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  1. you're right... and there could be factors at play with Kelly that i don't know or understand... im not any type of contract expert...
  2. I might be misunderstanding, but i don't see why it would be important. Of course the option disappears when the new contract is signed, but what advantage does the label of being in an option year have over an extension? If you are saying that it is unwise to give him the extension early because the option will be cheaper, then i guess i understand... but it is no guarantee that it will be cheaper because you may be able to get a better deal with an extension this offseason compared to next... also, failing to extend him could mean he tests the market and ends up on another team. I don't know how much his fifth year option is worth, but it is probably pretty pricey when you consider his position... maybe it is still cheaper than he's worth, but it isn't the same as having an option on a QB, who, if he plays well could save you 15 mil or more on an option for that fifth season.
  3. I can't vouch for the truth of the report, but i will say that players get extended right before or during that option year a lot. I am pretty sure Luck signed his deal right after we picked up his option... Grigson just adjusted the numbers so that he basically got paid more in that (technically) first year of the deal to compensate for the lower amount he was owed from the fifth year of the rookie deal.
  4. I'll be very surprised if Ballard drafts a WR in the 1st. I'm never disappointed in any picks until they've had a chance to fail, though. We all get our draft crushes, but it means very little when you consider how much better Ballard is at this than any of us are or will ever be. It's still fun to think about, anyway.
  5. i dunno if O or D is a bigger need, but I do know that the offense would run more smoothly with a legit #2 receiver. However, that is probably the only clear cut need on that side of the ball, depending on whether or not we re-sign Glowinski. On D, we need a stud DE, despite the fact that they are next to impossible to find at #26 and in FA. There could he other needs on Defense if we choose not to re-sign players like Desir or Woods. I'd like to see a rangy stud Will get signed and move Walker to SAM.... giving us a beastly rotation at LB and improving coverage on those dinks and dunks. I guess this post proves that I am leaning toward Defense as a bigger need. We could use depth all over, on both sides of the ball, though. Also, in general, I believe that a top 10 offense is more important than a top 10 defense w/ regard to winning in today's NFL.
  6. I'd rather give them N.S. than Eberflus, tbh... they probably hire their HC before we are done in the playoffs, imo... we will advance!
  7. In my mind, Indy are the favorites for that 6th spot. I realize that Baltimore has the tie breaker atm, but they still have to play the Falcons, Chargers, and Chiefs... If the Colts take care of business, they will make the playoffs.
  8. I'd be thrilled for Indy to sneak into the playoffs. It would be icing the cake in a really encouraging season. I'll keep rooting for the Jets to lose and give us a high 2nd rounder, but that's as far as my draft thoughts ever go when the Colts are still mathematically viable. I know its still early to make any real judgements, but all signs point to Reich being a perfect fit with #12. I still expect improvement this season, not to mention next year. Playoffs or no, it feels like the precipice of something truly special here. I don't mind saying it (despite the fact that I'm 100% sure that I said the exact same thing in year 1 of the Grigson/Pagano era). Irsay might get his "multiple Lombardi(s)" yet. Might as well work on #1 this year while its still a possibility.
  9. Sounds promising... If he has juice as a rookie, I think that he and Sheard can make a very dynamic 3rd down duo. Nobody (outside of the QB) will consistently affect game outcomes as often as a stud pass rusher. If Turay can become a consistent double-digit sack type of player, I can see how that can go a long way toward "making" Ballard as a GM. He would, obviously, have to have a couple more good bounces as well. I'd love to see Basham make a jump this season, too, despite his relatively poor rookie season and off-season.
  10. Probably not a bad prediction, but I can't help but to think about how disappointing Cincy is every season, especially on offense. Their roster has been looking stacked for seasons on end, but they seem to fall flat. Also, for as deep as they seem to be, our bottom roster guys dominated theirs in that last preseason game... I mean, just physically... had it not been for mistakes, that (admittedly meaningless) game would have been a a whistle to whistle blowout. That isn't to say that I'm super confident that Indy wins this one, just that i'll be surprised if the Bengals score 34, really.
  11. T.J. GREEN!.... If he doesn't really build upon the (modest) improvement he showed last season, he will fit perfectly on a list like this.
  12. I'm really happy about the (apparent) depth along the OL going into this season... We have so many young, talented guys, that it will be a bit of a let down (for me) if Slauson gets a starting spot. That being said, I am really impressed that Ballard has gotten us into a position where our fall back options are as good as Slauson and Howard. I would love to see Smith and Clark win the spots on the right side, but, of course, I want to see the best 5 out there every week.
  13. This isn't good news, but at least it's only 4 games... My guess is that Wilkins sees more PT as a result. Not that he does what Turbin does, just that he is a bit bigger than NH and MM...
  14. Yay! I'll let others bring the rational skepticism to the table... I'm in Irsay "multiple Lombardis" mode, right now.
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