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  1. my guess is we draft Jacob Eason in the second round (not at 34) and have him third string this year and hope we can develop him into what we need.
  2. He did but with JB at QB... I'd quit too.
  3. If he regains his old form, this was a steal. If not, we better have a backup plan...
  4. Honestly I'd go Tom Brady and second round QB or just a 1st rd QB. I don't want Rivers.
  5. shout out to all of us that called this... oh wait.. that's almost everyone
  6. Rivers behind a good O line is intriguing but if we do sign him, I really hope we draft a QB in the 1st or 2nd round and go down the alex smith, Mahomes route.
  7. I don't want him. I want a mobile QB. Not someone like Jackson, but someone near Mahomes level of mobility.
  8. Yes, Okereke looked like our best linebacker for parts of the season. Our LB's are solid. Just need a stud corner, start Khari Willis, and two pass rushers.
  9. With all the concussions he suffered and the way he plays the game, it's a good decision. Not smart to sacrifice the last 40 years of your life for something you're only gonna do for another 5-10 years.
  10. The titans are basically us from last year, except they didn't choke their momentum away in the divisional rd.
  11. I hated Tom Brady, but if signing him means we can have a stop gap for 2 years and develop a QB we draft in the 1st or 2nd rd this year or the next, I am all for it.
  12. JB is a GREAT guy, and he had to go through a lot having to suddenly replace a potential hof qb at moments notice...BUT, this year proved that he is not the future. You might say it's his first season but usually you show flashes of greatness even in your first year, and he showed no such thing. His peak this season is what we would call a good game from Alex Smith. His floor was unwatchably bad.
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