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  1. The combo of repeated missed kicks, poor play from both Brissett and Hoyer, wr injuries, and the injury to Turay did this team in. That contributed to a losing atmosphere that clouds everything. Three of those things will be fixed next year but it remains to be seen how the Qb situation is addressed. It's the most important of the 4.
  2. The sticking with the zone D was my biggest disappointment. I don't expect miracles from Brissett or supposedly elite Hooker (who admittedly is tackling better but seems out of position a lot either by mistake or by the design of the D). Maybe they were afraid to play man out of some combination of fearing they couldn't match the speed of Goodwin/Evans or with Moore being out. But the zone obviously wasn't working. If they had to stick with it, couldn't they have at least changed it up to put at least one lb in the deep middle like Okereke to try and stop the not so slow death of playing zone D?
  3. Brissett not exactly cool under pressure.
  4. I like Walkers effort and on field leadership. He seems to pair well with Leonard. Okereke seems to be doing fine as a rookie...will be interesting to see the 2nd year jump.
  5. Glad to see this particular kicker picked up.
  6. Me too. Watched that game on the black and white tv screen and became a Johnny Unitas/Colts fan. A signed Unitas pic from that game is my favorite Colts memorabilia. As bad as things seem sometimes for the Colts, like this year with Luck retiring and all the injuries, anyone who can remember the Frank Kush/Pagel/Robert Irsay years is thankful for the current Colts players/coaches/management.
  7. Father Time might not give Brady a 2 year notice.
  8. That is exactly my feeling too...I have bought Sunday Ticket forever, but I'm done next year if Brissett is QB. I would wait to see the NFL channel replays.
  9. Good points. Thanks for sharing. I sure hope he gets into games this year but maybe the limited wr group would cloud the evaluation.
  10. I was kind of disappointed in the article. Lots of "we like him", "he works so hard", "Tenn is so good , i know them" kind of talk without really saying anything. Ballard seems like a good man, and probably good to work for, but I would have liked to have seen something like "we need more talented skill players on offense", "special teams need to step up" kind of stuff but maybe Ballard only says those things behind closed doors.
  11. The more opponents realized Brissett has issues seeing the field, throwing downfield accurately, and touch issues, the more they stacked the box and said Brissett beat us...and he can't. That is the reason the offense slipped more than receivers being out.
  12. I agree, defense hasn't crumbled. Houston, Walker, Sheard, Leonard won't let them....and Stewart has improved, Willis shows promise. Not sold on Ya-Sin but maybe he will improve. But the coaching has regressed...the special teams, to a degree the OL, play calling, and the curious way players can be put into disfavor - like Wilson, Lewis, and the way Williams got benched in the Titans game. Reich and Ballard professing absolute faith in Brissett is what they have to say, hopefully not what they think in their heart of hearts. Add in injuries, and things like the Ebron saga, and the offense looks like a cookie after a steamroller ran over it. 17 points a game just doesn't cut it in the modern NFL.
  13. I am 100% tired of hearing what leaders Brissett and Vinatieri are. You lead by producing on the field, not by saying "rookie, get in here sooner". Reich and Ballard could have led by holding Vinatieri accountable. They chose, for their own reasons, not too. That's the difference between business and sports teams. In the real world, Vinatieri would have been long gone...Brissett on notice that he will be replaced. The special teams coach would be out too. And HR would be advertising all over the world for wide receiver resumes.
  14. I live in Spokane, close to Pullman. Gordon has better tools than last year's Minshew but Minshew had a leadership presence that elevated the whole team. If Ballard gave Gordon a chance, I think he would do better than Luke Falk, another recent WSU qb. Given time, and help from Reich, he could do more than ok.
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