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  1. Parris Campbell Rock Ya Sin because I would rather have Murphy Speed...though I think Willis will prove to be better than his draft position. Jacobs RB Alabama, Winovich (sp?) Dulin, the cornerback from Miss State who survived rookie minicamp
  2. I missed that after watching the video. Thanks for sharing. After listening to the scout, I can see why they took the Rock.
  3. ColtsAC

    Ben Banogu

    Dang!!!! We get a guy who can leap out of the gym and the NFL already banned leaping the line!!!
  4. After the Leonard draft and this year's draft, I'm betting the Senior Bowl is must see TV if we want to get a clue about possible draft picks. I think you are 100% right on Ballard's Senior Bowl emphasis where the best play the best.
  5. Rip Mr Matched to. Offenses feared you...you were a great Colt.
  6. To me, I think there is some rebuilding being done but the 2019 season's success has elements the Colts can control, like coaching, playing the right players, game plans, etc and things they can't control....like injuries, strength of schedule, playoff seeding, weather, luck, refs, etc. If they get to the AFC championship game, and it's not played in a frigid New England, I would sure like their chances.
  7. I think Willis will be a starter after the first time Geathers sits out and then Willis will keep the job.
  8. I guess, or contract terms. Was hoping for Ajayi but Ware seems ok too.
  9. After reading Scott Pennock's recap of the past 3 drafts, and the scout's explanation of what they see in the player they scouted, and Willis' speech at the B1G kickoff, I think a C I originally gave this draft was too harsh. I think I was really hoping for Jacobs or Savage and that disappointment came through in my grade. I also thought since last year's draft with 2 All-Pro types was extremely productive, media and some others were overlooking the Banners and Bashams previously chosen in a Ballard can do no wrong sense. But when Scott listed out the additions of the last 2 years, including the free agents, maybe some patience about this year's draft is called for (Pascal should be on that list somewhere too, Scott). Finally, thanks to whomever posted the EJ Speed highlights. Very good highlights and I am really pulling for him to make the team...not just the practice squad where he can be poached.
  10. Snead said it on NFL radio this morning. I think the Rams coach gets credited with being an offense guru so their saying they wanted Hines as well seems to say Hines is well thought of. I sure never questioned his effort last year....though he seemed more successful as a receiver than a runner.
  11. Les Snead, Rams GM, said they were going to take Hines last year but the Colts grabbed him just before their pick. He mentioned how the coach loves rbs you can split out and run routes....which is certainly Hines. He competes on catches.
  12. I think it was Jacobs....i think his time with Reich just hanging out shooting hoops was a predraft character check and Jacobs is the power back the Colts lack to help with Reich's goal of improving the running game.
  13. If this draft class leads to the Colts signing Ajayi, since no rb was taken, and he is healthy that would help the Colts I think. I was hoping the Colts would have had a chance at Jacobs.
  14. I say C....Sweat and Brown would have had a bigger immediate impact though I do like Campbell. The rest seem very average at best to me now but I need to give them time to prove what kind of a class they are. I'm pulling for the 5th rounder though and his comeback from adversity and really the road the Rock had to take when his school quit football. I do wonder if he proves to be fast enough. I think Tell's height might come in handy against wr-like TEs and taller Wrs like the bball player from Stanford.
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