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  1. ColtsBlueFlu...really liked your list. I hope the Colts take in the 2nd round.
  2. ColtsAC

    Colin Cowherd loves the Colts

    Put me down as a Colin fan too. Stopped listening to ESPN after he left and Mike and Mike stopped teaming up.
  3. Liked this mock. Thanks for posting.
  4. ColtsAC

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Very happy with this signing on multiple levels....his skill, the Colt's need, seems like a high character guy who could be a good mentor, and I really thought that he was the kind of signing the Patriots always seem to pull out of their fanny to help them in another Super Bowl run. I honestly thought they would target him to replace Flowers. Good deal Mr. Houston and Mr. Ballard!
  5. ColtsAC

    Colts in talks with Inman

    I'm sure Cain is practice squad eligible but after his good showing in camp last year and the fact you have to pass through waivers to get to the practice squad, I doubt he would make it there. Fountain would though I bet, lol.
  6. ColtsAC

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    Plays Luck AND Funchess!!!! Couldn't resist that...but I agree that KC sure seems like a step back, especially with their new DC.
  7. ColtsAC

    Scott's Mock Draft

    It would be fine with me....though i like the Isabella idea too.
  8. Great highlights...thanks for sharing. I like how he competes for 50-50 throws. What round is the generally projected for?
  9. I would be glad if he became a Colt wr.
  10. First 3...Tillery, Ferguson, Deebo Samuel wr
  11. ColtsAC

    Current Salary Cap Status

    Maybe Ballard has a clause in his contract that he gets to keep a percentage of the unspent salary cap. I'm just kidding, but businesses out in the corporate world do have those kinds of things. After I accepted that there was going to be no big signing at the start of free agency this year, I really was hoping that the Colts would have dome SOMETHING the last two days. out of the bargain bin. Nope...looks like the Dollar Store again this year. Sigh!!
  12. Ajayi, Jernigan(sp), Dennard, Houston would seem like bargain pickups if healthy.
  13. ColtsAC

    Free Agent Visits

    Bring him in to scare Heather's camp a bit about being brought back. Dang spellcheck....Geathers.
  14. ColtsAC

    Would you rather?

    I just don't want the Kansas City model which Ballard seems to be following. I'd rather have a Super Bowl on Luck's record when he is done, I honestly like the guy, vs the "win 10 games, placate the fans and front office, and go to the playoffs and get bounced" KC model. You have to take intelligent chances to win a Super Bowl and I just don't think Ballard will ever take chances. I think Irsay would like to win the big one but I also think he lets the people he hired do their job so to me, this is on Ballard. I know this isn't a popular outlook but the answer to whether this proved out to be true will only come over time. And remember when the Colts other "GM of the year" had a great draft...what did he follow up that draft with? Let's see what Ballard follows up his historic draft with. Even blind squirrels find a nut once in awhile.
  15. Aren't Mack and Coleman pretty much the same kind of back? redundancy seems less important than versatility in a RB group.