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  1. I missed the pregame stuff, any mention of his injury then?
  2. Maybe the offsjdes threw off their timing? The whole dam scenario was just crazy. He looked the part except for the miss lol.
  3. Would assume the achilles had everything to do with that.
  4. That whole drive was a time to put a dagger in em. The guys were executing at a high level and he chose to go conservative at the wrong time imo, knowing Rod was gimpy. Maybe put his trust in the wrong player. I suppose the timing of his decisions. I dont know. Just very frustrated man, heartbreaker missed opportunity is all.
  5. The one easy scapegoat is Hot Rod. Just brutal for the young man. If he was in fact injured, the blame easily gets passed to the coaches for trotting him out regardless, especially in the most critical moments. Im leaning towards the coaching staff, again. The flea flicker killed our Mo, heck Frank taking his foot off the gas was enough imo. I personally could care less about the analytis stuff.
  6. Im almost too * and crushed to go to sleep now. 5am is gonna suck worse than our zone D.
  7. It appears they have already made defensive adjustments. Frank....not so much.
  8. Just happy with a win! Will leave my b and moaning for after the losses.
  9. We are 0-3 and were in all 3 with opportunities to win all against I would say playoff calibre opponenents. Good teams find ways to win, make winning plays. We are not there atm. Even if CW can get healthy, he will not elevate this team.
  10. This is not true. Luck elevated the other guys play. Wentz is not.
  11. To me its more about him handling the offense. He is a really good man and coach.
  12. Sorry man, but the only remarkable play Turay has provided came at the most critical time in the Buffalo playoff game.
  13. No doubt man, was really going above and beyond this offseason, dude deserves some good fortune, and the team needs him to be in a happy place.
  14. Totally agree, and certainly doesnt natter if he is similar in build and skill set to others in the team. 2 Pittmans? Sign me up.
  15. Was pretty excited to see the team play for tbe first time this season. Im still excited with what we can accomplish this season. The D is going to be very good for us and should keep us in every game. Eason was pretty clearly the better option and should only get better. Once we get our O to full or near full strength, get em hummin, watch out league.
  16. Did I implicate vile? And yes I will take a high road and not pick one or another based on a week of camp and some old college tape. I hope the best for all of our guys and will not make assumptions or say i know what will happen. I will gather my own info and absolutely will not listen to MSM and talking heads of the vile media. I can wait till that real football gets here to make my judgments.
  17. I will take the high road here and root for both of these guys and hope that they both become really good qbs sooner than later. We drafted them, they are Colts. Every fan should be behind these guys %100. No need to nit pick yet. Let them get in a dang game first.
  18. They came togetber as a FO and coaches and made a decision. No turning back and no regrets. Sometimes you have to roll the dice. Take a Leap of Faith. With risk comes great rewards. Confucious say man with hand in pants, nevermind lol.
  19. Is it against the rules to play a 6-4 guy in the slot to run crossers and slants? Is .10 of a second difference not enough for 6-5 guy to overcome against a 6-0 guy that doesnt really know where you are going? With this type of size could be bully slot, bully X, big bullies everywhere then pound it down their throats with run game taboot. TY is a great Colt. The Ghost is also very fitting lets not forget, so he got paid to teach and mentor this year. We need a guy that cant be ghosted. We keep 6, Campbell plays TY, and we use our mismatches everywhere.
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