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    Camping w/ my fam, fishing, Notre Dame Football, Colts Football, IU Basketball, Just living life man.

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    Football is the greatest sport on the face of this great planet, and perfected in the greatest country on it. Especially when played in South Bend and Indianpolis Indiana. Love some Hoosiers basketball as well. My family not too bad either <img alt=":)" data-emoticon="" height="15" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_20smile.gif" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="15" /></p>

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  1. Agree to an extent. Imo we need to beat SF to keep the momentum going into the rematch with Tenn. That is a must win game. Loss and we would be eliminated, no?
  2. Dont worry the pass rush will take so much more pres.....nevermind.
  3. We have to win in 2 weeks to have that chance imo.
  4. I will say Edge....until his career marks get beaten by Taylor.
  5. It was yesterday, he got torched on a spin move and tripped the dude right into CW's lower legs. Almost insult to injury.
  6. Wentz about had both of his legs broke. Hope he doesn't have any more of those plays left in him.
  7. I missed the pregame stuff, any mention of his injury then?
  8. Maybe the offsjdes threw off their timing? The whole dam scenario was just crazy. He looked the part except for the miss lol.
  9. Would assume the achilles had everything to do with that.
  10. That whole drive was a time to put a dagger in em. The guys were executing at a high level and he chose to go conservative at the wrong time imo, knowing Rod was gimpy. Maybe put his trust in the wrong player. I suppose the timing of his decisions. I dont know. Just very frustrated man, heartbreaker missed opportunity is all.
  11. The one easy scapegoat is Hot Rod. Just brutal for the young man. If he was in fact injured, the blame easily gets passed to the coaches for trotting him out regardless, especially in the most critical moments. Im leaning towards the coaching staff, again. The flea flicker killed our Mo, heck Frank taking his foot off the gas was enough imo. I personally could care less about the analytis stuff.
  12. Im almost too * and crushed to go to sleep now. 5am is gonna suck worse than our zone D.
  13. If it doesnt stand i might be getting a new tv.
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