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    Family, Colts, Braves, Celtics, fishing...just generally trying to do good things to make the world a slightly better place for my being in it.

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    Father of 7 - 6 boys and a girl. Two of my sons are in Army...very proud of all my kids. Married to a great wife. Software developer, still working...worked on many of the major league scoreboards. Have written over 50 newspaper articles for Spokesman Review in Spokane. 

    Air Force vet...my dad and uncles fought in WWII....proud of my family's military service.

    Born in Toledo, OH...have lived in Spokane, WA over 40 years and love it here.

    ColtsAC...I started that handle when the Colts were ridiculed for being bad but I believed in them....it means Colts Aren't Crappy.

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  1. I don't know, maybe we could have used him...or Brown...or Samuel...you know, those guys you passed up. I know, big draw back, these three guys didn't go to Ohio State so that had to knock them down a peg or two for you. Maybe it's time to re-evaluate how you rate wide receivers, unless of course Fountain actually plays in a real game for the first time in his 3rd year. Maybe your Ohio State area scout needs evaluation too.
  2. Whact in the heck was Ballard thinking with these signings???? Was there an end of season booze party??? (Good signings...they all deserved it. Just wanted to say it different, lol....wait, does anyone use lol anymore???)
  3. For all the posters that say trade up for Burrow. I would love it...i think he will be great. But absolutely no way will the Bengals trade the pick. They tanked for him. Burrow is from Ohio and it will be a marketing bonanza for the cheap Bengals ownership. I just hope he doesn't get abused like Luck did by an awful OL...he seems like a really good kid. Love his accuracy as a passer too...10 times better than scatter gun Brissett.
  4. I say trade down 7 to 10 spots in 1st and get Love and extra pick , and bpa wr/te/dl with the 2 second round picks.
  5. Merry Christmas to all...still have about 9 hours of Christmas left here in Spokane, WA. Shoot, I even wish McDaniels, Ebron, Belichek, Kraft, Brady, and a host of other Colts antagonists a Merry Christmas!
  6. The special teams coach had to be just about the most excited guy in the bldg after the 2nd return. He quickly called home and told his wife "Hon, you can quit working on my resume".
  7. In retrospect, since you opened this thread up before the Carolina game, you kinda look like a genius.
  8. Great day from Hines....he is going to outscore the offense.
  9. Brissett apologists...was that last 3rd down pass "off the hands" or "off target and wide". Geese, he just fires hard as he can without ANY accuracy.
  10. Classic scatter gun Brissett...a bazooka arm, no touch, no direction finder.
  11. I'm not a 100% Ballard guy, but I can't agree with your statement. Ballard and Reich hopefully learn from their sticking with "nice, team guys" even when those guys are failing. And if they learn how things can spiral out of control when you do that, they will be better for it. I don't like Tomlin, or anything Pittsburg, but he at least has the guts to make changes...and his team is better for it.
  12. I think that is a big part of Kelly's not playing...mgt will not go to him, even in a mop up, till they totally trust Kelly the man.
  13. I just wanted to say I thought your post was well thought out...especially your idea about the fire drill at the LOS.
  14. It's not a complaint but I find it odd that the article mentions Brissett came to Reich with ideas. If I was underperforming at work, I'm not sure management would take my ideas seriously. But maybe there is some value in some disclosures like "I am uncomfortable in this formation" or "The second option should be o the same side of the field as the first option so I can be sure to see both" kind of things. Or "Glowinski doesn't like me, so he keeps letting his man through the line", lol. Something about the not letting Kelly to take some snaps seems like the Colts know they would never be totally comfortable with him, so they are not even going to go down that road as long as there are other options.
  15. I light a candle for this every night.
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