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  1. I think if Andrew Luck was still on this team, this wouldn't even be a question and he would be viewed as the best GM in football.
  2. sigh whatever. I guess you can't make jokes in 2020 without someone taking offense or just flat out not understanding it. Which part slipped your head? the part where the survey was conducted on reddit.com?....or the fact that I said only 10 native americans still exist?
  3. I can't tell if you are just immensely dense or are joking back with me and I'm the dense one...........................
  4. my god imagine Darnold all ecstatic that he got traded away from the Jets just to learn he got traded to the Cowboys. Poorest soul in the history of football
  5. If all we would get is a 5th or 6th then no way we should trade him
  6. Imagine if the Texans actually traded him to us
  7. Unfortunately there is only one Bill O brien
  8. Nah but I wouldn't be shocked if he got traded somewhere and becomes a pro bowl caliber QB like what happened to Tannehill
  9. according to a survey conducted on reddit.com, out of the 10 native americans still in existence 3 were upset. Idk what other data you'd need.
  10. as good of an idea that is, Jacoby is gonna get wasted behind that O line. If we trade him, I won't watch Dallas out of fear of Jacoby getting hurt.
  11. out of the 10 of them, i think 3 were actually upset
  12. well if that's true, then what the hell are the dallas cowboys...
  13. isn't every NFC east team in that position as well?
  14. a trade won't happen this season but depending on what happens the rest of year, this offseason could be very interesting
  15. The vikings actually have an above average roster. Signing cousins was one of the worst moves in franchise history. They should 100% trade cousins and tank for Lawrence
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