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  1. That's because they played a series of trash QBs. When they play a top QB , or even moderately good, they get shredded. This year and last.
  2. They gave up 30 plus on average last 7 games.
  3. He isn't good , but it seems like the few games he has been on point the defense falls apart.
  4. I wouldnt count on it with a much tougher schedule.
  5. This was Josh McDaniels pick as DC. He needs to make a change. Jags have been inept on offense for weeks.
  6. Most players don't like playing in this scheme.
  7. Yes, but he is going to have his pick of at least 2 head coaching jobs imo.
  8. It's the scheme. Outdated. Eberflus isn't Reich guy. I would make a change like KC did last season and now their D is coming around. Absolutely hate this scheme. Good QB eat our lunch.
  9. It's the ancient scheme, the cover 2 .
  10. This comment says they are looking to upgrade. That's all we can hope for.
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