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  1. Don't be shocked if the Pats are one and done.
  2. Why do you continue to support him? Is he paying you to defend him here? If you have eyes and watched this game, you'd see just how horrible he was outside of 2 deep throws. This loss is defintely not his fault at all but that doesn't mean he wasn't complete garbage.
  3. I hope this games shows the Brissett supporters just how inadequate he is. He isn't garbage but he's something just above it.
  4. Played like garbage like we usually do, got the expected result. Not surprised or upset. On to the offseason.
  5. This game is so funny. Outside of 2 defensive plays, our defense has been abysmal, and outside of 2 or 3 offensive plays our offense has been abysmal... but we're still winning.
  6. Cool, Jack Doyle has been this teams Jason Witten. Now we need help at QB and WR in the offseason and this offense should be great.
  7. This season, objectively, is exactly what we should have expected. If we find a top 10 QB in the draft in the next few years, and hit on a receiver or two in draft/FA, we will be a superbowl team.
  8. THIS. I couldn't have said it better. I just don't see how some people in this forum can't see the glaring flaws in Jacoby Brissett's game. He isn't complete garbage, but he has no future as a starting QB for this team.
  9. It's great that he can throw to a receiver if he's the first read and he's wide open don't get me wrong. If he couldn't even do that, he wouldn't be a NFL QB. I'm saying when that first read isn't there, Jacoby has no clue what to do and looks flat out lost.
  10. that order sounds about right. Some coaching staff changes might need to happen such as ST coach and strength and conditioning.
  11. show me one play where Jacboy throws someone open or anticipates a receiever being open. A QB who can only complete passes to wide open receievers is a career backup.
  12. I didn't see getting better at all. Forget the interceptions, almost every single completion brissett had today was when his first read was WIDE open or a check down to the RB. The Titans were just playing bad defense the first half which made Brissett look slightly better than usual. Brissett isn't any better than he was week 1 vs the chargers and has made no progression throughout the season.
  13. I'm actually glad this game happened. This should prove to both Reich and Ballard that Brissett is not the Guy. I wouldn't be mad if we drafted a QB in the 1st round if it made sense.
  14. Me too man me too. It really is painful watching Brissett play football. The only thing he can do is throw to wide open receivers.
  15. Oh so that's what happens when Brissett throws the ball deep. I'm sorry for suggesting that we take more shots down the field. Reich knows what's up.
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