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  1. Unfortunately the Colts have about 20 million reasons to keep JB.
  2. Not if we have anything to say about it.
  3. I live in a community that is quite diverse because of the Japanese ran companies and Cummins Inc that is quite large and global. About 5 years ago my neighbors moved and a black american family moved in. Slick talking car salesman. We are butting heads to this day. For instance, just 4 days ago on the lake he tried to tell me I needed to throw a deep crankbait instead of my dropshot. Challenge accepted! We caught our limit and had a fish fry. He gets so mad when i shoot free throws and call nothing but net playing HORSE on his goal lol. Our boys are no different. Tied at the hip. They will be in kindergarten together. Cant wait to stand at the bus stop with him first day of school. Instead of building a privacy fence, i built a bridge so its safer for our little ones to climb over. When im told that its not good enough to say im not racist, is nonsense. I dont just love my neighbor because im supposed to. I love him and his family because they are great people and 5 years later would do anything we can for each other. Our children will be the same.
  4. This whole thing is just nuts. Suppose next we will have to remove the flag from waving above the stadiums, off of helmets and jerseys. Anthem? Fine do away with it, although I cannot believe I said it. Make it 100% about football. Politics and division will be brought back in one way or another.
  5. I remember Mack taking himself out quite a bit last year. Probably led to Hines seeing a bit too much between the tackles work. Rivers knows how to use him correctly. JT and Mack will be great subbing in and out for each other and I agree with you on their individual running styles. The room as a whole is becoming elite.
  6. Maybe he could have roamed a little bit closer to the Texans wide receivers, especially that Hopkins guy. Would think that we expect more than 1 int and a few broken passes from our top 15 pick a season. But oh boy that 1 pick last year in the first game was a doozy though.
  7. Im sure Kaep is doing just fine financially and imo he wouldnt be better than Kelly, even if he wasnt like 3 or 4 years removed from the game. Zero chance we kick the tires there.
  8. Would that then put Nelson on a 5th year option following Smiths year?
  9. Heck might be able take it bit further, Canton ir bust for him. Not sure he is HOFer but...a SB could get him in. Andrew was a heartbreaker lol.
  10. Dude wants to go out on top, win a SB. My guess is %100 opposite.
  11. I think Patmon will make the roster, not sure who is out though. Probably Johnson just because Dulin will play ST. My most overlooked is the same I had as last year, Hines. When he finally got a shot at returns, boom. My guess is Reich and Rivers can figure out how to use him correctly and often.
  12. Savage here lol, but yeah, wont be a starter but maybe he can stay humble and gainfully employed to hold a clipboard (or tablet i guess) for someone. He is a very rich man now so maybe he would be fine as a backup.
  13. Seems to have a very consistent and quick release point. Probably played some baseball in his life. Quick to his ear and gone.
  14. My guess Taylor would have gone top 10 if he was like Barkley or Elliot. We got a really good running back in the 3rd. Not sure why we need to compare. He also had a better college career in his 3 years, actually one of the best ever. Is he a grand slam? I'll go with home run at least.
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