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    Football is the greatest sport on the face of this great planet, and perfected in the greatest country on it. Especially when played in South Bend and Indianpolis Indiana. Love some Hoosiers basketball as well. My family not too bad either <img alt=":)" data-emoticon="" height="15" src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/default_20smile.gif" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" title=":)" width="15" /></p>

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  1. Is it against the rules to play a 6-4 guy in the slot to run crossers and slants? Is .10 of a second difference not enough for 6-5 guy to overcome against a 6-0 guy that doesnt really know where you are going? With this type of size could be bully slot, bully X, big bullies everywhere then pound it down their throats with run game taboot. TY is a great Colt. The Ghost is also very fitting lets not forget, so he got paid to teach and mentor this year. We need a guy that cant be ghosted. We keep 6, Campbell plays TY, and we use our mismatches everywhere.
  2. Im a bit curious on some thoughts about our big bodies. Do you all think it is absolutley necessary that these guys can nail every route on the tree? From what I gather its mostly about that. Would think having the size advabtage could negate some of that. Isnt that kinda the point? Contested or arrant throws happen on the perfect ran routes also. Seems we have a bit of trouble getting these guys on the field and producing.
  3. No seriously wouldve gone all ND guys all day baby.
  4. Ok, watched a bit of tape and an interview with Michal Strachan. Impressive guy, freakish size with sub 4.5 speed. Has all of the Colture traits as far as story, well spoken, etc. Not annointing next Calvin Johnson but...dang, what if!? Could be a gem.
  5. Q is the best player at his postion. Why mess with it? Having to scheme TE or interior line help should not be our way of thinking imo. Just takes an element away. Every player every down has an assignment. Our LT HAS to be able to hold his own at some pt. Would guess 90% or more of fans, talking heads etc would have put a high need here. It was adreesed i suppose.
  6. I wasnt aware Paye was a 4 year starter. Thought he was behind Gary and Malinovich. I do like Paye though.
  7. I went with a C. If LT is second most important spot on offense, imo it didnt get addressed enough. A few journey types and swiss army late pick. Sure Q was able to help our fill in last year but why put the extra pressure on him? Some have said that having 1st rders across the whole line would be too expensive or something like that. Not sure I catch the drift and I could be off base here, coffee hasnt quite kicked in lol. Paye is a good player. Heard some excuses though about lack of production. Scheme (never heard of Don Brown not utilizing his best players, but maybe a bit outd
  8. They do love them some big wr's, now, can they get them on the field and produce at a high level. Pittman had the leg thingy last year so stats arent great but other than him near nothing. Its wait and see time.
  9. Dang missed Jamar Johnson by 1 pick.
  10. Would you consider being a coachable athlete more important than coachable football player? Athlete in my mind says strong measurables. Football players might be a tick less but has the leadership, IQ, grit, intangibles. Would also say that all NFL players are elite athletes. Im just drawn to elite football players more.
  11. If we are talking pure slot, i like Philyor as well.
  12. Did the kid from Northern Iowa get picked yet? Think Brown? Large individual if i remember that at least lol.
  13. What is getting a lot of us is that we need help at edge now. Not 2 years. We might have a full room but its full of question marks and possible bust picks.
  14. Agree we need this kid to be a stud. I might be in the minority here but I have near zero faith in Turay, Banogu and Lewis to become even solid contributors. Flashes are not acceptible at this point with them. Time is here for them to show or go. Cant remember who posted about Rumph II, but would be a great late get in the draft. Not a freak athlete, or huge upside guy, just a good smart football player.
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