts-Patriots game (the last season of the RCA dome). Peyton Manning. Tom Brady. Bob Sanders. Randy Moss. Both teams were undefeated (8-0 and 9-0) going into it. The Colts were winning that game for the first 3 1/2 quarters, and the fans got LOUD when the defense was on the field trying to stop Brady-Moss in the 4th. And I sat next to a pretty cool Pats fan who was very polite. We talked a bit during the down times, so he got to experience some Hoosier Hospitality. I got to experience it all: big-time game, big-time players, enthusiastic Colts fans, Hoosier hospitality, LOUD dome, overall a very good experience (although a Colts win would have made it 10x better!)
  12. These are some very hot takes. It's not like this is the first time this sort of thing has happened in the heat of the moment in sports. It just happened to be a primetime rivalry game on national television. I've heard of these things (taking a players' helmet off him and swinging it at him) happening in the past when things get heated in training camp without the cameras and the national viewing audience. I've heard of players throwing things at each other in the locker room after a loss. And that's just in football. Are we going to ban hockey players for life and arrest them for "assault with a deadly weapon" for high-sticking? What about pitchers throwing a 100mph fastball at a batters neck/head area? Is that "attempted murder" worthy of a lifetime ban and jail-time? Cmon guys, reel it in a little bit.
  13. Are you assuming that Garrett knew the ball had been thrown? I think Schobert saw the ball be thrown, but Garrett didn't, so Schobert backed off, but Garrett finished taking the QB to the ground. I think Rudolph was frustrated and overreacted, but then Garrett REALLY overreacted, and then Pouncey REALLY overreacted.
  14. I know one thing for sure: That would not have happened with Andrew "ooh, good hit big boy" Luck. What was Rudolph thinking grabbing Garretts' helmet like that?
  15. Did that just happen? Rudolph just got hit in the head with his own helmet. Pouncey trying to kick Garrett in the head while he's on the ground... Wonder what the suspensions are going to be?
  16. Jiminy Christmas, you're a yo-yo of emotional overreaction. In a previous post, you said you're "done" with this team. Yet here you are, still posting, still getting ready to watch the next game, and every game after that. You're obviously not "done", and you obviously "care", so please take a deep breath and reconsider posting this kind of nonsense.
  17. And won us 5 (stop crediting him for losses but not wins), so if we make the playoffs and have to depend on him to win, we have better than a 50/50 shot at advancing to the next round. Not ideal, but I'll take that. ^This^ Hindsight is 20/20, but the smart move would probably have been not putting all your eggs in a 46-year-old basket... But we hitched our wagon to this old mule, so let's crack the whip and ride off into the sunset!
  18. Well, I'm using your logic. If people are going to blame kickers for losses because they missed kicks in close games (which everyone does), then yes, they also have to give credit to those same kickers when they make kicks in close wins. Not every win, because blowouts by 3 TDs make kicking a non-factor, but in almost every win, the kicker is responsible for the winning points. I agree. But this year is probably the worst year for kicking in general. Kickers are losing games for their teams left and right. Here's what's important: The Colts Still Have A Winning Record And Are In The Playoff Hunt. Quit looking six months ahead you draftnik, focus on Dec-Feb.
  19. Not true. Vinny helped us get wins this year. You can credit him for 3 losses, but you have to give him credit for 5 wins. So we will win more games than we lose when we depend on him. If it continues, we're 10-6, and probably in the playoffs. This is just your draft-centric way of thinking. You need perspective. The playoffs are possible, even probable. This league is about Dec-Feb, not Mar-May.
  20. People keep bringing up getting higher draft picks. We Have A Winning Record Right Now. This is not the time to be thinking about the draft, we're in the middle of the actual season. The actual games are infinitely more important than what happens six months from now in the draft.
  21. Andrew Luck played soccer growing up. Maybe he can throw the TDs, and make the PATs...
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