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  1. mahagga73

    Bengals Week 1

    Amazing how it came full circle. Back in the 90s everybody thought IndyCar was dead for good. NASCAR was absurdly popular. Now the 500 has pretty much reestablished it's luster as one of the premier car races again. NASCAR, empty seats everywhere except a few places.
  2. mahagga73

    Bengals Week 1

    Yeah I remember going in 97 and 02 and it being packed. Went to that tire fiasco too . Preferred Motogp and F1 but alas no more. NASCAR actually half interesting this year , that's too bad.
  3. mahagga73

    Bengals Week 1

    Yeah, I go into and out of Speedway every time I come over. Probably a circular route I'm sure.
  4. mahagga73

    Bengals Week 1

    Brickyards going on same time. I think I may skip this one. What a mess that could be.
  5. What an ignorant statement.
  6. Not like this one. Check the stats.
  7. Mack, the guy everybody been telling me can take on the workhouse load no problem , is already injured. They have a lot of these kind of guys.
  8. mahagga73

    My First Season Away - How Do I Watch

    Yeah. I live in central Illinois, sometimes we get the games , sometimes not. If I'm not at a game I just listen to the radio call and then watch it later. Not bad for 99 bucks.
  9. mahagga73

    Bashaud Breeland leaves Indy without deal

    Yeah, the plan is to develop and pay your own. Chiefs have a great roster but QB has held them back. Ballard was partly responsible for that and the Bears loaded Defenses in the mid 00s. We got the QB. I don't think they are going to be any better than 9-7 tops this year though . I like Reich, the new offense. We will see. Unlike the previous regime starting spots will be earned.
  10. mahagga73

    Bashaud Breeland leaves Indy without deal

    Overspend ? They haven't spent hardly anything.
  11. mahagga73

    Colts hire new analytics guy

    They arent winning anything with that defense .
  12. mahagga73

    Realistic expectations for the 2018 Colts

    9-7, Luck plays all games, maybe 10-6.
  13. Yeah, good series. Both choked in horrific fashion though. Cavs-warriors, blah.
  14. mahagga73

    *** Colts UDFA Tracker ***

    Me too. Wish they would have drafted Berrios.