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  1. I like the pick. Adds a potential playmaker at TE which we haven't had since Ebron. As for LT I'm guessing we roll with Holden or sign Fisher
  2. Also the extent of research 95% of the comment section here has done is laughable. They hear a guys name once or twice, think he's the next jesus and get mad when Ballard picks a guy they haven't heard of.
  3. Kinda like the Giannis of the NFL. Hopefully he keeps working hard and maybe his career trajectory will be similar
  4. imo, Parris Campbell ceiling at this point is a Percy Harvin kind of player. Won't have the numbers but will make some bomb plays now and again.
  5. Love Anthony as a teammate and a person. He just isn't fast enough for this defense. Bobby has more potential
  6. -1% chance Pitts falls to us. We'd have to trade up into the top 10 to get him
  7. Hell no. Let's not enable that narrative for the media to talk about the second Wentz throws an int.
  8. we have the best RB trio in the league since who knows when what does singing Mack to a 2 mil dollar deal have to do with getting a CB1?
  9. quite simple really. Andrew Luck vs No andrew Luck. Really nothing else to look at. If you wanna think Grigson is better than Ballard, you can keep fooling yourself and carry on.
  10. Honestly I'm all for resigning Jacoby if he accepts backup money.
  11. Hopefully Parris can stay healthy the whole year
  12. I’d honestly be ok with trading our first/ whatever it takes to get orlando brown now.
  13. yeah good for ballard. Even if we don't get Wentz or any other FA, I would be ok with us trading up in the draft to get a zach wilson or trey lance or any qb that ballard likes.
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