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  1. I am of the if it ain't broke, don't fix it crowd. If there is a drop off, would be a big mistake by our FO.
  2. We have the same guys, should have the same results.
  3. Some of them were game sealers though.
  4. Went to google search Colts football this morning to get updates on practice and what not, all that came up was Browns working over our team past couple days and not a single Colts article.
  5. Man this stinks. Feel for the guy. Was really pushing and earning himself a spot on the roster. Id say next man up but the wr room taking a hit. Campbell out still, Ishmael, now Fountain.
  6. As a fan, I cant help but think, here we go again. The injury is unclear both with its severity or how it happened. Nor is there any clear timetable. Next thing you know, theres money missing of your dresser and your daughters knocked up. Seen it a hundred times. Is this situation total nonsense? Sure is. Can we do anything about it? Nope. Will I still go to games or tune in to every game? Sure will, because I love the team. Not just 1 (albeit very important) guy. What makes it so difficult now, is because of the high expectations and the possibilities of being pretty dang special. It can still happen.
  7. I agree with ya to an extent, before the season we all were saying just how solid top to bottom this roster is, our depth guys should be showing out a bit better imo, but it is early yet and guys are still missing. Lets just see how the next few weeks play out and watch for improvement.
  8. Im pretty stoked on our rookies potential....with Banogu being the exception. Not getting the warm fuzzies atm. Him being out of a pretty important preseason and that it seems they arent quite sure what to do with him if he was available. Hope Im 100% wrong though.
  9. Preseason is what it is. But what is the main theme every coach, player, fan harps about during this time? Reps, and lots of them. We have quite a few guys missing practices, which is where the reps happen, building chemistry with your team is vital. There are some pretty major contributors, some we hope will be at least, that are out. We should all have a bit of concern, just not end of the world stuff.
  10. Unfortunately, many out of the Colts fan base will ask, what will it be next?
  11. Suppose Im more concerned with achilles injury than anything. Guess we will see.
  12. My guess is hes gone next year and we draft Costello from Stanford in late rounds or UDFA. JB wants to play, and he deserves his chance. Heck, we dont even know if AL will be ready.
  13. Someone mentioned the value of experience, maybe under valued in Rogers case. He knows Luck, Luck knows him. In close games, tough situations, we need that experience to be in the right spot, right time. Could be a difference in a W or L. I would rather not take chances in those situations. Now with AL missing as much time as he has, he's not building that experience with younger guys. Dude doesn't light it up, but does bring enough to make the team.
  14. Agree, seems he might be keeping his cap space available for those situations.
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