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  1. Aren't you a bit skeptical of Rivers? Could possibly be another Vinateiri situation. All of those turnovers last year can't be totally on his offensive line.
  2. Yes the injuries. Even in our 5-2 start, the guy's play was suspect. The team overall was healthier no doubt. Look, Im not totally disagreeing with you. JB will probably get another shot at it. It will be more because of contract and continuity reasons rather than belief he really is our future, our path to greater success though.
  3. I think we all agree that he was thrown to the wolves in an unprecedented situation. But we also would agree that going into last season our QB room was the best in the NFL. Heck many thought we should have traded JB for a 1st because he was so capable. And then he recieved his opportunity, #2, to prove himself as a full time starter. The proof was in the puddin.
  4. He should absolutley be on our board. With the top few QBs being pipe dream trade up scenarios, we should target him in rd 2 or 3. Legit arm and leg talent, exceptional athlete. Could eleviate the doubles on wrs and would bolster run game. Have to account for this guy every play. I like the idea of that.
  5. Careful with that,you will be told he isnt as good as Fountain lol.
  6. Are you referring to their college careers as the limited sample size? If so, wasnt Herbert a 3-4 year starter? Compared to Burrow who really had 1?
  7. Is there a FA that isnt linked or so called perfect fit for us?
  8. Unfortunately it isnt just public opinion that the wheels fell off. It actually happened, and JB did play a pretty big part in it regardless of the circumstances. Cant imagine the team using that as an excuse. Maybe more motivation to fix the weakest links.
  9. I like the experience Herbert has and he doesnt have many holes in his game. Borrows did have a crazy good season. But it was 1 year and that team was loaded.
  10. Good points. If Fountain is so versatile to play speed/deep X, Z and slot, we are in great shape. I really like Pascal, Funch can get another 10 mil and keep his spot. I just really like the kid and think we could get him on the field is all.
  11. Im sorry I didn't realize that Fountain had performed well in a game. If over 1000 yds, dozen or more tds against Power 5, ND opponents isnt impressive, you must have high standards. He is not a project either. Not sayin 1st rd talent but better than Fountain, Rogers, and Johnson.
  12. All because you are high on him does not mean we all have to be. Logic and watching Claypool play tells me he is better than Fountain.
  13. Ballard dumped some pretty serious coin already into JB and Hoyer. Both of which should hit the bricks imo. Wouldnt be too excited about Rivers coming in either. Not a PM and Denver situation. We are in big trouble right now at QB. Rookie savior? Rivers savior? Yikes.
  14. Glad hes recovering well but we should all know that tc darlings arent what you want to bank on. Would rather draft Claypool and say buh bye to Funchess and stash Fountain again on ps.
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