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  1. there are 2 aspects to coaching: game management, getting the most out of your players physically and emotionally. Frank Reich is a B game manager but an A+ leader imo. No way we let go of him.
  2. Let Jacoby walk. Keep phil depending on what happens in the draft
  3. I think Bringing back Rivers is a safe fallback option we have. We have to trade Jacoby. I LOVE what he brings to this team as a character but We need Eason to be the backup. I'd also see what it would take to move up to a position to get Fields. If we can't get Fields and Eason doesn't pan out, I'd rather stick with Rivers than go to Wentz or even Stafford.
  4. What are our top 5 needs? what does your ideal offseason look like? My unlikely but ideal offseason is to get Gilmore, Holden becomes a stud at LT for us, sign a pass rusher in FA, pull a Cheifs and sell the farm regarding picks to move up to get Fields.
  5. tbh we should have lost that game on a game losing fumble. Refs saved us. I can't find it in myself to get mad over anything that happens after. I will say however that those refs choked in those last 2 minutes almost as much a Frank Reich
  6. We would have to sell our next 10 first rd picks for the Texans to give their franchise QB to their biggest rival in the league. Unfortunatley Bill O B isn't the GM there anymore.
  7. yeah focus this offseason should be CB #1, left tackle #2, anthony walker replacement #3, possibly a QB replacement IF the right opportunity arises. It's obvious that this NFL requires a mobile QB. The way too ideal offseason looks like this: Get Gilmore for a mid rd pick, sign an edge rusher in FA, and then finally... give up our first, a second, and a future 1st/ whatever it takes to move up in the draft and grab justin fields
  8. We just didn't do the little things. We played well most of the game but in the crucial moments ( before the half, in the redzone) we didn't make the plays
  9. NICE!!! one funny little note: they left the second team TE spot vacant... does that mean nobody was good enough behind Kelce to be second team? not even Waller?
  10. In the few games he played after that injury, he still looked like a complete beast. Should be a beast this saturday as well
  11. I'll be singing praises of DBuck when that happens
  12. Rock being DNP is not bad news...
  13. The only way we win next week is if JT repeats this weeks performance and Josh allen is off because of the weather
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