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  1. He did also say that he already has a list of candidates in mind. Names that "we" may not know much about. All his talking to other people (Gruden/Manning) or others we don't know about, could have helped him build that list. And with a new GM that will evaluate everything could still leave open a change at HC. Just MO but I don't think it's guaranteed it's already in house. I think he has a bigger plan.
  2. I'll be there and I did see that they will be giving Marvin and Dungy their hall of fame rings. Idk if that's during halftime or not. Have fun!
  3. I agree. Was gonna say the same thing, I thought I had heard of a press meeting tmrw...
  4. I say non issue, not even reported on local news tonight.. Just sayin..
  5. This morning on local news the weather man was wearing a Colts t-shirt that had " Give me two claps and a whooo! There you go! Ric Flair!
  6. I'll throw in my 2cents.. Do you think the loss of Roberts mother had anything to do with it? I'm not sure if he was on the side lines. As the team has always preached is family.. Maybe they too were affected? Still was a bad game but that happens!
  7. Puts things in perspective after a preseason loss.. They were down a teammate and a family member. Maybe they're whole hearts weren't in it, as Chuck says "faith, family, football".. Just sayin but thanks for making this known. Appreciate it.
  8. Well considering he was carrying kids from Riley hospital to deliver the green flag for the race, makes it even cooler! ;-)
  9. a topic that turned into a bunch of dudes arguing saying.. boos, booing, and boo.. Sounds so funny .. ;) oh and booed!! !
  10. Good post. And thank you for taking the time to write it out. It wasn't that time consuming of a post to read. Well done and well thought out.
  11. Just watched NFL Turning Point where they featured Cory and all his "talkin" it was pretty good! :-)
  12. I thought this was a great thing! Thanks for posting it with the video!
  13. Oops sorry just saw it was posted! :-) merge or delete if you like!
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