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  1. Agree, we have a need in the slot and Campbell fits in, pretty much everywhere. Would say no to trading up.
  2. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Agree, we will certainly see what the guy has left in the tank. Not sure of the the fit schematic wise, but he should bring plenty to the field for us. Might be a great move as far as having another veteran presence in the locker room also.
  3. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Ballard's Team Building Vision

    I would agree with a lot of posters that Ballard is putting a whole heck of a lot of faith into himself to pick the right guys and his staff to develope them, rather than go out and buy a proven player. Risky? Sure. Smart? Time will tell. I think we need to hold faith as well and stay patient. FA hasnt moved the needle much as far as improvement to the roster, so lets get through the rest of it and the draft, than let the fun begin.
  4. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Projected WRs

    1.TY 2.P Campbell 3.Funchess 4.Inman 5.Rogers 6.Cain/Pascal Rest PS, like Ismael more than Fountain, just not sure he has what it takes between his ears.
  5. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Darius Leonard day

    Im going to tackle somebody today with pure tenacity in his honor.
  6. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Would (Could) the Colts consider a trade in round 1?

    Good points, especially with Tillery (ND football is my #1 sport, then Colts, IU basketball). Just not sure CB trades up. Another guy I really like later is Joe Jackson. Looks very disruptive and Miami guys seem to fit well in Indy.
  7. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Would (Could) the Colts consider a trade in round 1?

    Burns, Sweat, Tillery, Ferril could all be available at 26. I also have us taking Winovich in the 2nd-3rd rd.
  8. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Spending Unwisely like the Packers

    It tells me the gameplan was terrible. Everyone knew the best way to exploit that secondary was across the middle and the seams. We did neither.
  9. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Who do you take?

    I think there will still be DL available to us, not Simmons though. Love Bush early second pick, with his speed and size, would make a great Rover type position in nickle packages. J Love 2nd rd also.
  10. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Improved or status Q ?

    Ok, maybe a stretch on my part. Good point on the qbs on that schedule. Some of the defenses we faced were very good though and we were competetive against teams you were referring too. My outlier was KC, I think that was the most mismanaged game plan of the season. Im just staying positive and hoping we arent as far off as some think.
  11. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Improved or status Q ?

    No doubt. It took us what, 6 weeks of the season for our new HC, D coord, O coord, to finally get it together with a lot of youth, and new guys. This team is already scary good, soon, scary great.
  12. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Annual Mod Appreciation Thread

    As many times as I ve wanted to let my profanity flow like the mighty Mississippi, Mrs. Nadine is swift in her hand slapping no, no, no lol. Many of us come here first for info, honest answers, and to be amongst true Colts fans. Thank you for those who run this forum.
  13. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Improved or status Q ?

    Some look at what Cleveland is doing and think, we had more money, why didnt we do that. IMO they smell blood in the water, in their division, and are ready to take over. Pitt is falling apart, Ravens formidablr, Bengals, well... Good for them for striving to win their division. It is just not going to be sustainable. They have a whole bunch of guys on rookie contracts that they will not be able to keep in a couple years due to spending now. Same with Jax past couple of years. The Colts are already and have been the cream of our division and our sights are on bigger things and we have a much better approach imo. We are building for a sustainable, winning future. Build a core, build their skills, build a SB contender year in year out. You are right we need key pieces, but we also need to be able to keep them. Luck is our guy for a long time. Castonzo, TY, Kelly, are just a few guys that will need to be resigned in next couple years and have their "replacements" found. 2021 will be when we find those guys rather than Lawrence. Think Rondale Moore from Purdue to take the reins from TY. KC vs Indy will be a fantastic rivalry for many years and Patriots have only a couple more years in em. No Brady, no more dynasty. I know we cant sit on our hands with a fat wallet, but that $ will be very handy to have in the near future. Thanks for staying a big fan of real football btw, not futbol lol.
  14. You think there is a chance we could get J Love in the second rd? He is a dang ball hawk, really good kid too.
  15. Mr.NotSoCreative

    Free Agent Visits

    Agree, would much rather have Coleman than Ajayi. If Ballard is possibly shopping a RB, he missed out imo, would rather roll with what we have or draft, than Crowell or Ajayi. There might be a reason why those guys are on a different team every season.