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  1. Im not scared about the future, past this season, at all. This season could very well go into the dumpster, but with everything that has gone on this season, this team is still pretty good and the weak parts of it can and will be addressed. I have to constantly remind myself that we were building this thing with AL as the centerpiece. We all knew we had a decent guy as back up for if/when he would be out with injury. Shoot many wanted to think we could get a 1st in a trade for JB. Unfortunately, I believe he has left just too much on the table, missed too many opportunities. He doesnt maximize our offensive potential. Our offensive front and defense are rock solid, can carry us into the future.
  2. This is not true. Our D is very solid, with speed at all levels. Imo, they will only get better. Its our offense that needs the most help.
  3. Dont hate on the Olympians, thats my school.
  4. Pretty sure watson just destroyed our zone. Maybe it was man. No matter.
  5. You sir, are correct. He is the man for the next 5 weeks.
  6. Really like this take man. Would add that the effective qbs you allude to arent just elite nfl qbs. Goes for every level of play. Even college qbs can do the things you mentioned within their offenses.
  7. This has to be the biggest question. Is it the wrs or qb not seeing them? It is excrutiating and frustrating to watch. TY did have a couple of crucial drops, though very contested. Imo he wasnt targeted near enough to get him in the flow. wth is going on?
  8. I dont hate much of anything, but Brady and the Pats on that short list. Dude probably cries after getting a piece. All of those perfect Brady genes gone to waste.
  9. Cant agree with DF being a disappointment. The injury sure was though, we have really needed him this year, and the fact he is on a prove it deal for like 10mil. Can he show enough when he comes back? We will see. If the FO goes another direction theres a dude plays ball 100 miles north of Indy, names Claypool, on my draft board, would be an upgrade.
  10. Dude should be fresh. He and Wilkins are pretty well the same. They dont dilly dally. Both plant a foot and go. Dont expect many negative runs. Think we ll miss Mack more than some think, but feel good about the rb room.
  11. Not sure any of our rbs besides Mack can pull off runs like his td today. Was a beauty. Gonna need our playmakers for this stretch, Mack is one of em. Tough break for him.
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