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  1. you're right... and there could be factors at play with Kelly that i don't know or understand... im not any type of contract expert...
  2. I might be misunderstanding, but i don't see why it would be important. Of course the option disappears when the new contract is signed, but what advantage does the label of being in an option year have over an extension? If you are saying that it is unwise to give him the extension early because the option will be cheaper, then i guess i understand... but it is no guarantee that it will be cheaper because you may be able to get a better deal with an extension this offseason compared to next... also, failing to extend him could mean he tests the market and ends up on another team. I don't know how much his fifth year option is worth, but it is probably pretty pricey when you consider his position... maybe it is still cheaper than he's worth, but it isn't the same as having an option on a QB, who, if he plays well could save you 15 mil or more on an option for that fifth season.
  3. I can't vouch for the truth of the report, but i will say that players get extended right before or during that option year a lot. I am pretty sure Luck signed his deal right after we picked up his option... Grigson just adjusted the numbers so that he basically got paid more in that (technically) first year of the deal to compensate for the lower amount he was owed from the fifth year of the rookie deal.
  4. I wouldn't spend so much of the dough on just 2 players if I were the F.O... I would be looking for slightly better value for a young O-lineman such as Louis Vasquez, Brandon Albert, or Jermon Bushrod... I'd like to get a corner like Kennan Lewis or Mike Jenkins to play opposite Vontae. WR is not a huge need for us next year IMO, but if we feel like we have to have Reggie's replacement on the roster immediately, I suppose Wallace is probably the guy... maybe Bowe from KC I would really like to sign a top notch Safety in FA as well, someone like Dashon Goldson or the Byrd Man... If we can grab some guys that aren't in the top 5 at their positions, but are young and productive, we will get more bang for our FA buck.
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