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  1. I agree, depending on the board, of course. Both are probably big needs, but LT is a crisis in the making. It takes OTs a couple years to acclimate to the pro game. CB is also going to be an option with our 1st next year, despite their diminished value in our scheme. I had high hopes for Tell to progress in year 2, but now he will be an unknown variable in next year's off-season. There will be some huge, franchise-altering decisions looming next year, for sure.
  2. I read a lot about Eason's arm strength, but this kid has more than that... he's got "arm talent". He throws a beautiful deep ball with amazing accuracy. He throws with anticipation on mid routes and can throw guys open. He had some huge holes in college, too. He is awful, just pitiful, when pressured. He stares down his primary read and doesn't work through progressions nearly fast enough. He tries to squeeze balls into impossible windows. To me, with good coaching and hard work, he should be able to learn how to run Frank's offense... He should be able to become a st
  3. I wouldn't spend so much of the dough on just 2 players if I were the F.O... I would be looking for slightly better value for a young O-lineman such as Louis Vasquez, Brandon Albert, or Jermon Bushrod... I'd like to get a corner like Kennan Lewis or Mike Jenkins to play opposite Vontae. WR is not a huge need for us next year IMO, but if we feel like we have to have Reggie's replacement on the roster immediately, I suppose Wallace is probably the guy... maybe Bowe from KC I would really like to sign a top notch Safety in FA as well, someone like Dashon Goldson or the Byrd Man... If we can g
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