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  1. Im sure Kaep is doing just fine financially and imo he wouldnt be better than Kelly, even if he wasnt like 3 or 4 years removed from the game. Zero chance we kick the tires there.
  2. Would that then put Nelson on a 5th year option following Smiths year?
  3. Heck might be able take it bit further, Canton ir bust for him. Not sure he is HOFer but...a SB could get him in. Andrew was a heartbreaker lol.
  4. Dude wants to go out on top, win a SB. My guess is %100 opposite.
  5. I think Patmon will make the roster, not sure who is out though. Probably Johnson just because Dulin will play ST. My most overlooked is the same I had as last year, Hines. When he finally got a shot at returns, boom. My guess is Reich and Rivers can figure out how to use him correctly and often.
  6. Savage here lol, but yeah, wont be a starter but maybe he can stay humble and gainfully employed to hold a clipboard (or tablet i guess) for someone. He is a very rich man now so maybe he would be fine as a backup.
  7. Seems to have a very consistent and quick release point. Probably played some baseball in his life. Quick to his ear and gone.
  8. My guess Taylor would have gone top 10 if he was like Barkley or Elliot. We got a really good running back in the 3rd. Not sure why we need to compare. He also had a better college career in his 3 years, actually one of the best ever. Is he a grand slam? I'll go with home run at least.
  9. Will always root for an underdog. My guess is PS at first, Lewis will get injured again and allow for his opportunity. Good luck kid!
  10. Its probably just we as fans just dont know what he can or cant do in real game play. Well, the Kelly fan club should finally realize that we may not, but the team does. Must not be good enough. Get over it.
  11. I got what you re saying. Training was a bad way of putting it. I have always been curious if we had kept Manning, drafted.Luck, if he would have accepted that role of being mentor.
  12. Cant imagine it was Farve's responsibility to train him. He is a player, not a coach. Same with Rivers for us or Rodgers with Love.
  13. Yep. Have you seen if Moss signed anywhere as UDFA?
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