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  1. Can someone please check on Irsay? maybe that Baltimore loss has him drinking again
  2. A Colts win AND a Titans loss is something I can feel good about. Lets all pray for the Titans downfall
  3. we should win this one but not very excited for it. Feel like this is a can't feel good game. If we win, oh well whatever. If we lose, let the doom and gloom amplify.
  4. next year has to be our big free agency spending year. We need to push for a chip next season
  5. Lmao playoffs? you talkin about playoffs? Do you really think this team can stop the Bills, Cheifs, Chargers, or Browns right now? Teams would be drooling to play us if we had a chance of making it in.
  6. Ballard bragging about the depth of the roster this season before it started....
  7. Bobby Okereke just flat out sucks. Injuries decimated our secondary. Pass rush isn't nearly good enough to overcome the previous 2 points.
  8. Looking at the rest of our schedule, we get healthier, start barely winning against all the bad teams coming up and end the season 8-9 or 9-8.
  9. Sounds about right. Decimated O line is killing our offense. Our whole defense besides the D line and I guess Leonard are average to below average.
  10. can we get this man some touchdowns please?
  11. I just want this team to be .500 by the time Q, Braden, Paye and our secondary are back.
  12. Colts win, Titans lose. Can't ask for much more on a sunday
  13. of course Kelly gets hurt on the last real play of the game
  14. Does anyone else find it hilarious that the dolphins have 3 offensive coordinators and their offense is this bad?
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