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  1. Most of us would be pleasantly surprised by that type of production. A loss to the Bengals would would make a few here go nuts, just have to tune out the ridiculousness.
  2. Agree, we would really be testing our depth but thats what we've been building this team for.
  3. Rivers has pressure in his face because he can't get out of the dang way, struggling in mobility.
  4. Colts 31-Browns 28 Blankenship gets his first game winner.
  5. Why would we keep it vanilla though? We don't have that many new pieces on offense.
  6. Understand what you re saying but why not just come out and say he is really our #1-2 receiver? All because TY is supposed to be our 1, Pittman supposed to be our 2, doesn't mean they are, at least not currently. Just seems disrespectful imo.
  7. Collision Course Circle City Regulators
  8. There was a graphic during the game that compared their measurables, of which were crazy close. Not saying he is the next Gates but there is no way that Rivers hasn't noticed. He did get out jumped today by a smaller cb on the near int in the endzone. Climb the ladder big boy!
  9. Even though the running games weren't great for either team, with the defensive play where I'm from we call it an ol school slobberknocker lol. Red zone offense is my only real concern, we won't be able to settle for 3 all the time. Still some things to improve upon but a W.
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