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  1. Nice stuff. I really love how Ballard approaches free agency. Tons of value to find if you're just patient and smart.
  2. Glad we got another OL, but I won't pretend I know anything about this guy.
  3. I'm gunna do what I always do, and just wait until I see them play for a year or two. Crazy, I know. Tillery was the only guy I truly wanted after learning Simmons wouldn't make it past the Titans. Christopher clearly felt differently.
  4. 1. Murray, Cards 2. Bosa, 49ers 3. Allen, Jets 4. Q. Williams, Raiders 5. Oliver, Bucs 6. J. Williams , Giants 7. J. Taylor , Jags 8. D.White , Lions 9. Haskins , Redskins (trade) 10. Bush , Broncos
  5. Dreadful combine. Like, disgustingly bad. Hard pass.
  6. This take is dumb , but sadly I've seen Colts fans say the same thing. Peyton played for a solid organization. Andrew carried the dumb-dumb's and a trash roster and almost lost his career because of it. Luck is absolutely great.
  7. Nice, hopefully that calms people down a bit. Good contract/character. Add him to the the rotation and keep building the DL.
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