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  1. Haha I’ll leave, you’re the regular here. It wasn’t my intention to upset you.
  2. They’re extremely young , and won 10 games 2 years ago. It’s going to take a little time. i don’t think he’s on Stevens’ level (who is special) but he’s better than 90% of the leagues coaches.
  3. Brett Brown is a really good coach too. I would take both of them over Macmillan or Dwayne Casey.
  4. You were trying to tell me Korver/JR/Thompson should be considered “help”. That’s hilarious. And not reasonable at all.
  5. Some day you’ll realize how silly you’re being about Lebron.
  6. Brad Stevens is a top 3 coach in the league. No question. He’s brilliant.
  7. Trueman

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    Haha why must everything be so dichotomous? All I’m saying is the hot-takes are pointless. There’s literally thousands of other aspects to discuss about the draft without declaring it a success or failure a few days after it happened.
  8. Trueman

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    This was a good read , thanks for posting it.
  9. Trueman

    Colts draft class ranked #3 in power rankings

    Right , which is exactly why it’s foolish.
  10. Well , at least I don’t have to read about how much people think Ballard loves Matt Jones anymore.
  11. That’s going to happen regardless. There’s nothing you can do in one off-season to catch-up with them.
  12. Haha it’s a maybe at best. If they play to their full potential they’re a 7-8 seed at best. Van Gundy is likely getting fired , so we’ll see.
  13. You don’t have to worry about Detroit , they’re a disaster. They have no cap room , and are loaded with terrible contracts.