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  1. Draft has a lot of WR talent. Free agency , nothing worth much projected.
  2. Uh no and yeah right. These next few games are the job rehearsal for the future.
  3. These next few games are going to determine Jacoby future.
  4. The QB has more influence in winning and losing than any position in sports , only rivaled by goalie maybe. Was there any doubt last week Jax was going to get Bradied. Not by me. The Colts defense argument is a common excuse , but the 3 years they had the best defenses, top notch, they didn't win the SB in any of them. Dungy was hardly a scrub coach.
  5. That's true . But when you get to 6 rings? with a revolving cast of guys that couldn't cut it anywhere else , it's no fluke. I'm no fan of the dude, but the sheer number of playoff wins, 27 or 8, 9 losses . The 2 SB he lost were on fluke type plays. He's amazing when it counts . MJ of football. His winning dwarfs everybody. That being said , we were fortunate to have Manning . Pre-Manning days you couldn't but dream of a SB win. MJ has been passed by a lot of guys stats wise , but not many dispute he is the Goat.
  6. Brees was 32 of 35 , 300 plus yards and 3 TD. One of the better performances in the game. The Colts couldn't stop him .
  7. Who on offense did Brady have that was as good as Wayne, Marvin, Edge, Clark , Garvin, etc. for any sustained period of time ? And please list all the players the Patriots had on Defense that are HOF material. Nobody thinks Manning is better than Brady outside some Colts fans . And that's ok . He made his own legacy.
  8. Unitas>Manning. 4th or 5th maybe. .500 in the playoffs. Brees is creeping into the conversation. He will own all passing records before he retires. If he wins another title he may be 3.
  9. Ok, so Hasselbeck went 6-2 a few years back while Luck went 3-7 or so . That makes Matt better. Going on your logic. The Pats went 11-5 because they have had a superior coach . They have not had anywhere near the star power of the Colts, especially on offense . False. The 3 years we had a consistently good D in the regular season , we didn't win the SB in any of them.
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