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  1. Do the Decatur Staleys get their records back ? Man, the concept of a continuous business and records escapes so many.
  2. The history never leaves the city. What ?
  3. Yeah, nobody is claiming Baltimore glory in Indy. Except the fans who bridged both cities. But the history and logo are rightful property of the owner to do whatever the hell he wants too with.
  4. It's already like that. There is a museum for the Baltimore era there. I think they even have the old Colts players names up . But the Ravens are not the Colts and never will be as bad as some dont want it to be so. The players played for this franchise. Lot of Baltimore/Indy Colts fans on here. The Rams, Raiders, Cardinals , etc . have all moved and kept their franchise histories. The only reason the Browns got theirs back was because the league forced Modell to sell the franchise records back. When you go off saying that past doesn't matter , it may not to you , you were never a Baltimore Colts fan. If the Colts records and logo , unis were sold back to Baltimore in 83 or 4 I would still be a Baltimore Colts fan , but that's not how it went down. Many here root for the logo , the franchise. Just be happy you inherited one of the coolest uniforms in sports.
  5. I thought it was still around.
  6. I would put Jim Parker ahead of everybody but Unitas. Him and Hannah might be the two greatest interior lineman of all time. Lenny Moore is up there too. You totally forgot Raymond Berry also . Colts have had a lot of great players in both cities.
  7. Awful. Look like a CFL or AAF team. Current ones were way better.
  8. I've never changed teams in my life. Rooting against the Colts , or for another team , would have got you thrown out of the family . Back when they were rarely on TV( thankfully NFL ticket came around in 93 or 4, before that we tuned a satellite ) in the Baltimore days , me and my dad rolled around in his car around town , Bloomington , Illinois , looking for a spot where the Baltimore feed came in. We found it behind an old A and W drive up . Every week. Later when they moved(145 miles away ) , we went over to Indy to watch the carpet be put down, buy all the merchandise, and everything else we could get. I've had season tickets over the years and stuff , but seeing the blue and white uniforms stills gives me a feeling of joy , a bond with my old man who has passed . We saw them win the SB together , a memory I'll never forget. I dont think I've missed a game in decades. It was hard being a Colts fan in Bear country when we were terrible. But I've always bled blue and white and always will. My old man was such a huge Colts fan, before he got a satellite TV, he would drive to Crawfordsville and rent a hotel room (cut a deal with the owner) , just to watch and record the game a few years . I would usually go with him.
  9. I'm going to give Ballard the benefit of the doubt until he proves otherwise .
  10. No, but they got there. They had their shot , came up short.
  11. Yeah, he will be making moves soon. As he said , they assign a monetary value to free agents. I have to assume none of these guys with their ridiculous contracts fit the bill.
  12. Nobody has mentioned our franchise QB is 30. This team as currently constructed isn't good enough to go to the SB. What's the fine line between being conservative and wasting Luck career ? Who knows.
  13. Jags were already in cap hell. Lost Jackson already , going to lose more on that defense. They have about a max 2 year window to be contending in the division. Foles would have signed with anybody , he just wants to get paid.
  14. That's only gonna work for a year or two. And assumes a lot of cooperation.
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