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  1. Great couple. Followed both on IG and youtube
  2. He said that the next contract he gets will be his last one. Cherish this legend while you can.
  3. Yeah the trickiest thing for him will be putting on that weight AND maintaining his speed and explosiveness. If he can get to 185, he can be an ideal Nickel corner.
  4. Florida > Indiana to everyone outside of Indiana
  5. I'm ok with no night games, but week 13 really should have been a SNF game.
  6. I live in Cali so I LOVE waking up sunday morning after a festive saturday night and watching the colts play at 10am.
  7. Good thinking. Most of the things people say on this forum are flat out wrong, so let's use some reverse psychology.
  8. Yeah that was his first game back after missing a few weeks, and he was obviously still hurt
  9. I think that would apply to any QB. You are throwing more only if you are down. If you have fewer attempts that means you are killing the clock by running.
  10. Only if Buckner lives up to the hype and Rhodes regains his all-pro form
  11. I really don't think Buckner gets it unless he is a huge influence in the locker room early on. I'd say, Rivers, TY, Leonard, Nelson, and Moore.
  12. Great arm, good accuracy, poor under pressure, rumored poor work ethic. The first two can't be taught, the next two are gonna be on him to overcome. He couldn't have asked for a better system to be put into to help him with those issues so if he busts, it's gonna be all on him.
  13. Unfortunetly unless Lamar Jackson gets injured or somehow completely figured out, that team is WAY too good to not be a top 2 seed. If we somehow get the 2 seed, it'll be because KC's defense loses 5+ games for them.
  14. what does that have to with this year? Have you never seen a 7 and 9 team get better? It's not like we had a roller coaster 7-9 season either. When Jacoby wasn't stinking it up and managing games, we were 5-2 with wins over the Chiefs and Texans. I think the difference between Phillip Rivers and Jacoby is bigger than you think.
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