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  1. I really hope our running game improves from last season. If we can run the ball going 2-2 with Luck out is just fine
  2. I've learned from Lucks first Injury and the way it was dealt and am just gonna assume Luck misses 3 to 4 games.
  3. I actually think we will go 3-1 to 4-0 this preseason. The reason we lost all those preseason games in the past is because our second and third team was dog crap and our star players were carrying us to 11-5 to 12-4 records. I think this team is deep enough to go at minimum 2-2
  4. If I were to reorder your list from most important to least important, #5 would be #1
  5. Those two took two of the worst units in the league (our OL and LB's) and made it a strength
  6. as optimistic as your post sounded you actually kinda lowballed the team. I dont see us doing anything under 11-5, the max being 14-2
  7. For an entire game give me Ebron. For a single possesion with the game on the line and you need a first down, give me Doyle.
  8. barring injuries on the O line, I see no reason why we can't be a top 5 rushing attack other than the fact that we have a top 3 quarterback so we want to pass a bit more than normal rush first teams who end up in that category.
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