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    Family, Colts, Braves, Celtics, fishing...just generally trying to do good things to make the world a slightly better place for my being in it.

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  1. I have hopes for Fountain.
  2. Totally agree with your assessment except I will say the new offense isn't a winning offense...its a one trick pony led by an , at best, game manager. If leadership was the main criteria, Patton would have been all world. I will take the ability to scan the field, audible, throw into tight windows, etc over telling a rookie "you should be here earlier" any day. Brady, Brees, Rogers, Luck work as leaders on a winning team due to their football abilities.
  3. Sure hate to see that but he seems like their next slot receiver. Can't wait for Brady and Edelman to be sitting on the front porch of their retirement homes.
  4. M. Brown AJ Brown N'Keal Harry Deebo Samuel Anthony Isabella Hakeem Butler Kelvin Harmon Terry McLaurin The 3rd Mississippi State WR...he will be a steal Cody Thompson
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